Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

28    L. Thompson, Capt.       Ab. Thomas
11    John Walker, Major       Ab. Thomas
22    John Williams, Lt.       Thomas Armstrong
26    Thomas White, Capt.      Austin Cicaty
35    Theo'l's Williams, Lt.   H. Montfort          for T. Williams
45    James Wilson, Capt.      C. Dixon
46    W. Williams, A.C.J.      B. McCulloch
47    Will Walters, Lt.           do
49    Solomon Walker, Lt.      William Sanders
52    Reub'n Wilkinson, Lt.    B. McCulloch
54    Richard Whedbee, Lt.     Nathl. Williams
72    David Wright, Lt.        T. Dixon
75    W. Williams, Capt. B.M.  Ab. Thomas
116   William Welch            William Lytle
123   Thomas Wright            John Nelson
139   John White               John Ingles
159   Thomas White             Philip Fishburn
160   John Wilson              J. Craven
163   Alexander Williams           do
173   John Ward                J. Nelson
231   James Wallis, St.        H. Montfort          for Jas. Wallace
260   Joseph West, St.         J. Craven            for Rob Holme
297   Absalom Wildie           H. Montfort          for A. Wildie
314   Augustine Willis           do 
317   Gillstrap Williams         do
329   Hansford Whitley         Jer. Nelms
341   Thomas Woodson           Thos. Armstrong
348   John Walden              H. Montfort          for J. Walker
390   Robinson Williamson      J. Craven
398   Augustine Woodliffe      Archd. Lytle
444   James Williams, St.      J. Craven
447   Jeremiah Walker, St.        do
449   George Woodley              do
452   Benjamin Weaver          H. Montfort         for B. Weaver
453   Arthur Whitley           Isaac Kennedy
455   William Whitley             do 
480   Isaac Wood               H. Montfort         for J. Wood
488   James White              David Collins
489   Edward Wilson               do
504   William Wilkinson        Ab. Thomas
509   John Walker, Q.M.S.         do
510   Richard Walker, S.          do
519   William Williamson       Thomas Armstrong
525   William Walker           David Passmore
532   James Wyatt              Robert Ward
546   Solomon Warburton        J. Craven           for Jas. Jones
578   Edward Woodman           A. Lytle     
613   John Willis              C. Dixon
621   Johnston Webb               do
629   William Walker, St.         do
636   Asa Wright                  do
662   William Woodside         Alexander McMillan
674   Samuel Warnock           Wm. Sanders
683   George White                do
697   Francis West                do
698   James Ward               William Sanders
714   John Williams               do
726   Joshua Wilson               do
736   Thomas Welch, St.        H. Montfort        for J. Welch
743   Hardy Wiley                 do
750   Silas Weeks              John Daves
778   William Walker           John Sheppard
785   Thomas Waddle            C. Dixon
788   Samuel Wilson               do
810   Daniel Wester               do
814   Solomon Williams         John Daves
815   Benjamin Weeks              do
816   Levi Weeks, St.             do
832   Sion Wheelus             H. Montfort
843   Philip Winburn              do             for P. Winburn
845   Dixon Weeks              John Daves
848   Theophilus Weeks            do
849   John Walters                do
855   Levi Weeks, St.             do
878   John Wright              Wynn Dixon
879   Thomas Wynn                 do
882   Thomas Wall                 do
895   William White            H. Montfort      for M. Hunt
896   Henry White                 do  
908   Richard Williams         A. Lytle
911   Joseph Wood                 do
914   George Wilkie               do
923   John Wood                   do
935   James Waggoner              do
947   Adam Wright, Fifer          do
950   George Woodliff             do
951   Thomas White, drag.         do
981   William Wodsworth        J. Craven
988   Levi West, Dr.           James Armstrong
992   Cornelius Weeks, St.     Thomas Evans
1005  Isham Wood               Jesse Read
1006  John Wells                  do
1007  Abraham Wires               do
1017  Mosson Williams          H. Murfree
1038  Hampton White            Thomas Person     2 accts. 1 as 12 mos.
                                                   man & his other as 9 mos.
1046  W. Witherington, St.     H. Murfree
1052  Cyprean West             Will Jackson
1054  Peter White              J. Craven         for Hance Bond
1058  Miles Woodward              do                 do
1063  Francis Wilks            H. Montfort       for Wilkes
1067  Malachi Wiggins             do             for Wiggins
1070  John Wamble              Robt. Fenner
1078  William Williams         B. McCullock
1081  Thomas Winters              do
1082  Wyatt Warwick               do
1105  Bryan Worsley            Nicholas Long
1120  Obadiah Winnom           H. Montfort       for Winnom
1123  John Wilkerson           John Kingsbury
1129  John Walters             H. Montfort       for Walters
1178  James Webb               Robert Fenner
1184  Mial Watson              H. Montfort       for Watson
1192  Charles Wincoak          Willie Jones
1217  Butson Wheelas           H. Montfort       for Wheelas
1246  William Wilder           John Bonds
1248  Samuel Williams          B. McCullock
1253  Jeremiah Woodall         John Bonds
1300  Edward Williams          Philip Miller
1308  Moses Williams           B. McCulloch
1323  Robert Woodward          C. Dixon
1334  Jones Wynn                  do
1355  Robert Warwick              do        
1363  Francis Wilkerson           do
1366  John Waggoner               do
1387  Robert Whitlock          T. Dixon
1399  George Waff              William Gar       we suppose
241   Richard White            John Armstrong
8     J. Williams, P. Capt.    H. Montfort
16    Whitfield Wilson, F.M.   Robt. Fenner
29    John Williams, Col.      Thos. Donoho
41    John Wade, Capt.         John Marshall
1408  Thomas Winstell          William Faircloth
1410  William Wright             do
1411  Peter Wright               do
1412  Titus Wood                 do
1413  Jordan Willkins            do
1414  George Wilkins             do
1415  Solomon Willis             do
1416  Peter Williams             do
1417  Jacob Wells                do
1418  Thomas Wooten              do
1419  Peter Ward                 do
1420  James Woodward             do
1433  Jesse Witherington         do
1434  James Willace              do
1435  Jacob Witherington         do
1436  Joseph Whitaker            do
1437  Job Williamson             do
1438  Samuel Weaver              do
1439  Randolph Wilder            do
1478  Benjamin Willis            do
1503  Obadiah Watson           John Sheppard
1506  William Warren           B. McCulloch        for Jas. Glasgow
1510  Jesse Woolard              do                  do
1513  Jesse Whitfield            do                  do
1524  James Williams           John Price    
1525  Joseph Williams            do
1542  Benjamin Winston           do
1553  Jeremiah Wyatt             do
1555  Jeremiah West              do
1558  George Warwick             do
1574  Josiah Whitney           John Price
1577  Holland Woolard            do
1588  Samuel Wood                do
1616  Sampson Wright             do
1629  Taylor Willis              do
1635  Stephen Webb               do
1661  Malachi Wier               do
1663  Etheldred Woodam           do
1664  Francis Woodruff           do
1669  Ebenezer West              do
1673  Emanuel Wright             do
1677  Alexander Worrel           do
1710  Josiah Wimberty          William Faircloth
1718  Ephraim Wyatt              do
1730  Absalom Wallace            do
1734  Nathaniel Wood             do
1746  James Wilkinson            do
1760  Jonathan Woolard           do
1768  Nathan Wood                do
1776  Zebulon Wells              do
1777  Charles Wordon             do
1804  George Woodard             do
1813  Joshua Windom              do
1816  Joshua Wabbleton           do
1843  John Wilcocks              do
1852  Etheldred Watson           do
1854  Richard Wilkinson        Thomas Butcher
1870  Ignatius Watts             do
1927  Moab Walker                do
1930  Aaron Welch                do
1934  Clayborn Williams          do
1990  Alexander Walsh            do
2006  Samuel Waller              do
2021  Levi Wright              B. McCulloch        for Selby Harney
2022  Thomas Walden              do                   do
2089  Ambrose Whaley           Thomas Butcher
2097  Jordan Wilkins           Sherd. Barrow
2106  John Williams              do
2114  David Ward                 do
2121  James Wade                 do
2130  John Wincoak               do
2184  Isaac Walters              do
2208  Levi Westbrook           Thomas Butcher
2211  Joseph Wyat                do
2220  Timothy Ward             Isles Simmons
2229  Malachi White              do
2234  George Williamson          do
2246  Robert West              William Lytle
2267  William White            William Sanders
2276  Amos Wilson                do
2280  John White                 do
2303  John Worsley             John Marshall
2305  Thomas Williams            do
2323  John Wyatt               Griffith Dauge
2376  Absalom Woodward         Burwell Moring &
                                  Simon Totevine
2405  Thomas Woodley           Griffith Dauge
2446  George Wilkins           William Lytle
2507  John Whitehead           John Daves
2559  John Winbury             Wm. Sanders
2594  Jacob Wright             John Price
2610  Job Wright               John McNees
2694  Willis Wickar, S.        William Sanders
2679  William West             Andrew Armstrong
2693  Caleb Wright             M. Duke Johnston       for Charles Gerrard
      Isaac Warters                                   error
2728  Moses Waddle             John Price
2736  Ezekial Watson             do
2744  Peter Wilford              do
2774  Robert Woodland          John Garland, Junr.
2776  John Woodland              do
2785  James Wilson             Philip Fishburn
2794  Samuel Wheeler             do
2807  John Woodward            John Sommers
2824  John Wright              Thos. Donoho
2843  Robert Woodall           Thomas Person
2869  Mason Weatherington      William Faircloth
2874  Anth'y Willimson           do
2887  Daniel Waulden             do
2904  Richard Wallace                                no receipt
2905  Philip Watson   
2932  John West                Richard Ship
2947  Elias Walston            James Homes
2948  John Wine                   do
2956  Darlin West                 do
2960  Zebulon Wasdon              do
2991  Curtis Whitley           Sim. Totevine, Frau
                                  Maxwell, Jno. Gar-
                                  land, Jr, & J. Homes
3001  William White            H. Murfree
3015  Isaac Ward               Benjamin Easman
3043  Joseph Walters           Thomas Armstrong
3061  Kinchen Wilkins          George (X) King
3069  Nicholas Williams, C.                          no receipt
3073  Elijah Ward, C.          H. Montfort
3079  Thomas Wigley, S.        Isaac Gregory
3112  George White             Alexander Carter
3117  *Thomas Wiggins          J. Craven *
3252  John Windom              James Armstrong
3255  Daniel Winchester        Philip Fishburn
3256  Samuel Wilson               do
3125  Nathaniel Williams       John Estes            for Tatum
3143  Peter Warden                                   no receipt
3149  John Walker              John Sheppard         for Jas. Croom
3151  Daniel Woodland            do                     do
3170  Allenby Williams         Thomas Person
3243  George Wiggins           J. Marshall
3260  William Waddenton        Philip Fishburn
3263  Abner Wines                do
3272  Nathaniel Waddell        J. Marshall           For W. Sanders
3275  Stephen Wright           John Marshall         for W. Sanders
3286  Henry Woodard               do                    do
3319  Thomas Worsley           Jas. Armstrong  
3322  Mundy White              Timothy McCarthy
3323  David Welch                 do
3327  Philip Wilder               do
3340  Hillery Ward                do
*See original book where this account was received for Howell Tatom.

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