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Map of Granville & Vance  Co., North Carolina

Drawn and annotated by Bonnie Cooper

Bonnie Cooper has performed a great service for all Granville Co. researchers.  She has overlaid early place names and post offices on a current map so that researchers can pin point what area of the county their ancestors actually lived in.  She is currently working on an article that will compliment and add additional research value to the map. It is contemplated the article will locate various area names used over the years on a grid system, identify the post office servicing an area at a given point in time, and describe the large plantations identified with individual family names, i.e.:

"Abrahams Planes / Abrams Plains (*A4):  This District was located NW of Stovall (*A4). In 1860 the post office for the district was at Sassafras Fork (*A4).  Red Hill Plantation, owned by the Daniels family, was located here. If you are researching former slaves from this area please see website at"

*A4 equals grid on map.
Bonnie says the map will print on 8.5 x 11" paper so it is something you can easily add to a notebook to have handy at any time. Bonnie has also submitted a copy of the map, together with additional maps showing rivers and streams and other landmark information, in a .PDF file you can browse or download.   I hope you will join me in thanking Bonnie for this great contribution.
Click on reduced image to view the entire map which can be saved to your computer for reference or printing. (412K)

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