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Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, July 27, 1906

Death of Mr. Joe Landis

The old friends of Mr. Joe Landis will be pained to learn that he passed beneath the shadows on Wednesday morning at 8 o’clock at his home in Morganton, after more than a year of illness with consumption. Two of his brother’s, Messr.’s William and Ed Landis and his twin sister, Mrs. Irwin Anderson, of Greensboro, were with him in his last moments. He left Oxford a number of years ago and settled in Morganton having married there. He was of a quiet reserve nature and most highly esteemed by all who knew him.
Besides a devoted wife and three children he leaves behind a number of sisters and brothers to mourn his death, to all of whom we extend much sympathy. The funeral and burial will take place today Thursday at Morganton.


Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, October 20, 1905

Death Of Dr. Robt. Lanier

We are sorry to learn from Mr. T. Lanier, that his brother, Dr. Robt. Lanier died almost suddenly in Portland Organ, about 3 weeks ago. He was attacked on the street and taken to his room where he passed away a few hours. Before going to Portland he practiced medicine for several years in Denver, Colorado. He was about 40 years of age, and never married. He visited Oxford about 10 years ago.


Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, October 1, 1909

A Sad Death.

It is with sadness that I write of the death of young Howard Lawrence, who passed away to his eternal reward on the 8th of September 1909, at the home of his mother and step-father Mr. and H. D. Mangum near Creedmoor.
To say that he will be missed from our midst, but feebly expresses the feeling of all who knew him and we feel that one


Oxford Torch Light
Tuesday, May 17, 1887

Death of Mr. John W. Lewis

On last Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock, Mr. John W. Lewis, of New York, died in the residence of Dr. L. C. Taylor in this place. His body left here yesterday to be taken to New York for burial.
Mr. Lewis had reached the ripe old age of seventy-two, and had lived an eventful and useful life. He was born in the Northern part of Granville, but before he reached the age of manhood he went to New York, where he accumulated a large fortune-about a million. He married a Miss Cleveland, who is related to the President. His wife and his son were here at the time of his death, and also his daughter, Mrs. Kretzehmar and husband.
Mrs. Lewis had many warm friends here, and his death brought much sorrow. We extend to the inflicted family our sympathy in their grief.


Oxford Torch Light
Wednesday, July 27, 1887


Died in New Orleans on 24th June, Joseph Littlejohn, Esq.. age 73 years. He was the brother of Maj. James T. Littljohn who died in the same month at Oxford. Mr. Littlejohn was a native of Oxford, but had been a native of New Orleans for nearly a half a century. He was all that time identified with his business interests. He was a gentleman in the highest sense, member of the Episcopal Church, of remarkable personal beauty, and as a gentle and lovable as any woman. He married Miss Mary Manson, of Richmond, Va., sister of Dr. Otis F. Manson. She was the most beautiful bride we ever saw, and is as sweet and engaging in character as she
was beautiful.----State Chronicle---


Oxford Public Ledger
Thursday, July 16, 1903
Died Thursday.

We regret to have to note the death of Rosa Littlejohn, the wife of Samuel Littlejohn, Oxford’s popular barber, which occurred at her home here on last Thursday. She had been sick with consumption for several years, but bore her suffering with much patience. She was a woman of excellent traits of character, a true Christian and was much esteemed by all who knew her.
The burial was on last Friday and was attended by a large concourse of colored people. We extend our sympathies to the bereaved.


The Public Ledger
Friday, July 10, 1891

We are sorry to hear of the death of the sweet little infant daughter, Maggie, of Mr. J. H. Lyon, who died of cholera infantum last Saturday.


Public Ledger
January 31, 1896

Tribute Of Respect.

Miss Laura Lyon, (nee Husketh),
wife of Mr. Cyrus Lyon, of Virginia, died January 15, 1896. Truly she was a pure and devout Christian. Her smooth and even manners, her pious conversation and her unpretended character fully affirmed a consistent trust in her Savior, relying wholly on His will. She was a most tender mother and affectionate and devoted wife. She had been a great sufferer from cancer for some six months which she bore with the utmost patience; was under treatment in a Richmond hospital for several weeks under eminent physicians, and after finding that medical skill was not in power to reach the awful disease she was removed to her home just a few days before her death. she leaves a husband and five children, a mother and two brothers., Messrs. T. C. Husketh, of Oxford, and J. Y. Husketh, of Wilton, and many other relatives and friends, but may her loved ones and all of us be exemplified by her model life, feeling that "God doeth all things well" and knowing that "it is not all of life to live nor all of death to die."
Farewell dear, but not forever, There will be a glorious dawn; We shall meet to part--no never, On the resurrection morn.-----LITTLE GIRL.-----


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