List of Men of Bladen County

A Descriptive List of Men of Bladen County

Contributed by Myrtle Bridges <>
From the NC State Archives


        NAMES     Height  Age     Skin    Hair    Eyes    Capt.of Co.  Occup.  
Roderick Johnson  5'6"    25      dark    brown   grey    Ardis        Planter 
James Kersey      5'9"    18      dark    brown   hazel   Regane       Planter 
John Little       6'      20      dark    black   hazel   Barnes       Planter 
Joseph Bennett    5'7"    22      dark    brown   hazel   Barnes       Planter         
Joseph Baxley     5'6"    17      fair    brown   blue    Regane       Planter 
J. Musselwhite    5'6"    18      fair    dark    dark    Regane       Planter 
Robinson Folk     5'11"   18      fair    dark    blue    Dupree       Planter 
George D. Kelson  5'8"    42      dark    dark    hazel   Dupree       Planter 
Samuel Webb       5'11"   33      dark    black   black   Dupree       Carpenter       
John McLean       5'4"    27      dark    black   black   McNeill      Planter 
Samuel Smith      5'10"   20      fair    fair    blue    Moore        Planter 
Joel Adkinson     5'9"    48      fair    fair    blue    Ardis        Planter 
Alexander Godwin  5'8"    24      dark    dark    dark    Flinn        Planter 
David Rozier      5'6"    37      dark    brown   hazel   Riggan       Planter 
John Rozier       5'9"    19      dark    brown   hazel   Riggan       Planter 
James McKenzie    5'6"    23      dark    brown   hazel   Barnes       Planter 
Lewis Clark       5'5"    18      dark    brown   hazel   Barnes       Planter 
Jaconias Watkins  5'10"   24      dark    brown   hazel   Flinn        Planter 
Daniel B.....     5'9"    25      dark    brown   hazel   Riggan       Planter 
John Williams     5'6"    18      fair    brown   hazel   Riggan       Planter 
John Grayham      5'8"    25      fair    brown   blue    Pauls        Planter 

Caleb Nelson rec'd the above men from Col. Owens for 18 mos. service. R. Raiford, Capt.

William Nichols   5'8"    21      dark    black   black   Blocker      S. maker        
David Smith       5'10"   21      dark    brown   blue    Byrne        S. maker        
Charles Stewart   5'10"   18      dark    brown   dark    Ardis        Planter 
James Hollie      5'8"    22      dark    black   black   Blocker      Planter 
John Lasly?       5'4"    40      fair    brown   blue    Irwin        Planter 
Archibald McBride 5'4"    40      dark    black   blue    Shipman      S. maker        
Murdock McIntosh  5'4"    24      dark    brown   gray    McNeil       Planter 

Rec'd from Col. Thomas Owens the above seven men. Furnish as above 
issued with clothes  Oct. 16, 1782. A. S. Rhodes, Capt. 4th Regiment, N.C. 
Most of these men were issued coats, vests, shirts, overalls, breeches, 
stockings, shoes, hats, blankets, stocks, tents and cots.

Hugh McLean       5'8"    30      fair    black   blue    Paul         Weaver          
Malcom McLean     5'8"    20      fair    brown   blue    Paul         Planter         
Arch. McCormick   6'      27      fair    brown   hazel   Paul         Planter         
V. Jacob Tailor   5'5"    18      brown   brown   gray    Paul         Planter         
David Upton       5'6"    23      fair    brown   gray    McNeil       Planter 
James Phillips    6'      25      fair    light   blue    Barnes       Planter         
Received of Col. Owens the above men, four of them for 12 months.  
In Bladen County one thirty two liable to a draft agreeable to law.


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