Payroll of Captain John Johnstone's Company
Captain John Collier's Regiment of NC Militia


Transcribed from microfilm roll M881-785 (Rev. War, Army, Compiled Service Records of Soldiers)

Caption of Roll:
Pay Roll for Capt. John Johnstone's Company
in Col. John Collier's Regiment of N. Carolina Militia,
commanded by John Butler, Brigadier General,
December 22, 1780

Although two types of Records are included on the microfilm, ("Company Pay Roll" and "Receipt Roll") both types are not given for every soldier.

The Company Pay Roll is dated December 22, 1780. The record is for pay during the period from September 8 to December 22 (106 days). The records indicate the amount of pay received, but no other information of genealogical value is included on the records.

The Receipt Roll states: "___ appears on a Receipt Roll under the heading: Recd. of Captin John Jonston specia tickets in pay for the under named for serving one Tour of Duty under his Comand on the 16th of Decem, 1780 Discharged"  Roll Dated July the 29th, 1783."

CPR - Company Pay Roll
RR - Receipt

Rank       Name             Records
Private   Alexander, James           CPR
Private   Alexander, Joseph          CPR
Private   Alexander, Stephen         CPR
Private   Allen, John                CPR, RR
Private   Bell, Walter               CPR
Private   Brooks, Roger              CPR
Private   Burck, Michael            (See Burke, Michael)
Private   Burgess, John              CPR
Private   Burke, Michael             CPR, RR
Private   Burnsides, Walter          CPR, RR
Private   Burton, Cuthbert           CPR, RR
Lieut.    Campbell, John             CPR, RR
Private   Clark, James               CPR, RR
Private   Clearwater, Jacob          CPR
Private   Clifton, Daniel            CPR, RR
Private   Cooper, Adam               CPR, RR
Private   Cowen, James               CPR
Private   Curtes, John               CPR
Private   Dickens, James            (See  Dukins, James)
Private   Dill, John                 CPR, RR
Private   Dores, Isaac              (See Dorress, Isaac)
Private   Dorress, Isaac             CPR, RR
Private   Dukins, James              CPR, RR
Private   Finley, James              CPR, RR
Private   Forrest, James             CPR, RR
Private   Fredrecks, Henry           CPR, RR
Private   Fredrick, Henery          (See Fredrecks, Henry)
Private   Freeland, Thomas           CPR, RR
          Fridler, Lawrance          RR
Private   Fuddle, Samuel             CPR
Private   Ganson, William            CPR
          Good, John                 RR
Private   Gordon, James              CPR, RR
Private   Gordon, John               CPR
Private   Gray, William              CPR
Private   Groover, Peter             CPR, RR
Private   Grover, Peter             (See Groover, Peter)
Private   Hacklebonner, Casper       CPR
Corporal  Hall, Boston               CPR, RR
Corporal  Hannon, John               CPR
          Hanson, William            RR
Private   Hilton, John               CPR
Private   Holt, George               CPR, RR
Private   Hopkins, Silas             CPR, RR
Private   Horton, Thomas             CPR, RR
Private   House, Dudley              CPR
Captain   Johnstone, John            CPR, RR
Private   Kellow,                    CPR
Sergeant  Kenedy, Sherwood           CPR
Private   Kenneday, John             CPR
Private   Magee, John                CPR
          Martin, Neal               RR
Private   Mates, Christopher         CPR, RR
          Maynard, David             RR
Private   McCollum, Isaac            CPR
Private   McCulloch, John            CPR, RR
Private   McDaniel, Michael          CPR
Corporal  McNiel, Niel               CPR
Private   Merrell, Dan               CPR
Private   Millar, Martin             CPR, RR
Private   Miller, Martin            (See Millar, Martin)
Private   Mills, Hardy               CPR
Private   Moonshaw, David            CPR
Private   Morgan, James              CPR
Private   Mullen, Charles            CPR
Private   Murphey, John              CPR, RR
Private   Murphey, William          (See Murphy, William)
Sergeant  Murphey, Zeph              CPR, RR
Private   Murphy, William            CPR, RR
Ensign    Nealey, John               CPR, RR
Ensign    Nely, John                (See Nealey, John)
Private   Owen, Stephen              CPR
Private   Pendar, Joseph            (See Pender, Joseph)
Private   Pender, Joseph             CPR, RR
Private   Pierce, Richard            CPR
Private   Piles, James               CPR, RR
Private   Ramsey, Joel               CPR, RR
Private   Ray, William              (See Wray, William)
Private   Redden, John               CPR, RR
Private   Reddin, John              (See Redden, John)
Private   Redwine, Jacob             CPR, RR
          Relion, John               CPR
Private   Rodger, John              (See Rogers, John)
Private   Rogers, John               CPR, RR
          Romar, Dudly               RR
Private   Rue, John                  CPR, RR
Private   Rusel, James              (See Russell, James)
Private   Russell, James             CPR, RR
Private   Rutdlege, James           (See Rutlege, James)
Private   Rutlege, James*            CPR, RR
Private   Sneathely, Phil            CPR, RR
Private   Snortorly, Philip         (See Sneathely, Philip)
Private   Trice, James               CPR, RR
Private   Trousdle, James           (See Trousdon, James)
Private   Trousdon, James            CPR, RR
Private   Umpstead, David            CPR, RR
Private   Vickory, George            CPR
Private   Vickory, Luke              CPR
Private   Waistcoat, John            CPR
          Wetwell, John              RR
Sergeant  White, Benjamin            CPR, RR
Private   White, John                CPR, RR
Private   White, Thomas              CPR
Private   Whitwill, John             CPR
Private   Wilcoon, Caleb             CPR
Private   Williams, Henry            CPR, RR
Private   Williams, John             CPR
          Wilson, Thomas             RR
          Winstead, John             RR
Private   Wood, Sampson              CPR, RR
Private   Wray, William              CPR, RR
Private   York, John                 CPR



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