North Carolina Freedmen transported to Other States, Part 2


Transcribed from the NC Freedmen's Bureau Assistant Commissioner Records 1862-1870; Roll 28, Records related to transportation, Case Files 1867 ( database)


 After the Civil War, when there were hundreds of thousands of newly emancipated Slaves in North Carolina, many of them moved to the Western part of the State with the hopes of finding jobs or some ways of feeding their families. Mecklenburg Co. became the hub of Freedmen activity where the U.S. Government arranged for plantation owners from the Deep South to contract with the former slaves for employment, in return for wages, food, clothing and shelter. There were many thousands of Freedmen who signed up for the jobs, most included moving their entire families with them to their new locations. If your ancestors were living in some of the other Southern States, but were listed as born in NC, it's very possible they may have been some of the men, women and children who were transported there as part of this program. Following is a listing of names from those records.


Contracted by Robert W. Hargrove on Feb. 2, 1867
For 160 Freedmen from Anson & Union Counties, NC
List of Freedmen from Anson Co, transported from Salisbury, NC to Cheraw, SC, then to Brenhams, Texas

1William Leak 62Silvie Slone
2Harriet Leak (his wife) 63Andy Slone
3John Leak 64Marshal Slone
4Martha Leak 65Ansifere Slone
5Nancy Leak 66Ann Slone
6Harriet Leak 67Crockett Plunket
7Marth Leak (his mother) 68Nancy Plunket
8Richmond Leak 69Reuben Plunket
9Beckey Leak 70Kate Plunket
10Emeline Leak 71Sam Simmons
11Henderson Leak 72Charlotte Simmons
12Morgan Leak 73Josh Simmons
13William Leak 74Margret Simmons
14Joe Leak 75John Simmons
15Charley Leak 76Calvin Simmons
16Jim Leak 77Bestey Simmons
17Thomas Morris 78Joe Simmons
18Nancy Morris 79Josh Simmons
19Daniel Morris 80Dump Simmons
20Jane Morris 81Boliver Cooley
21Mariah Morris 82Posey Cooley
22William Morris 83Jeremiah Cooley
23Abe Morris 84Joe Cooley
24Sue Morris 85Jennie Cooley
25Thomas Morris 86Jane Cooley
26Looh Morris 87Dick Little
27Fed Morris 88Keziah Little
28Danniel Smith 89Hester Little
29Beak Smith 90Jim Robertson
30Josh Smith 91Martha Robertson
31John Smith 92Absalom Robertson
32Sally Smith 93Josh Robertson
33Jem Smith 94Jennie Robertson
34Nancy Smith   
35Fed Smith   
36Emaline Smith   
37Bill Smith   
38Paul Moore   
39Abe Jones   
40Sally Jones   
41Betsey Jones   
42John Parker   
43Julia Parker   
44Josephine Parker   
45David Thompson   
46Maria Thompson   
47Eloues Thompson   
48Sam Thompson   
49Cal Thompson   
50Bright Thompson   
51Let Thompson   
52Silon Thompson   
53John Thompson   
54Jim Murray   
55Calvin Murray   
56Betsy Murray   
57Parke Harvey   
58Julia Harvey   
59Paul Harvey   
60Tela Harvey   
61Jerry Slone   

I certify that the foregoing list containing the names of sixty five Adult and twenty nine children (under 12 yrs)comprises all the persons to be transported from Cheraw S.C. to Brenham, Texas under transportation granted by the Bureau of Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands, who have contracted to labor on my plantation. Salisbury, NC, Feb 16, 1867 R. W. HARGROVE

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