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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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Prov. by or Wit.

Thursday after the second Tuesday in February 1769

William Johnson Benj'a McCulloch

Friday after the second Tuesday in February 1769

Manoah Yarbrough John Yarbrough Henry Hill, Esq.
Osborn Jeffrys Thomas Bell
Robert Taylor Caleb Taylor John Linch, Sr.
Robert Taylor Joshua Taylor John Linch, Sr
William Pullin Green Hill Henry Hill
Thomas Newman & Catherine his wife Joseph Redman
Samuel Bryant & Mary his wife Presley Newlms
William Duke John Duke-
William Williamson & Esther his wife Thomas Pinnell William Moore

Second Tuesday in May 1769

Christopher Strother Lewelling Jones
William Moseley Benjamin Moseley Robert Moseley
Thomas Person Rob't Moseley Osborn Jeffreys
John Young & Newman Malldesley James Perrey Thomas Haswell
Robert Cheek & wife Henry Cook Thomas Estes
Allan Love & Company William Reddock William Rose
John Rainwater & Mary his wife James Miles John Cole
William Moseley, Jr Benj'a Moseley William Cimbree

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in May 1769

William Jackson & Sarah his wife  Thomas Jones James Hiloman
Abraham Mayfield & Elizabeth his wife  James Harrison James House
William Kimbrough & Mary, his wife  Thomas Person  
Henry Westbrooke  John Person Thomas Turner
Abraham Mayfield & Elizabeth his wife    
Joshua Yarbrough Sr.  Green Hill Eley Eley
John Pownell & Margaret, his wife  Benjamin Ward   
Thomas Wooton James Martin George Brogdon
Simon Beckham John Bobbit James Johnson
Thomas House John Austin Finnie Daniel Pegram
Thomas Jones James Abernathy Robert Callier
Philemon Edwards John Smith John Dickerson

Thursday after the second Tuesday in May 1769

Benjamin Simms James Martin Philemon Martin

Friday after the second Tuesday in May 1769

Osborn Jeffreys Benjamin Ward Jos. Montfort,, Esq.
Francis Perry Joseph Baker
John Hunnicut Floyd Williams Jesse Adams
Matthew Roberson John Malone
Nimrod Williams & Amey his wife Joseph Hackney William Moore

8 August 1769

Robert Williams & Anne his wife Askenas Williams  Joseph Hackney
William Piercy Christopher Foster
Michael Whatley     John Bilbro  
Robert Cheek     Nathaniel Peebles wit.  
 John Howard  Robert Cheek Nathaniel Peebles
John Gilbert  William Edwards John Ellis
Samuel Huckaby & Anne, his wife     Joseph Bishop  

9 August 1769

William Dickerson     Thomas Christmas  
John Debord  Ezekiel Fuller Samuel Fuller
Richard Coleman Sr.  John Coleman George Tassie
Charles Harris  James Egerton George Tassie
Francis Capps    Orashia Capps  
 Julius Johnson  William Owin Medlin James Alford, Esq.
 Lodwick Alford  Richard Upchurch James Alford, Esq.
John Pope  William Jeffreys, Esq. John Parish
Charles Bartholomew    Thomas House  

10 August 1769

John Hawkins, Esq. & wife Mary    Abraham Mayfield  
Allan Groves  Thomas Bell Rev'd Charles Cupples
William Williamson  Thomas Bell John Macon
William Edwards  John Baxter George Norsworthy

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