Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

113   Hugh Parks               Archd. Lytle

122   Thomas Pierce            H. Murfree

125   Ransom Prewet            Tho. Armstrong

126   Joshua Prewet               do

129   John Peasley             H. Montfort          for J. Peasley

141   William Proctor          John Ingles

146   John Parish              H. Montfort          for Parish

166   John Pritchet            J. Craven

174   Isham Pully              B. McCulloch

187   Isaiah Parr, St.         Selby Harney

225   Phil Paul                H. Montfort          for Paul

229   George Powell            A. Brevard

252   James Pierce             Thomas Stokes

257   James Powell             Samuel Pitman

265   Richard Philips          H. Montfort          for Philips

270   Daniel Potter               do

278   Gideon Petit, Fifer      Thos. Armstrong

292   Edward Pate              H. Montfort          for Pate

296   Kedar Phelps             James Cobb

301   Hardman Portoise         H. Montfort          for Portoise

306   William Parks               do                for Parks

339   Robert Pierson           Thomas Armstrong

342   James Passons               do

373   John Platt               John Grimes

374   William Pate             F. Harget

383   John Proudford           Tho. Armstrong

434   James Prim, Corpl.       J. Craven

437   Tilman Patterson, St.       do

465   David Poe                H. Montfort

481   Emanuel Partree          Selby Harney

487   Reuben Pierce            Tho. Armstrong

496   Noah Parr                Ab. Thomas

520   Abraham Prim             Tho. Armstrong

523   James Pierce             (See No. 273 forword)

523   Caleb Parr               H. Montfort            for Parr

526   Thomas Parker          

547   Robert Perry             H. Montfort            for Perry

557   Thomas Pryor             John McNees

574   Richard Philsbry         A. Lytle

647   Tobias Purvis            H. Montfort            for Purvis

687   Absalom Powers           William Sanders

709   John Patterson              do

711   Nathaniel Pharo             do

733   Benjamin Page            Thomas Person

748   Willoby Prescott         Robert Fenner

767   George Plumby            John Sheppard

775   Joseph Parker               do

776   William Pridgen             do

812   Charles Porter           Benjamin Atkins

820   John Platt               H. Montfort            for John Platt

821   John Pond                   do                  for J. Pond

830   James Paramore           John McNees

841   James Powers             H. Montfort            for Powers

875   Thomas Pedon             David Pasmore

912   Thomas Parks             A. Lytle

941   William Parrum              do

943   John Parks                  do

952   Theophilus Pierce           do

953   Thomas Paddin               do

954   Adam Perkins                do

960   Beverly Parkinson           do

986   Henry Parish             J. Craven

996   John Perry               Thomas Evans

1021  Axum Powell              H. Murfree

1035  David Pendergrass        Tho. Person

1036  James Porch                 do

1060  John Philips             James Thompson

1080  Thomas Price             B. McCulloch

1142  Needum Perrit            John Bonds

1169  Peter Piland             H. Montfort           for Piland

1172  Abraham Page                do                 for Page

1204  Benjamin Powel           Tho. Tison

1208  Nicholas Parish          John Price

1211  William Proctor          Philip Causey

1223  Matthew Pollard          John Sheppard

1231  Stephen Pettis              do

1239  Wm & Joshua Porter       Thos. Armstrong, Jr.

1247  John Privett             H. Montfort           for Privett

1259  William Peirce           John Grimes

1292  Roger Parsons            William Oliver

1293  Jesse Parsons               do

1294  Nathan Parsons           Richard (X) Crutchfield

1296  Samuel Pope              John McNees

1298  James Phelps             William Faircloth

1301  Geroge Plumby            John Price

1318  Thomas Prewet            Charles Dixon

1333  Needum Perry                do

1400  Jacob Pendergrass        William Sanders

1401  William Petteford           do

273   James Pierce             H. Murfree

13    John Pilly, P.M.         Cosmo Medici

1442  Josphe Purvie            William Faircloth

1443  Isaac Perry                  do

1444  William Pollard              do

1445  Willis Pipkins               do

1485  Peter Poyner                 do

1517  Thomas Pettijohn         John Price

1519  William Phelps               do

1527  Zebulon Pratt                do

1544  John Pickman                 do

1576  John Parr                    do

1592  Reuben Pope              John Price

1596  Francis Potter               do

1626  Samuel Parker                do

1658  Noah Phelps                  do

1659  Moses Phelps                 do

1681  Jesse Patterson              do

1685  Vinson Pope                  do

1696  James Paxton             William Faircloth

1701  Cornelius Poynter            do

1707  Arm Proctor                  do

1733  Peter Payne                  do

1748  Francis Powel                do

1751  Nicholas Powel               do

1762  Robert Powers                do

1769  Mark Parish                  do

1773  Peter Powel                  do

1774  Titus Petty                  do

1775  Daniel Pettis                do

1792  James Philips                do

1822  Stephen Pelock               do

1898  Joshua Parnall            Thomas Butcher

1909  Aaron Poon                   do

1914  David Pernalt             William Faircloth

1916  Alexander Potts              do

1958  Stephen Putnam               do

1961  Anthony Powel                do

1988  Stephen Philips              do

2013  Augustine Price              do

2060  Benjamin Pollock          John Sheppard

2064  Stephen Powell               do

2080  Moses Powel                  do

2177  Mulford Portes            Sherd. Barrow

2119  Demsey Pace                  do

2140  Isham Pitman                 do

2152  David Pew                 Tho. Butcher

2167  John Pusley               Sherd. Barrow

2171  Barnett Purvis               do

2188  Isham Parker                 do

2190  Joseph Parker, St.        John Sheppard

2196  Mark Philips                 do

2201  William Philips              do

2206  William Patrick           Tho. Butcher

2213  Daniel Peal                                   no receipt, endorsed

                                                    Will Barksdale

2244  John Pennel               Will Lytle

2266  John Padget               William Sanders

2295  James Price               John Marshall

2335  William Parr              Griffith Dauge

2337  Hillary Parker            Isles Simmons

2394  Austin Prescott                               no receipt

2407  William Phelps, Senr.     J. Craven           for B. McCulloch

2527  Thoams Prescott, Ser.     John Daves

2530  Elisha Phelps             John McNees

2564  Micajah Petaway           Nathl. Bilberry

2573  Andrew Pool               John Price

2575  Elisha Peters                do

2580  William Perdue               do

2586  Elisha Pool               John Price

2597  Elisha Price                 do

2599  Joseph Phelps                do

2605  Peter Paul                John McNees

2618  Uriah Pendleton           William Sanders

2622  Israel Pierce                do

2665  Joshus Pelt               Thomas Butcher

2687  Micajah Prewet            Thomas Person

2720  Jethro Piper              John Price

2743  Andrew Parrot                do

2777  Thomas Potter             John Garland, Junr.

2782  Alexander Patterson       Philip Fishburn

2797  Hugh Patterson               do

2867  Paul Perry                William Faircloth

2872  Patrick Peal                 do

2881  Willoby Proctor              do

2886  David Paul                   do

2906  John Poor                 William Lytle

2931  Elisha Parker             Richard Ship

2943  Barnaba Pate              James Homes

2952  Nathaniel Pledger            do

3025  S. Park, Lt. & Ensn       John Sommers

3048  Martin Patterson          Thomas Armstrong

3051  Rawlei'h Pendergrass                           pd. to Macon no


3062  Nathaniel Parrot                               no receipt

3101  Jacob Powel               Curtis Ivey

3142  Benjamin Partin           B. McCullock

3161  Joseph Pack               Philip Fishburn

3174  Hance Pillegrew           J. Marshall          for C. Dixon

3200  William Plumer               do                   do

3220  John Phips                   do                   do

3266  Charles Presley           Philip Fishburn

3269  John Pollard              J. Marshall          for Saunders

3271  James Pollard                do                   do

3287  Henry Philips                do                   do

3305  John Powers               Absalom Powers

3326  Henry Pythrus             Timothy McCarthy

3332  Aaron Patt                   do

3342  Jacob Parker                 do

3351  Elliott Pass                 do

349   David Quinn               H. Montfort  for Quinn

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