Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

42    William Neill, Lt.       Alexander Brevard
161   John Nicholson           J. Craven
182   Isaac Nicholson          Jos. Hadley
207   Shadrach Nettles         H. Montfort          for Sha. Nettles
266   James Nichols               do                for James Nichols
347   Patrick Newton              do                for P. Newton
353   William Neithercut          do                for Neithercut
463   Boothe Newsom
837   Robert Newsom            Boothe (X) Newsom
873   Dickson Nelly            F. Harget
939   Christopher Neale        Christopher Neale    say H. Montfort for Neale
1040  Joseph Nicks             Thomas Person        
1130  Hancock Nichols          H. Montfort          for Nichols
1181  Jeremiah Nichols         John Bonds
1207  Robert Newbry            John Price
1212  Enos Norwell             Philip Causey
1227  John Newall              John Sheppard
1264  Francis Nash             William Faircloth
1362  John Nicholson           C. Dixon
1368  Jeremiah Nicholson          do
876   John Nichols             H. Montfort          for Nichols
1548  William Neal             John Price
1582  John Norwood                do
1722  Robert Nobles            William Faircloth
1847  Willoby Nobles              do
1899  Stephen Newton           Thomas Butcher
1904  Jesse Nate                  do
1908  Allen Near                  do
1922  Philip Niles             William Faircloth
1929  Jethro Nott                 do
2033  Samuel Nichols, L.       B. McCulloch         for Selby Harney
2156  William Norwell          Thomas Butcher
2257  Thomas Newberry          William Sanders
2277  Drury Nann                  do
2345  Samuel Nothern           Philip Fishburn
2389  Richard Nash             B. McCulloch         for Art Pearce
2415  Benjamin Nobles             do                Selby Harney
2431  Levi Norman              William Sanders
2444  Joseph Newman            William Lytle
2467  John Needham             T. Dixon
2558  David Neakins            William Sanders
2598  Thomas Nail              John Price
2633  Nathaniel Nann           William Sanders
2686  Aaron Newsom             J. Craven            for B. McCulloch
2846  Drury Nevill             Wm. Faircloth
2890  Joseph Nunn                  do
2896  Frederick Norris             do
2942  Darby Newsom             James Homes
3027  John Nixon, C.           John Sommers
3154  Jeremiah Norris          William Peay
3176  Matthew Newby            C. Dixon             by J. Marshall
3192  Jesse Night                  do                  do
3240  John Nelson, St.         John Marshall
3333  Daniel Nowell            Timo. McCarthy



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