Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.


No.   Names and Rank              By Whom Received     Remarks
29    Charles Allen, Capt.        H. Montfort          for Charles Allen

33    N. Alexander, M.G.H.        John Nelson

36    Charles Alexander, Lt.         do

44    Thomas Armstrong, Capt.     Thomas Armstrong

25    James Anthony               Ab. Thomas

32    William Aldridge               do

51    John Adcock                 Robert Fenner

52    Joshua Adcock                  do

97    Daniel Alderman             Henry Montfort       for D. Alderman

102   Thomas Anderson,            Philip Fishburn

140   Jesse Ashlock               Henry Montfort       for J. Ashlock

147   William Adams,              Alex Brevard

222   Thomas Ammons,              G. Bradley

414   Sameul Ates,                Ab. Thomas

450   John Alcorn, St.            John Craven

496   John Addleman               Arch. Lytle

503   Joseph Alridge                 do

518   John Allen                  Charles Dixon

577   Arthur Arnold               John McNees

589   Philip Adams                William Sanders

770   Thomas Anderson             John Shepard

771   John Anderson                  do

799   John Atkinson               Henry Montfort      for Atkinson

823   Thomas Aldridge             John McNees

862   Charles Ashe                John Shepard

870   Henry Alligood              Fred Harget

887   David Allen                 Will Sanders

891   John Abbett                 Thos. Donoho

926   John Allison                Arch. Lytle

944   Simon Alderson St.

1055  Jeremiah Ashley             John Craven         for Hance Bond

1074  William Anderson            Tho. Armstrong

1096  Garrett Altman              B. McCullock

1102  Philip Axum                    do

1104  James Avery                 Nich. Long

1124  David Adkins                Henry Montfort      for D. Adkins

1133  John Abuck                  John Bonds

1166  Arthur Adams                Robt. Fenner

1197  Cornelius Allison           James x Simmons

1329  Thomas Allen                Charles Dixson

1351  Michael Adkinson               do

1374  James Aulton                   do

1381  John Abbute                 William x Griffis

Warrenton Settlement

36    James Armstrong, Lt.                          not receipted for

1421  Dempsey Archer            William Faircloth

1422  Hardy Atway                  do

1499  Jesse Aldridge            John McNees

1511  Thomas Aims               B. McCulloch        for James Glasgow

1614  Thomas Ashley             John Price

1639  Hardy Atkinson               do

1783  Emanuel Asbett            William Faircloth

1788  Charles Atbett               do

1824  Zachariah Atbett             do

1842  Mark Allen                   do

1857  Drury Anthony             Thomas Butcher

1931  Elias Ashburn             William Faircloth

2094  Mills Anderson            Thomas Butcher

2116  John Applewhite           Sherd. Barrow

2123  Abraham Applewhite           do

2172  Anthony Abbett               do

2251  William Adcock            William Sanders

2263  Moses Adcock                 do

2285  John Airs, Senr.             do

2286  John Airs, Junr.             do

2314  Robert Acock              M.D. Johnston         for Robt. Acock

3715  Moses Acock                  do                    do

2357  Thomas Adams              Philip Fishburn

2361  Peter Albright               do

2363  Simon Albright            Philip Fishburn

2374  John Artis                Benj. McCulloch      for Arthur Pearce

2406  Peter Allison             James Tatum

2430  Alexander Anthony         William Sanders

2488  James Atkins              "Paid to J. Macon"   receipt not signed

2512  Richard Atkins            John Daves

2513  John Avery                   do

2537  Jesse Allen, St.          Sam'l Parker

2544  Benjamin Alexander        Wm. Sanders

2550  Joseph Alexander             do

2574  Andrew Andrews            John Price


2707  Philip Askew              Charles x Serugg


2708  Serugg Askew                 do

2786  Nathaniel Alexander       Philip Fishburn

2828  James Armstrong           Tho. Donoho

2839  John Adcock               Tho. Donoho

2903  George Adcock             Sam'l Parker

3045  Solomon Avery             Thomas Armstrong

3078  John Aycock               H. Montfort

3126  Benjamin Angel            J. Estes              for A. Tatum

3180  Joseph Allen              John Marshall         The orders in fav.

3210  Isaac Anderson               do                   Charles Dixon

3229  Richard Atchison          John Marshall

3273  Charles Anderson             do                 for Wm. Sanders

3330  Isaac Anderson            Timothy McCarthy

3331  Jacob Albritton              do

3341  John Ashburn                 do

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