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Contributed by Deloris Williams

Following is a list of children bound, as abstracted from Old Granville County Records.

May 3, 1749 – William Marlow, “base born” son of Mary Marlow als Smith, bound to William Stroud.

Aug. 30, 1749- Elizabeth, “base born” child of Elizabeth Sparrow, bound to William Glover.

Sept. 5, 1750 - Jos. Dillard, base born child of Mary Dillard, bound to John Birt, he to apply to Court for indenture.

Sept.5, 1750- Elizabeth Searcy, charged Richard Hargrove with having begotten by her a bastard child. He is ordered to pay the Church warders of St. John’s Parish 4 pounds proc. For maintainance of  the child 1 year next ensuing.

Sept. 5, 1754 – William, base born child of  Elizabeth Searcy, bound to Reuben Searcy, to learn Shoemaker’s trade.  Will be 5 yrs old on April 30, 1754.

March 3, 1752 – Thomas Williams, base born child of Eliz’a. Williams, bound to Isabella Harsnipe, until he reaches 21, “to learn the Art & Mistery of a Planter.”

May 30, 1753 – “Betty Person’s single woman” represented to the Court  that Thomas Martin was the father of her bastard; and thereupon said Martin was required to enter into a recognizance for 20 pounds, with surety, to secure the Parish from damages on account of this child.

June 7, 1754 – Eliz’a. Rieves, a child at Geo. Andersons, supposed to be the child of Marg’t Reives, bound to Wm. Howlet, until 18 yrs. Old.  He must apply for Indent’s.

Dec.3, 1754 – Thos. Locus, a base born son of  ______Locus, “ a free Negro Woman,” bound to Sherwood Haywood until 21 yrs of age, to give him 1 yr schooling between ages of 15 & 20 and teach him “the trade of a Cordwainer.”

Dec. 3, 1754 – “A base born son of Anne Hillard a Ser’t. of Benj’a. Ryan” is bound to Ryan until he is 21 yrs. old, to give him 1 yrs schooling between 15 & 20 and teach him “ the trade of a Cordwainer.”

March 4, 1756 – Peter Hilliard, b. Dec. 10, 1755, a natural born son of Anne Hilliard, bound to Benj’a Ryan to learn business of “planter’ until he is 21 yrs. old.

Sept. 8, 1756 – Ann Hull, “natural Daughter”, of Judith Hull bound to R. Jones, jr. according to law.

Dec. 7, 1756 – Jacob, aged 11 yrs June 11, 1756, natural son of Elinor Adams be bound unto Wm. Oliver, to be taught business of  “planter”, with 1 years schooling bet. 14 & 20.

Sept. 9, 1757 -  Jas. Bolling als Sparrow, natural son of Eliz’a. Sparrow, aged 13 on Feby 2, 1757, bound to Robt. Mitchell, “as a Planter.”

March 7, 1758 -Sam’l Mercer Fowler, aged 11 years on Nov’r. 6, 1757, “a base born child”, be bound to Fras. Fowler, to be “planter” and 1 yrs schooling after 15 years of age.

March 9, 1758 – Sherwood, aged 2 yrs on March 25, 1757, base born son of Lucy Williams bound to Jno. Williams; to be planter with 1 yrs schooling after 12 yrs. old.

Sept. 20, 1758 – Alex’r. Natural son of Sara Stapleton & aged 10 years on Dec. 16, 1758 next, bound to John McBee; to teach the business o a “planter.”

March 20, 1759 – Robert Shelton, natural son of Mary Talbot, bound to Mulin Montjoy, to learn “the business of a Planter.”

June 21, 1759 – Nancy, aged 9 yrs June 10, 1759, natural daut. Of Mary Prosser, bound to William Williams to learn housewifery, and “to read”.

Sept. 18, 1759 – Littlebury Swinney also White, aged 9 yrs May 15, 1759, bound to Young McLemore “to learn the business of a Planter and to have a years Schooling”, said McLemore “at the time of his freedom” agrees to give him  “a young Horse Bridle & Saddle & decert suit of Cloaths.”

Feby. 2, 1768 – Joseph, base born child age 5 yrs, orphan of Susannah Cooper, bound to Cornelius Cooper until 21 yrs old, “to learn the Art & Mistery of a Planter.”

Aug. 3, 1768 – Margret, base born dau. Of Lovey Bass, bound to Geo. Anderson until 21; spinster.

Aug. 3, 1768 – Nathan, base born son of Lovey Bass, bound to Geo. Anderson until 21; planter.

Aug. 3, 1768 – Jacob, base born son of Winney Bass, bound to Lewis Anderson until 21; planter.

Aug. 3, 1768 - Liddy, base born daut. Of Lrishe Anderson, bound to Lewis Anderson until 21; spinster.

July 19, 1769 – Abigail Mitchell, “a Base Born child” (of whom?) bound to Jonathan White;  spinster.

July 21, 1769 – Benj. Parker, aged abt 9 ½  yrs, bases born son of Elisabeth Parker, single woman, bound to Benj’a. Wicker, until 21 yrs., to become a “planter & farmer”, to be given 2 yrs schooling and Wicker to “Pay him his freedom dues.”

Jany 19, 1770 – Moses & Simon, each aged “about Twenty months’, base born mulatto children of Elizabeth Tylor, bound to Samuel Benton, each to become a planter.

July 18, 1770, Frances substituted for Samuel Benton and Tobias, aged 5 yrs, another mulatto child of Elizabeth Tylor added.

July 18, 1770 -  Dicey, aged about 4 yrs., base born child of Lovey Bass bound to Mary wife of Geo. Anderson; spinster.

Jany 16, 1771 – Patience, aged 5 yrs, base born daut. Of Eliz’a Reeves, bound Reeves, bound to Valentine White, until 21 yrs, to become Spinster.

Aug. 20, 1771 – Sal, aged 8 next month; Mack 6 last 15th July; and Barbaby 3 yrs next Sept. 15th base born children of Savory Revel, formerly bound to Wm. Alston, be removed from him and bound to Thomas Harris.  As also Elijah Revel, 1 yr old, bound to Harris.  On Nov. 1, 1779 Mack & Barbary bound to Sarah, relict of Thos. Harris.  Elijah bound to Richard Banks.  Sal not mentioned.

Feby 19, 1772 – Sarah Crenshaw accuses John Howard with having gotten her a bastard child.  He comes into Court, pays the fine, and gives bond to maintain child.

May 19, 1772 – Abigal,  aged “about” 5 yrs, base born child of Ester Mitchell bound to Sarah White, to learn the art of “Spinster.”

May 20, 1772 – Wm. Heffellin to pay 5 pounds per annum proc. Money for getting base born child on Elizabeth Cape.

May 21, 1772 – Mary Hicks has base born child and gives bond to secure the Parish.

Aug. 18, 1772 – John Metlock charged by Elizabeth Johnston with bastardy and held in bond.

Aug. 18, 1772 – David Hicks charged by Anne Metlock with bastardy and held in bond.

May 4, 1774 – William Filmon gives bond, having begotten bastard on person of Elisabeth Gwin.

May 5, 1774 – John Howard Jr. gives bond, for having bastard by Elizabeth Baynes.

Aug. 4, 1774 – John Wilborne gives bond, for having bastard by Susanna Hostein.

Aug. 6, 1774 – Benj. Rodary Whaley, base born child aged about 10 months bound to John Williams Esq., to become farmer.

Feby 9, 1775 – Jesse, aged 9 yrs to become Cooper, Mary aged 5 yrs the 15th Dec, 1775, to become seamstress, base born children of  Sarah Gunter bound to John Matthews.

Nov. 7, 1775 – Mary Boush, daut. Of Milley Boush bound to Jno. Pettipool, being 3 months old, to become spinster.     At the same Court, Pettipool  gives bond to keep her from being a Parish charge.

Nov. 8, 1775 – Mary, base born child, aged1 year last May, daughter of Ruth Robinson, bound to John Walker, to become “spinster.”

May 8, 1776 -  Isaac Loyd  gave bond for bastard by Nancy Valentine.

Feby 4, 1777 – Lucy, aged one month, base born child of Molly Pettiford, bound to Jesse Barnet “tto learn the art & Mistery of a Spiner “ until 21 years.

Feby 2, 1778 – “Middy, aged 4 yrs march 4, 1777, bound to Benj’a. Thomas to learn “Spinner”.  Base born child of Salley Page.

Nov. 4, 1778 – Wm. Spivey, age 9 yrs last July, base baorn child of Motley Spivey bound to Samuel Fuller until 21 yrs to become planter.

Feby 1, 1779- Thomas, aged 7, base born son of Milley Pettiford bound to Nathan Bass until 21 to become planter.

May 4, 1779 -  Camron Smith, base born child of Sarah Smith aged 7 yrs, bound to Elijah parish, until 21, to become planter.

Aug. 3, 1779 – Ruth, abt 8 mos., old base born child of Rachel Gold, bound to peter Gillam, until 21, “to learn the art of a planter”.  Ruth is called “she” hence “planter” evidently error.

Nov. 1, 1779 - William, aged 15 yrs Aug. 18, 1780, base born son of Elisabeth Wade, bound to Jas. Winningham, until 21, to become planter.

Nov. 2, 1779 – George Bristow Jr. for having a bastard by Saurah Guess, is to pay her at once 75 pounds, for 3 yrs to come, 50 pounds per year for use of self and child.

Feby 8, 1780 – Jenny, aged 2 years in March 1780, base born child of Elisabeth Davis bound to John Boyd until 18, to become “Spinster.”

May 1, 1780 – Lydda, aged abt 14 yrs, base born child of Catherine Conner, formerly bound to Edward Roland, is removed and bound to James Langston until 21, to become Spinster.

Aug. 7, 1780 -  Thomas Critcher having bastard child by Mary Jett, gave bond for prevention of said child being a charge against the County.

Dec. 21, 1780 – Pearce Wade, age 13 on Dec 21, 1780, bound to Jas. Winningham, until 21, to become  planter. (No parent stated, but probably child of Elizabeth Wade)

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