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With The Colors




This book is online thanks to Richard Morris  who happened to find it and thought Granville Co. researchers might benefit from the contents.  It is truly a treasure!  It has gone through a number of variations since I wanted it to be in searchable text.  However, nothing I tried seemed to work as I would like so I am posting page images until I decide how to present it in searchable text.  In the meantime, I will be working to complete a name index for the entire book.    If you find it useful and interesting, please take the time to thank Richard for his kindness!
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Title Page 1


A Shot in the Balkans Set the World Aflame 3
A Toast to Company E 202
Boys Who Will Never Come Back, the 201
British Military Cross 130
Chairman of Liberty Loans 193
Colored Soldiers of. Granville County 209
Conquest of the Cootie, the 92
Distinguished Service Cross 129
E Company, 120th Infantry:  
  Battles 37
  On His Majesty's Service 80
  Places stationed at 37
  Record of 37
  Roster of enlisted men 40
  Roster of officers 38
Examining Physicians to Granville County Local Board 137
Food Administrator 195
Four-Minute Speakers Committee 193
Fuel Administrator 195
Fury of Battle Leaves its Mark, the 127
Granville County Chapter, American Red Cross (Illustrated) 165
   Committees 168
   Conservation Committee 172
   Canteen and Camp Activities 174
   Delegates and Visitors to Red Cross Conference 166
   Directors of Work and Buying 171
   Disbursements 176
   Extension 168
   Finance 170
   First Aid 173
   General Supplies 172
   Home Service 173
   Junior Red Cross, the 175
   Lectures 176
   Membership 168
   Packing Committee 172
   Receipts 175
   Special Committee for Linen for Hospitals 172
   Summary of Output 173
   Surgical Dressings 173
   Tobacco Sales 171
   Ways and Means 171
Granville County Division Council of National Defense 181
  An Appreciation 191
  Departments Adopted by Granville County Division 182
  Granville County Units:  
     Berea 184
     Bullock 184
     Clarke's School 184
     Creedmoor 184
     Culbreth 183
     Enon 183
     Fishing Creek 184
     Hester 183
     Howard 184
     Knap of Reeds 183
     Knott's Grove 184
     Northside 184
     Oxford 183
     Providence 183
     Salem 184
     Stem 184
     Stovall 183
     West Oxford 184
     Williford School 181
     Wilton 183
  Home and Foreign Relief 191
  Letter of Commendation from President Wilson 181
  Mizpah 189
  Officers 182
  Report of Third and Fourth Liberty Loan Drives 190
  Report of. War Work in Food Production 187
  Woman's War Savings Committee 188
His Last Night At Home 197
Historical Dates in the World War 155
Hold-fast Colors 198
Honor Roll of Oxford Baptist Church 203
Honor Roll of Oxford Graded School 204
Honor Roll of Oxford M. E. Church, South 203
Honor Roll of Oxford Orphanage 206
Honor Roll of Oxford Presbyterian Church 207
Honor Roll of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 208
If You Want to See Me Grin 128
Illustrations of Granville County men who made the Supreme Sacrifice 132
Legal Advisory Board 194
Legion of Honor Medal 130
List of Men Inducted into Service by Granville County Local Board (Colored) 210
List of Men Inducted into Service by Granville County Local Board (White) 138
Local Board of Granville County 135
My Service. Flag 199
Off at Dawn for a Trip Over the Lines 16
Pershing's Men Did the Work but the Navy Put 'Em There 143
President Wilson's War Message to Congress 17
Ready for Duty 177
Records of Granville County Men in the Army, Alphabetically Arranged 39
Navy, Alphabetically Arranged 148
Records of Granville County Registered Red Cross Nurses (Illustrated)  179
Red Cross Surgical Dressing Class  173
Sir Douglas Haig's Tribute  88
Soldier's Mother, the 196
The Kneeling Child 200
Thirtieth Division, the  74
To the Memory of Our Honored Dead 131
Who Broke the Hindenburg Line? 90

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