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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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Ginger Christmas-Beattie  and I have microfilm of  the Bute Co., North Carolina Court Minutes.  I acquired mine  many years ago when I had hoped to transcribe them.  However the film is difficult to read and I soon abandoned the project.   With Ginger's help, I thought it would be helpful to simply make an index of the evidence of Deeds found in the Court Minutes since you might be able to verify a person was located in Bute County at a particular point in time.  This list may be incomplete and we strongly urge you to verify any information from the original microfilm and or the published records as shown under resources.  We would like to stress there are many Deeds referenced in the Court Records that do not appear in the records of recorded Deeds so this is truly another source and not just a duplication.  Ginger is also preparing an index from the Deed records which will probably duplicate and add to this list but until then, I do hope this helps. When the Deed date is shown, we have included it.  When the Deed was proven up by another party, that is shown.  For the most part, when we show simply the Grantor and Grantee, the Grantor appeared to acknowledge the Deed.  If it was proved by another person or witness, this is an indication that the Grantor did not appear in Court when the Deed was presented.





Proved by or Wit.


Thomas Moseley & wife William Kimbrough 300 A Robert Moseley       09/21/1767
Thomas Fox Philip Alston 172 A William Alston         08/30/1767
Jos. Williams John Underwood 290 A John Strother          10/25/1767
Philip Cheyney William Tabb 675 A William Park           06/02/1767

Wednesday after the last Tuesday in October 1767

Theophulus Goodwin & Wife Samuel Freeman 200 A *                              08/20/1767
Samuel Freeman & wife Theophulus Goodwin 200 A                                  08/20/1767
William Hill Jun'r & wife Edward Jones 175 A                                  08/02/1767
Thomas Young & wife Alexander Goodwin 150 A David Fluker               06/30/1767
William Campell Mark Thornton Jun'r 150 A Tho's Newman             10/27/1767
Mark Thornton Jun'r Thomas Thornton 150 A                                 10/27/1767
John Campbell & wife Joseph Owen 100 A Tho's Newman           10/01/1767
George Kerr James Worthem 546 A Charles Worthem       08/15/1767
Theophulus Goodwin & wife John Watkins 100 A Peter Goodwin           07/23/1766
Thomas Bell & wife William Tabb 300 A Wm. Johnson, Esq'r   10/25/1767
Alen Monjoy Samuel Fowler 100 A Thomas Pinnel           08/09/1766
John Stallings & wife James Denby 210 A Osborn Jeffreys, Esqr  07/08/1767

Thursday after the last Tuesday in 11/ 1767

Julius Nichols, She'r West Harris 547 A 07/08/1767
William Moore Daniel Potter 400 A 09/07/1767
John Gunn Stephen Lower 300 A Thomas Ea-n, Esq'r. 03/0 8/1765

Friday after the last Tuesday in October 1767

Francis Capps & wife John Austin Finnie 358 A 02/03/1767
Robert Cheek William Park & Com'y William Duncan

Saturday after the last Tuesday in October 1767

John Huckaby & wife John Beal 434 A 09/18/1767

Second Tuesday in February 1768

Thomas Cook John Huckaby 680 A 11/03/1767
Richard Proctor, Jun'r William Edwards 100 A 10/05/1767
Richard Madry John Kicker 200 A 02/09/1768
Henry King William King 130 A John Melone 08/14/1767
William Jones John Fondren & William Kelly 500 A   Reuben Searcy 08/13/1763

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in February 1768

Samuel Eley David Burnett  150 A 11/05/1767
Robert Brinkley Bennett Hillsman  271 A Samuel Eley  05/02/1767
Philip Burford John Hawkins    52 A   01/21/1767
John Hawkins Fantleroy Dye  400 A  02/09/1760
John Bobbitt Peter Smart  200 A Drury Bobbitt 07/16/1767
Daniel Sledge James Nicholson    30 A 11/25/1766
William Pascal Dennis Pascall Bennet Wood 01/04/1767
Joseph Hackney Alexander Burnett  640 A 01/12/1767
James Paine, Jun'r William Worrel  200 A 09/26/1767
Kedar Best & Wife Henry Hill  200 A  02/10/1768
Chrisopher Edwards  William Holley  336 A John Bird  11/21/1765
James Moseley John Moseley, son & William Moseley, gson      John Norwood 12/18/1766
Andrew Mackie Joseph McGehee  905 A John Hamilton  09/04/1767

Thursday after the second Tuesday in February 1768

John Mobley Benjamin Hardy 100 A Robert Goodloe 04/16/1765
Joseph Montfort Soloman Alston Jun'r  12,000 A Henry Garner 09/26/1767

Saturday after the second Tuesday in February 1768

John Ellis  Joseph Duke

 200 A

  James Hardwick


Paul Patrick  Person Rackley   Patewell Milner
William Tabb(Mtg)  John Austin Finnie   Tho's Machen
William Chavis  William Carrell   David Davis
William Woolbanks  William Wood   William Gant

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