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Will of Henry W. Jones
Contributed by Heather Blair

Granville County, North Carolina
Book 23, page 34

In the name of God Amen.
I Henry W. Jones of the county of Granville state of North Carolina do make publish & declare this to be my last Will & Testament as follows:

First. I will and direct that the whole of my estate both real and personal be sold by my Executor upon such credit as he may think best and my Executor is directed to vest the sum of four-hundred dollars in a suitable tract of land for the sole separate & exclusive use of my daughter Alice Beasley during her natural life and at her death I give the land so purchased to her four children [canít read this word] Sarah J. Beasley, Texann Beasley, Robert B. Beasley and Joseph Beasley. I also direct that my said Executor have laid off by two disinterested men one years support to my said Alice Beasley and her children then living with her.

Secondly. I will and direct that my said Executor give to Robert B. Beasley and Victoria Waller each the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to them in such installments as may best promote their education

Thirdly. The residue arising from said sale of my property and all money which may be due, with all that may be on hand at my death shall be divided equally between my children, Solomon W. Jones, Nicholas G. Jones, Henry S. Jones, Benjamin F. Jones, Susan Currin, Edward H. Jones, Nancy Jenkins, Alice Beasley and Caroline Yarbrough. But the share of my said daughter Alice Beasley, is to be vested in my Executor for the sole separate and Exclusive use and benefit of my said daughter during her life and at her death to be equally divided amongst her surviving issue per [canít read this word]. and the portion or share of my daughter Nancy Jenkins is given subject to any and all sum of money I may thereafter pay as the surety of her husband B. F. Jenkins.

Fourthly. All the gifts of property real or personal which I have heretofore made to any of my children are hereby confirmed.

Fifthly. I appoint my son Edward H. Jones, sole Executor to this my will, and he is to receive two and a half per cent on the amount of sale made by him and no more in full of the commissions for his services as Executor.

Sixthly. I wish my Executor at the charge of my estate to have the family burying ground walled in with a neat and substantial fence and the head stone placed properly at the head of my deceased wife and myself.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 1st day of October 1868
Signed sealed published
and [canít read this word] in presence of
L.A. Paschall
A. Landis

H. W. Jones {seal}

I give in this codicile to the written will as follows
I give to my son Nicholas G. Jones of Kentucky in addition to what has already been given him my silver [lever?] watch.
I give to Sarah Jones wife of my son Nicholas G. Jones, one set of silver tea spoons with the letters on the handle.

November 17, 1870
H. W. Jones

L.A. Paschall
A. Landis

C. Betts
Probate Judge.

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