Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

65    James King, Capt.        Robt. Fenner
148   John King                John Ingles
169   Samuel Knight            James King
183   Jesse Knight             H. Murfree
215   James Kith               H. Montfort         for Jas. Kith
325   William King             Benjamin McCulloch
326   James King                 do
514   Benjamin Kitchen, Lt.    H. Montfort
536   Isaac Kennedy         
579   Arthur Kerney            A. Lytle
626   Hugh Kelly               C. Dixon
671   Thomas Kent              William Sanders
747   Jonathan Keay            H. Montfort         for Jon. Keay
760   Joseph King                 do               for J. King
857   Edward King              John Daves
909   John Killian             Arch. Lytle
1008  Malachi Ketanch          Jesse Reed
1085  John Killpatrick         B. McCulloch
1093  Richard Knobbs              do
1241  Hardy Keel               Thomas Armstrong
1273  William Keetar           Samuel Pitman
1396  Enoch King               H. Montfort
21    William Knott, Lt.       H. Murfree
1469  John Kearsy              William Faircloth
1540  Philip Kelly             John Price
1606  Blake Kearny                do
1648  Bartholomew King            do
1714  Patrick Kelby            William Faircloth
1754  Andrew King                 do
1772  Joseph Kelly                do
1789  Peter Kelly                 do
1989  James Knowland              do
2148  William Kirkland         Thomas Butcher
2158  Hardy Keel, L.              do
2299  John Ketanch             John Marshall
2442  John Kettle, C.          William Lytle
2464  John Keeth               T. Dixon
2495  Jonathan Kinimy          John Daves
2651  Richard Kennady          William Sanders
2738  Saucer Keen              John Price
2836  James Kemp               Thos. Donoho
3049  Frederick Killian        Thomas Armstrong
3321  Allison Knox             Philip Miller


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