North Carolina Freedmen transported to Other States, Part 3

Transcribed from the NC Freedmen's Bureau Assistant Commissioner Records 1862-1870; Roll 28, Records related to transportation, Case Files 1867 ( database)


 After the Civil War, when there were hundreds of thousands of newly emancipated Slaves in North Carolina, many of them moved to the Western part of the State with the hopes of finding jobs or some ways of feeding their families. Mecklenburg Co. became the hub of Freedmen activity where the U.S. Government arranged for plantation owners from the Deep South to contract with the former slaves for employment, in return for wages, food, clothing and shelter. There were many thousands of Freedmen who signed up for the jobs, most included moving their entire families with them to their new locations. If your ancestors were living in some of the other Southern States, but were listed as born in NC, it's very possible they may have been some of the men, women and children who were transported there as part of this program. Following is a listing of names from those records.


 Names of Destitute Freedmen employed under contract of D.W. Barrow and to be transported by Government from Charlotte, NC to Plaquemine, Louisiana.
Charlotte, NC, March 1, 1867
Transport Sam Robertson (107) Adults & 16 children under 12 years Destitute Freed People from Charlotte, NC to Columbia, SC En route from Charlotte, NC to Plaquemins, LA.


Names of Freedmen
 Sam Robertson  
Judy (his wife)
2 Children, 7 & 11 yrs.
Mary Anderson
Hatty Bend
Zeph Bonner
Wilmington Hentz
Aaron Rudisel
Julia (his wife)
& one child 6 yrs
Millie Hoke
Sarah Weill
Peter Farrow
Tabby (his wife)
Susan (daughter)
Peter (son)
One child 3 yrs
Caesar Sprunt
Jane Copes
Sam (her son)
Susan (daughter)
Tom Lawson
Bill Eckley
Jim Flanagan
Leonora Jenkins
Seth Jones
Moses Katy
Annie (his wife) & one Child, 7 yrs.
Abner Mitchell
Hannah (his wife)
Susan Montgomery
Jane Cox
James (her son)
& 2 Children 3 & 7
Wiley Dunbar
Betsey Shackelford
John Tannahill
Mily (wife)
James (son ) 2 children 3 & 7
Jim Moffat
Jane Robertson
Sam Shackeleford
Silvy Shackelford (wife)
Junius & Antony (sons)
Sarah (daughter) 2 children 2 & 9
Erick Andrews
Jim (son) Susannah (daugther)
& 2 Children 9 & 11
William Tannahill
Fanny Tannahill (wife) Child 3 yrs
Eph Harris
Emily Harris (wife)
Stephen Hunter
Bill Danson
Seth Stnson
Jane Ender
Susan Dunbar
Lem'l Howell
Tom Russell
Mary Vick
Jim Willard
Stephen Tron
Ella Brass
Saer Bailey
Tom Lippitt
Sam Williams
 Jane (wife) Sam (son)
Julius (son) Mary Ann (daugther)
2 children, 7 & 10
Ben Trance
Susan Van Amigo
Jim Eglenfield
Sam Wilmington
Emma Burret
Harriet Jones (child 7 yrs)
Sam Hoke
Betty Beard
Susan Gibbs
Jim Billows
Margaret (wife) Jim (son)
Susy (daughter, 2 children 7 & 11
Bill Binton
Sam Harris
Tina Esther
Susan (daughter) 2 children 3 & 11
Moses Alison
Peter Shattod
Jane (wife) Sam (son)
Jane (daughter) 2 children 4 & 10
Silas Hoss
Jane Spagninon
Hesekiah Houston
Dick Johnston
Anna (wife) Sarah Ann (daughter)
Sam Poole
Julia Moore (cook)
Alex Hagwood
Tom Stearne
Eugenia Maxwell
Fred Paxters
Sue Jennings
Tina Johnson
Charles Bond
Feby (wife)
Bob Harrison
Caroline (wife)
Sam (son)
Judy (daughter)
2 Children 6 & 9
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