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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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Part 02

Saturday after the second Tuesday in February 1768




    Proved or Witnessed by:
Solmon Alston Jr & Sarah his wife Philip Alston
Arthur Atkins John Steed
Jesse Bell John Austin Finnie
John Hawkins & Mary Hawkins William Lucas       
William Dickerson Wm Moore      

11 May 1768

William Massey Pate Wells Milner John Massey
Nathaniel Carter John Hunicut James Alford
John Ferrell Joseph Bridges James Alford
Nathan Hall Charles Rolings James Alford
John Townsend & Jean his wife James Brazor     Osborn Jeffreys
Thomas Lowe & Mary Lowe
Ex's of William Eaton Dec'd
John Hawkins     Philip Burford
Bartholomew Tigures John Rhodes     Britain Harris

12 May 1768

William Tabb & wife William Park   Nathaniel Henderson
Henry Westbroke William Park   Jethro Sumner
Henry Westbroke William Park & Co. John Scott

13 May 1768

John Smart & wife  Mark Bennett  200 A    William Park
William Ashley  Thomas Roland  150 A    Aaron Fussell

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in August 1768

William Edwards  Mary Edwards  335 A   William Denson
Paul Patrick   Elias Stallings  100 A   
Arthur Atkins  Jonathan Riggin Thomas Harton
Mary Lowe  Philip Burford John Hawkins
John Shell  William Shell  270 A Stephen Shell
William Shell  Stephen Shell  250 A

Thursday after the second Tuesday in August 1768

Lewis Patterson William Roland  40 A
James Baxter and Betty his wife James Cauthron  200 A Dawson Vanlandingham 
John Bennitt Ephraim Gilliam Matthew Thomas
John Chadwick Francis Capps Joshua Capps
Richard Ballard Robert King 200 A John Malone
Joseph Hackney    George Allen
Benjamin Cooper Joseph Person, John Personness .
James Wade Andrew Mackie Richard Williamsness

Friday after the second Tuesday in August 1768

Stephen Lowe John West
Joseph Montford John Brown

Saturday after the second Tuesday in August 1768

Abraham Baget John Rainwater 112 A Benjamin Hill

  Second Tuesday in November 1768

David McGee & Crissy his wife Anthony Street Joseph Shearin
John Hardin William Winston Jonathan Davis
William Pulley Thomas Eaton Daniel Pegrim Jr.
John Harris Joseph Harris Arthur Davis
Barsheba Jones John Langston John Person
Allen Monjoy John Person

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in November 1768

William Park Benjamin Thomas 350 A
William Park Henry Cook 100 A
Thomas Smith Samuel Hancock 58 A

Thursday after the second Tuesday in November 1768

William Tabb (D/T) Gordon & Alston William Parker

Second Tuesday in February 1769

Benjamin Thompson Zachariah Thompson 150 A Clement Arledge
Henry Garner & Mary his wife Robert Cooper 100 A
John Pardue Fields Pardue James Moore
John Thornton Joseph Goswick Moses Joyner
Robert Carlyle Benjamin Cooper James Petty
William Davis William Arnold
Joseph Hackney & Sarah his wife James House William Mooreand
Albrigston Jones Joshua Perry Thomas Roberson
John Tabor Job Self Isaac Hudson
Shurley Whatley Moses Joyner Green Hill
Christopher Edwards & Elizabeth his wife Henry Cooper John Bird
Philip Alston Thomas Blanchett
George Lamkin & Hannah his wife Philip Burford Vincent Cox

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in February 1769

Samuel Jones and Agnes his wife Drury Christian John Moseley
William Tant Simon Williams James Alford
John Honnicutt Joseph Norris James Alford
John Honnicutt Robert Chamlee James Alford
Lodwick Alford John Ferrill James Alford
Julius Alford John Rose James Alford
Solomon Atkinson John Thompson Joseph Green
Richard Proctor & Sarah his wife William Baltrop
Joseph Duke George Walker
John Ellis Jesse Ellis
Edward Caudell & Mary his wife John Foster Theophilus Goodwin
William Rose James Coppedge Michael Collins
Thomas Cooke John Hunt Jacob Cooke
Peter Howard & Anne his wife John Pownell Tabitha Clanton
Thomas Jones Benjamin Arrendall Lodwick Alford

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