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Precinct of Archdale
Archdale, North Carolina - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archdale Precinct was located in colonial Bath County, North Carolina from 1705 - 1712

Bath County is an extinct county formerly located in the state of North Carolina. The county was established in 1696 and was abolished in 1739. Bath was a stopping place of Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard. He is said to have married a local girl and briefly settled in the harbor town of Bath around 1716.

City of Archdale
History: Archdale, previously known as Bush Hill, first began as a predominantly Quaker settlement and received the name Archdale as a tribute to John Archdale, an early Quaker governor. It was incorporated in July 1769 under the leadership of then Mayor Henry York, Sr.
John Archdale - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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