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Oxford Bicyclist 1897

From A News Article -Oxford Public Ledger Dated-August 5-8 1947

(Note the 50 years ago came from the article's 1947 date-almost 106 years for the year-2003)

There is nothing like an old picture to bring back happy memories of old friends and old times to those who were a part of the old scene. and to show younger generations the scenes and people they so often have heard mentioned.


The accompanying photograph is a copy of an original owned by W. L. Peace and made by the late J. D. Brinkley of Oxford which he titled "Oxford Bicyclist 1897." As may be seen, it was the day of the old well (left background just behind man in in short shelves and also behind buggy and in front of surry) and stepping stones (left foreground) used to cross muddy Main Street.


Half a century ago, as the photo re3veals, two or three trees stood on Main Street. There apparently was a small coating of snow on the ground. Just in front of the court house may be seen a seating of which in that day was known as "buzzard's roost."


Some of the business landmarks on main may also be seen. To the left, in one of the buildings now occupied by Rose's 5 and 10 is a sign indicating the location of the Public Ledger at that time. Down the street may be seen a sign which reads "Long Bro's." which is not to be confused with the later firm known as as The Long Company. There was no monument in the street and just over the top of the present location of Taylor's Restaurant may be seen what appears to be the roof of a dwelling, which may be the roof of one of the structures later moved to Goshen Street. The bank building, now occupied by Tom W. Harris, the chamber of Commerce and others, the Odd Fellows building with its drug store, and the Capehart building then were pretty much as they are today. There has been change in the corner where the Williams-Breedlove Company is now locate. A sign hanging just above the heads of the two persons leaning against the store front in the right background shows the location of the shoe repair shop.


See any familiar faces in the picture? with the help Mr. Peace and others, quite a number of them have been identified. Quite a number of the ladies are wearing garments with the "leg-o-mutton sleeves" and a uniform or so indicates that Horner School was presented amongst the bicyclists.



Referring to the numbers inked in on the person maybe you can see some resemblance with the following:



(1)   Miss Bennett Gregory

(2)   Miss Jeanette Biggs

(3)   Albert L. Cox-(Later General Albert L. Cox)

(4)   Miss Annie Cannady

(5)   Miss Helen White

(6)   Mrs. J. s. Hall

(7)   Mrs. J. H. Cannady

(8)   Mrs. E. T. White

(9)   Mrs. John Webb

(10) Mrs. J. M. Baird

(11) Miss Laura Williams

(12) Miss Lessie Hunter

(13) Miss Wylanlta Longmire

(14) Hill M. Hunter

(15) Miss Blanche Wood

(16) Miss Evelyn Howard

(17) John Parrish

(18) Miss Minnie Kronheimer

(19) Ira Howard

(20) Frank Blalock

(21) James A. Renn

(22) M. D. Oakley

(23) Otho C. Jones

(24) Dr. Robert H. Marsh

(25) Dr. Lee C. Taylor

(26) Miss Fannie Skinner

(27) Mrs. C. D. Ray

(28) Miss Lula Biggs

(29) Miss Dorothea Coggeshall

(30) Tom W. Winston

(31)  Scott Hunt

(32)  L. B. Turner

(33)  S. T. Peace

(34)  Wade Britt

(35)  Hugh L. Skinner

(36)  H. M. Shaw

(37) John W. Hunt



* Note-The numbers are hard to read not all are visible-sorry.

A Post card of this photo is available for purchase at The Granville County Museum. 


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