Payroll of the Company Designated as Capt. John Hodge's Co.

Payroll of the Company Designated as Capt. John Hodge's Co.
Seawell's Regiment
North Carolina Militia

Transcribed from microfilm roll M881-785
(Rev. War, Army, Compiled Service Records of Soldiers)

Caption on Roll:
Capt. John Hodge's Co.
Pitt Vols. Seawell's Regt., NC Militia
Payroll of Pitt Volunteers com'd by
Col. Benj. Seawell of the North Carolina Regiment of Militia

___ appears on Company Pay Roll of the organization named above, dated (not dated)
Commencement of pay Aug. 10, 1780

Private Allen, Demsy, R.
Private Anderson, John
Private, Barnhill
Wagoner, Bates, Henry
Private Briant, John
Private Brown, Isaac
Private Brown, Jacob
Private Buck, John
Private Coal, Richard
Fifer Crouson, Thomas
Private Dixon, William
Private Ellis, Henry
Private Ellis, Shadrack
Private Ellis, William
Sergeant Ewell, Stephen
Private Floyd, John
Private Gremor, Jacob
Corporal Hardin, Isral
Private Hill, Joshua
Private Hodges, Henry
Corporal Hodges, James
Captain Hodges, John (to Nov 13, 1780)
Private James, Henry
Private James, Mathew
Private Jording, Benjamin
Private Knowis, Philop
Private Knox, Joshua
Corporal Knox, Josier
Sergeant Knox, Robert
Private Lanier, Isom
Lieutenant Lanier, James
Ensign Lanier, William
Private Laughinghous, John
Private Little, Jacob
Private Little, Thomas
Private Marthis, Fredrick
Private Marthis, Joseph
Private Mayo, Samuel
Private More, Caneday
Private More, Reding
Private Morket, William
Drummer, Morning, Christerpher
Private Nichols, James
Private Pearey, Hardee
Private Porter, Shadrack
Private Porter, William
Private Powers, Jesse
Sergeant Slade, Joseph
Private Taylor, Jacob
Private Tyson, Aron
Private Truss, Joel
Private Walls, John
Private Ward, James
Private Whitacer, Isaac
Private Whitehead, Solomon
Private Whitfield, Joel
Private Whithead, *illis
Private Wilkerson, William
Private Williams, William
Private Windom, Greean
Private Wooten, John
Private Worsley, Joseph


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