Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

48    Dem'y Gregory, Capt.     Selby Harney

59    Isaac Guion, P.M.        John Daves

68    Thomas Gibson, Lieut.    Thos Pasteur

80    Elisha Grant             H. Montfort

85    John Gooden, St.            do

91    William Gouch            Ab. Thomas

155   Isaac Griffith           Elisha Foot

201   John Gunn, Drum.         Alexander Gunn

250   Hosea Gregory            J. Craven           for R. Hulme

254   Jos. Graham, Q.M.S.      J. Nelson

262   George Goodman              do

276   Lewis Goodrich           H. Montfort         for L. Goodrich

308   Sylvanus Gray            J. McNees

378   Thomas Garland           H. Montfort         for Garland

405   Henry Griffin            Arch. Lytle

426   Nicholas Grindstaff      A. Brevard

458   William Grant            William Grant

543   William Goin             H. Montfort         for W. Goan

544   Samuel Garrett           J. Craven           for R. Hulme

565   Christopher Grantz       A. Lytle

570   Conrad Goodner              do

588   Zachariah Goforth        C. Dixon

590   William Guttery             do

603   Adam Gregory                do

609   John Gibbs                  do

670   John Glover              William Sanders

680   William Gail                do

692   Michael Goin                do

713   John Glaze                  do

715   William Gray                do

721   Joshua Greenage             do

777   James Gilbert            J. Sheppard

784   Sikes Garris             Ben Manatkins

786   Isaac Gaskin             Charles Dixon

789   John Guttery                do

863   George Gardiner          John Sheppard

877   Peter Graham             Wynn Dixon

880   John Graham                 do

934   Simon Gauslin            Archd. Lytle

955   Daniel Gale, Corpl       A. Lytle

976   Ephraim Grant            Ab. Thomas

990   Benjamin German          James Armstrong

997   George Garey             Thomas Evans

1010  William Gray             Jesse Read

1011  Samuel Gray                 do

1020  Boble Gay                H. Murfree

1041  Robert Guest             Thomas Person

1086  John Gouthrop            B. McCulloch

1101  Abram Gamelion              do

1106  Archibald Gray, St.      H. Montfort          for A. Gray

1159  Joel Gunter              Charles Dixon

1161  Elisha Gibson               do

1233  John Grant               John Sheppard

1260  William Grimes           John Grimes

1263  Richard Gardner          H. Montfort          for R. Gardner

1275  William Good                do                for W. Good

1287  Jones Glover                do                for Glover

1310  Thoams Green             B. McCulloch

1314  William Grimes           C. Dixon

1317  Jenkins Goin                do

1378  Willis Gray                 do

1380  Joseph Gollehorn            do

1388  Henry Guthrie            T. Dixon

1393  Alexander Gunn

1397  William Goldsbury        H. Montfort         for Goldsbury

1135  William Gay              J. Bonds

593   James Guttery            C. Dixon

27    John Gist, M. Lt.        Thomas Donoho

1467  Gilbert Grant            William Faircloth

1498  John Giles, Q.M.S.       John McNees

1537  Anthony Griss            John Price

1543  Joab Green                   do

1549  Peter Giles                  do

1562  Josiah Grimes                do

1627  William Goodman              do

1646  Francis Good                 do

1675  George Greenwood             do

1706  Solomon Griffin          William Faircloth

1731  Thomas George                do

1732  Willis Griffith              do

1752  Thomas Green, C.             do

1763  Henry Griffith               do

1795  Daniel Gaugh                 do

1834  Patrick Gaul                 do

1838  Jonathan Gray                do

1938  Arandall Grant               do

1942  Richard Gideon               do

1976  Matthew Gillespie            do

1996  Moses Greerson               do

1997  Simon Gibson                 do

2030  Isaac Gollip              B. McCulloch         for Selby Harney

2031  Thoams Garrett, St.          do                    do

2046  John Gilbert                 do                    do

2076  James Goodson             John Sheppard

2102  John Garvis               Sherd. Barrow

2126  Dempsey Green                do

2131  Abraham Green                do

2150  Randall Green             Thos. Butcher

2162  Jacob Griffin                do

2174  Joshua Garvis             Sherd. Barrow

2209  George Griffin            Thomas Butcher

2241  William Gwinn             William Lytle

2250  John Gibson                  do

2238  Martin Griffin            William Sanders

2316  Joel Gibs                 John Macon

2321  Willis Gregory            Griffith Dauge

2322  Clement Godfrey              do

2344  John Gerritt              Philip Fishburn

2352  John Goose                   do

2377  Ephraim Gurley            Burwell Mourning

2393  Charles Greggs            Griffith Dauge

2443  Peter Grover              Will Lytle

2466  William Graham, S.        T. Dixon

2476  Jesse Goldsmith, M.          do

2480  John Griffis                 do

2489  James Gifford, Lt.        John Daves

2501  Robert Grissum, M.           do

2504  Ambrose Goslin               do

2532  Arthur Glesson            Joshua Davis

2536  James Greenlaw            J. Craven           for J. Ingles

2553  James Glasco              William Sanders

2572  Charles Grimsley          John Price

2587  Robert Greer                 do

2604  George Gilhampton         John McNees

2614  Isaac Gately              William Sanders

2623  Thomas Garrott               do

2625  James Garrott                do

2626  Samuel Goodman, C.           do

2638  James Gutray              William Sanders

2711  Hyman Gardner             John Price

2748  Simon Giles                  do

2770  Daivd Gillaspie           James Pearl

2844  John Gallimore, C.        Thomas Person

2870  Arthur Groves             William Faircloth

2911  Anthony Garrett           William Lytle

2912  James Gunn                   do

2954  Sherrod Granger           James Holmes

2961  Reading Gamble               do

2962  Lawrence Graddy              do

2994  Thomas Green              Hardy Murfree

3014  William Gamewell          Benjamin Easman

3030  David Grant

3050  William Green, St.                            "paid to J. Macon"

                                                      no receipt

3056  John Griffis              William (X) Griffis   his mark

3090  Thomas Gregory            Curtis Ivey

3104  Lawrence Griffin          Nathan (X) Harris     his mark

3178  Daniel Gunn               J. Marshall           for C. Dixon

3185  Peter Gates                  do                   do

3188  Joseph Gardner               do                   do

3203  Arthur Graham                do                   do

3221  James Gaylor                 do                   do

3303  John Griffin, Lt.            do                 for Wm. Sanders

2648  George Glenn              William Sanders

2652  James Gregory                do

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