North Carolina Freedmen transported to Other States, Part 1


Transcribed from the NC Freedmen's Bureau Assistant Commissioner Records 1862-1870; Roll 28, Records related to transportation, Case Files 1867 ( database)


 After the Civil War, when there were hundreds of thousands of newly emancipated Slaves in North Carolina, many of them moved to the Western part of the State with the hopes of finding jobs or some ways of feeding their families. Mecklenburg Co. became the hub of Freedmen activity where the U.S. Government arranged for plantation owners from the Deep South to contract with the former slaves for employment, in return for wages, food, clothing and shelter. There were many thousands of Freedmen who signed up for the jobs, most included moving their entire families with them to their new locations. If your ancestors were living in some of the other Southern States, but were listed as born in NC, it's very possible they may have been some of the men, women and children who were transported there as part of this program. Following is a listing of names from those records.


Contracted with F.C. Carter for transportation of Freedmen from Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
to Yazoo County, Miss.; furnishing for James Dooley and 103 Adults and 16 Children under 12 years old.

1James Dooley 18Jim Daffee
2Frances (wife) 19Dan G. Fowler
3George {son 20Bill Harper
4Sally {dau 2 children under 12 21Ann (wife
5Phil Manson 22Jacob {sons
6Jim Doolittle 23Bill {"
7Mose Cruse 24Sara {dau
8Zeke Fooley 25Jim {son -2 children 4 to 7
9Har Fownsley 26John Phelps
10Jim Saunders 27Aggie Mitchell
11Sally Bird 28Bill Britton
12Susan Birdly 29Sam Houston
13Jane Foster- 4 children 3, 5,7 & 8 30Jane (wife)
14Bill Jimmerson 31Celia {dau, 1 child 7 yrs
15Sam Collier 32Philip McAden
16Laura Hyatt {2 children 3 & 5} 33John Simpson
17Lula Hyatt 34Mary Myers
35Pattie Belott 57Simeon Holden
36James Palmer 58Eunice Morse
37Rita (wife) 59Darby (wife)
38Jonas {son 60Dave {son
39Frank {son 61Bob {son
40Fannie {dau 62Felix {son
41Rebecca {dau 63Georgia {dau
42Betsy L. {dau - 3 children under 12 64Augusta {daughter
43Henry Harris 65George Steele
44Dan Williams 66Charles Hanson
45Charles Napp 67Ezra Root
46Lydia Parker 68Joe Fallings
47Tom Biggs 69Alvina Simpkins
48Smith Gray 70John Barton
49Oram Young 71Letty McFarland
50Sallie Tubbs 72Josephine (wife)
51Jim {son 73George {son
52Ann {dau, 2 children under 12 74Agnes {dau
53Philip Yancey 75Annie {dau, 1 child under 12
54Jim Brailsfield 76Bill Grandy
55Ellen Taylor 77Jim Sibley
56Volney Barber 78Susan Ritchie
79Bill Fibley 101Nancy Fowler
80Phil Fobley 102John Sheridan
81George Sampson 103John Thurston
82Augusta Mead {1 child, under 12} 104Nany Tyler
83Sam Moore   
84Jeremiah Butter   
85George Jaimerson   
86Sally (wife)   
87George {son   
88Fannie {dau   
89Jane {dau   
90Luke {son, 3 children, under 12   
91Laura Howie   
92Jim Dooley   
93Phil Sampson   
94Fanny Loring   
95Norman Smith   
96Dave Wells   
97Sam Marks   
98Sion Johnson   
99Henry Miles   
100Laura (wife) 2 children, under 12  
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