App. No. NC County Soldier's name NC-reason
A06683 Alamance Britt, John B. birth
A03914 Alexander Barnes, Robert S. marriage
A02737 Anson Richardson, Clement L. birth
A10161 Anson Haire, William M. death
A0940 Beaufort Cozzens, Alexander B. enlistment
A02634 Bertie Todd, Elisha birth
A03532 Bladen Owen, John W. marriage
A03698 Bladen Rinaldi, Albert marriage
A07789 Bladen Singleterry, Mattew Young birth
A08494 Bladen Browning, Thomas Johnson birth
A04319 Bladen Whitted, John M. birth
A10262 Brunswick Conners, John Warren enlistment
A03209 Brunswick Gilbert, Eugene F. marriage
A03297 Brunswick Reynolds, Alfred K. marriage
A04701 Brunswick Newsom, David E. enlistment
A03494 Brunswick Swain, George T. birth
A04211 Brunswick McGuire, John J. witness
A04688 Brunswick Pinner, James Waters marriage
A06469 Brunswick McKeithan, Thomas J. birth
D20859 Buncombe Nash, John W. birth
A08718 Cabarrus Bost, Caleb Ervin birth
D24123 Caldwell Munday, John C. marriage
A02662 Caldwell McCall, Samuel Alexander birth
A03482 Caldwell Claywell, John H. marriage
A05286 Carteret Fulford, William Burgess birth
A11582 Carteret Roberts, Samuel C. birth
A03790 Caswell Dickenson, George B. enlistment
A10400 Catawba Harwell, Charles C. birth
A04426 Chatham Womble, John S. birth
A07145 Columbus Frink, John S. birth
A07842 Columbus Jernigan, Levi S. birth
A12336 Columbus Bryan, Lemar enlistment
A03650 Columbus White, Daniel Harris birth
A03745 Columbus Jernigan, Elijah W. birth
A10370 Columbus Formy-Duval, Samuel Jason birth
A11525 Columbus Williamson, Obediah H. birth
A08670 Columbus Lawson, John Pink residence
A11586 Columbus Simmons, Felix Kimson birth
A03125 Craven Harper, Cornelius marriage
A04620 Craven Fulcher, Joseph A. enlistment
A10393 Craven Smith, Walter birth
A08057 Cumberland McMillan, William James birth
A10286 Cumberland Jernigan, James A. marriage
A03598 Cumberland Fraser, John D. enlistment
A04822 Cumberland Tolar, Needham S. birth
A08900 Cumberland Gainey, Charles W. (born FL, claims to have served in an AL unit. Official records have a C. W. Gainey that enlisted at Cumberland Co., NC) enlistment
A02846 Cumberland Joyce, Thomas Pinkney service
A04505 Currituck Wiginton, John Brockett birth
D21516 Davidson Davis, Edward L. birth
A07416 Duplin Quinn, James birth
A11081 Duplin Whaley, Everett S. birth
A03718 Duplin Brown, Needham marriage
D17821 Duplin Jones, John J. marriage
A08765 Duplin Page, Peyton birth
A08183 Duplin Beaty, Ivy S. enlistment
A07449 Edgecombe Lee, William Robert birth
A03221 Edgecombe Mayo, James M. Record of >
A03563 Edgecombe Whitehead, Thaddeus marriage
D22134 Forsyth Purvis, C. M. service
A03075 Gates Arline, D. W. birth
D20899 Gates Draper, Barney birth
A04123 Granville Gordon, James H. birth
A03206 Greene Moore, John N. marriage
A03699 Guildford Terry, Alexander P. marriage
A04719 Guildford Weatherly, William Henry birth
A04868 Guildford Clapp, Milton A. birth
A05146 Halifax Smith, John Newton service
D24061 Hanover Boswell, Franklin P. birth
A04514 Henderson Brotin, Henry marriage
A10438 Hertford Mallory, William S. enlistment

A07919 Iredell Goodwin, Isaiah B. birth
A03541 Iredell Alexander, Andrew H. marriage
D19925 Iredell Graham, Daniel Preston witness
A10238 Johnston Snead, Walter R. birth
A05533 Jones Rhodes, Anthony E. birth
A03336 Lenoir Brock, James H. enlistment
A08352 Lenoir Miller, Francis Xavier birth
D22324 Lincoln Hill, Lawson L. birth
A08466 Lincoln Hallman, Vardra Magbee birth
A04229 Lincoln Roberts, John T. marriage
A04171 Lincoln Finger, William L. birth
A04630 Lincoln Harding, George R. enlistment
D23204 McDowell Boone, Andrew C. marriage
D18460 Mecklinburg Wilson, D. C. birth
A10151 Nash Pittman, William N. birth
A06442 New Hanover Ivey, Napoleon Bonaparte birth
A06516 New Hanover Walker, Daniel W. birth
A07835 New Hanover Henry, James T. birth
D08684 New Hanover Cassidey, Henry Clay letter
A02779 New Hanover Devane, Rufus birth
A04336 New Hanover Bauman, John Christopher birth
A08553 New Hanover Ivey, Thomas Jefferson birth
A10988 Northampton Spivey, Joseph Madison birth
A07931 Northampton Turner, Walter S. birth
A05549 Northampton Taylor, Albert A. witness
A04802 Northampton or Union Co? Jackson, NC Scott, John Robert enlistment
A03228 Not found Winston, Thomas F. service
A03976 Not found Merritt, Daniel service
D17242 Not found Ehney, Theodore T. service
A06644 Onslow Marshall, John R. birth
A11077 Onslow Aman, Archer L. birth
A04009 Onslow Pedrick, Issac S. birth
A04124 Orange Haley, John Jasper birth
A04720 Perquimanns Jacocks, Charles W. witness
A12233 Person Moore, Theophilus W. birth
A03869 Pitt Pate, Owen J. birth
A04317 Richmond Harmer, William J. birth
A04089 Richmond Covington, Edmund D. birth
A04844 Robeson Williams, Rowland F. birth
A02694 Robeson McLean, James birth
A04167 Robeson Baxley, William H. birth
A10056 Robeson McNeill, John Brown enlistment
A10424 Robeson Shaw, L. (Lauchlin or Lewis) residence
A08490 Rockingham Anderson, Sidney Clay birth
A08681 Rowan Lawrance, Samuel Alexander birth
A02730 Rowan Freeze, Joel Jeremiah birth
A04733 Sampson Butler, George C. birth
A03205 Sampson Sellers, Amariah enlistment
A03942 Sampson Simmons, Lofton B. birth
A05708 Stanly Lilly, Robert birth
A03849 Surry Vestel, Dan birth
A07818 Union Lowry, James A. birth
A03226 Union Walkup, Henry C. birth
A03649 Union Mullis, Robert letter
A04309 Wake Scott, Nathaniel D. enlistment
A10015 Wake Carter, James S. marriage
A02626 Wayne Parks, Benjamin birth
A04408 Wayne Whitley, Jesse Phillip marriage
A05295 Wayne Jackson, John D. birth
A07942 Wayne Newell, Edward R. birth
A04083 Wayne Smith, James G. birth
A05068 Wilson Eatman, Gaston birth

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