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Will of Stephen Beasley
Contributed by Heather Blair

North Carolina
Granville County
Wills Vol. 20

p. 340

I Stephen Beasley of the County of Granville State of North Carolina being of sound mind and of [?] memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and from following viz:

Item 1st. My will and desire is that my Executor hereinafter named shall pay all my just debts out of the first money that may come into his hands of my estate.

Item 2nd. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy Smith and her heirs forever the sum of fifty dollars to be paid to her by my said Executor.

Item 3rd. I give and bequeath unto my Grandson James Troup Beasley, son of John P. Beasley, deceased and his heirs forever the sum of fifty dollars to be paid to him by my said Executor.

Item 4th. I give and bequeath unto my three sons, Robert, Fleming and Stephen and my son Jamesís widow Mary A. Beasley and their heirs forever the remaining part of my estate both real and personal, and perishable of every description to share and share alike to be allotted valued and drawn for in the usual way. (But if my said Executor should think it best to sell the land he can do so either publicly or privately). The lot or partition of my estate that my son Jamesís widow shall draw shall belong to her during natural life or widowhood, and if she should marry then and in that case the lot or portion she may draw from my said estate shall be equally divided between her and the children of my said son James deceased, and at her death for the said children to heir[?] it equally.

Item 5th. It is my will and desire that my two old negro men Isaac and Jack may have choice of homes with my children and that my said Executor make provision for the same.

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Stephen Beasley Jun. my lawful Executor to execute this my will and testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same. In witness whereof I the said Stephen Beasley do hereunto set my hand and seal this ____ day of Apr[?] 1854.

Stephen Beasley {seal}

Published and declared by the said Stephen Beasley to be his last will and Testament in the presence of us.

William Thorp
G. W. Ferrill

North Carolina
Granville County
November Court 1854

The execution of the foregoing last will and Testament of Stephen Beasley, deceased was duly proved in open court by the oath of William Thorp and George W. Ferrill the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and filed. At the same time came forward Stephen Beasley Jun. named as Executor in said will and duly qualified as such.

A. Landis, clk

p. 442
North Carolina
Granville County
Court of Please and Quarter Sessions
November Term 1857

On motion ordered that Thomas Smith, Peterson Thorp, Richard Thorp, Dudley A. Gooch and Joseph H. Gooch [?] and they are hereby appointed commissioners to divide the real and personal estate of Stephen Beasley Sen. Deceased amongst those entitled to the same according to the directions mentioned in his last will and testament and make report thereof to the next term of this court.

A. Landis

State of North Carolina
Granville County

We the undersigned commissioners appointed by the County Court of Granville November Term to value and appraise and divide the both personal and real Estate of the late Stephen Beasley Dec as the will directed met on the premises on the twenty sixth day of November 1857 and did value appraise and lot off the said Estate as follows.

Negroes Lot No. 1 viz.
Spotswood valued at twelve hundred dollars, Julia at $1100.00 Rhoda at $80.00. This lot drawn by Stephen Beasley making $2380.00 dollars.

Lot No 2. Silas valued at $1250.00 Rose $1100.00, Nice $63.00 making $2413 this lot drawn by Robert Beasley.

Lot No 3. Judy valued at $1000 dollars Hanna and child Mary Alice valued at $1260 making $2360 Dollars. This lot drawn by Mary Beasley.

Not No 4 the tract of land containing 102 Acres valued at $528 Dollars Eliza at $540 Dollars Mollie at $180 Dollars Harry at $225 Dollars. Debt due from Felming Beasley to the said estate of $1081.67 making $2554.67. This lot drawn by Fleming Beasley. Each share being $2414.41.

Now it is [?] that Fleming Beasley pay to Stephen Beasley the sum of $34.41 and that he pay to Robert Beasley the sum of $1.41 and to Mary Beasley the sum of $54.41 making each [??] share $2414.41.

Now and old man Jack belonging to said Estate which by the last will of said Stephen Beasley was ordered that he should choose his own home. It is ordered that Stephen Beasley be allowed the sum of fifty dollars for keeping the said negro during life.

All of which is respectively submitted to your worship given under our hands and seals day and date above written.

M. T. Smith
Richard Thorpe
Dudley S. Gooch
M. D. Royster

[The inventory of the estate included these 15 slaves:]
Jack, Dick, Julia, Eliza, Rhoda, Statewood, Lish, Nice, Titus, Hanna, Mary, Alice, Molly, Judy, and Harry

[Lisha was sold to Robert Beasley on Nov 27, 1858 for $695.]



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