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Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, April 1, 1910

Mr. C. A. Keeton Dead

Was Cut off at Early Age of Forty Seven-Friend Writes of His Personality

Mr. Chas. A. Keeton departed this life, at his home near Bullock, Granville County, on Saturday March 13th 1910. Besides his two daughters , Mrs. Wm. Newby and Mrs. Wash Clifford, he leaves a devoted wife and four little children to mourn his loss.
This gentleman saw affliction, in early manhood he was stricken with paralysis, result of which greatly impaired his physical strength and finally cut him off from his life at the untimely age of forty-two years. But having been reared by a Reverend at Godly Father, the Rev. R. P. Keeton, of Mecklenburg County, Va., who knew how to __-?- up a child In the way he should go “stood four square to all the winds that blow.” All who knew him cheerfully bear testing only to the courageous struggle he made against adverse Fortune, and the purity and nobility of his character. If he said anything, all knew it was true; if he made a promise, no security was needed for his performance. “He spoke no slander, no, nor listened to it.”
The qualities with his patient endurance of affliction and his beautiful domestic life, and his untiring efforts for those of his own household, entitle him to noble honor, greater admiration than if he had accumulate great wealth or attained high political distinction.
Patient in affliction; devoted to duty; the power to do what he said he would, and say what he should say , these will cause the name of Charles A. Keeton to be cherished and revred as long any live who knew him. Heredity is the most potent influence upon our lives ; we earnestly wish our friend may live over again in the lives and characters of his ? children , and we believe he rests from his labors in eternal home prepared for those who are faithful here. Widow, children, Friends, Take comfort for the struggle of this life, and hope for the life to come from the high and noble life of our departed friend.---One Of His Friends.---


Public Ledger
Thursday, September 14, 1899

In Jesus Arms.

It has been said that “Into each life some rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary.”
Such is the case in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Knott. About 1 o’clock on Saturday afternoon the spirit of little Cornelia Knott took flight to the arms of Jesus. She was about 4 years of age, and had been complaining only a day or two and was playing about the house during the morning, and her death was entirely unexpected. She was taken suddenly with spasms and died in a short while. It was a great shock to the family and they have the warmest sympathies of the people of our town.
Cornelia was a bright little girls and her death falls as a sudden blow to the family, friends and acquaintances. The funeral took place from house Sunday afternoon conducted by Dr. R. H. Marsh, attended by a large number of people, and the internment was in Elmwood cemetery.


Oxford Public Ledger
February 25, 1910

Aged lady dies.

Mrs. M. J. Knott who was Seventy- Two years of Age Passes Across the River On the morning of February 16th 1910 God in his infinite wisdom saw fit to remove from earth our beloved friend, Mrs. J. Knott. She leaves behind a son to mourn the loss of his mother, and four grandchildren to mourn her loss.
She told her friend goodbye all that was there the night before she died on Wednesday morning about nine O’clock. One of them went to wash her face. She looked up at her and said this is the last time you will wash my face and hands. She was seventy-two years old. She has been member of Hester Church some fifty or more years. She will be missed at home and by her church. She was a good woman. She asked the Lord to take her home and he answered her prayers. She died an easy death. A crowd of surrounding relatives and friends gathered at her home to attend the services conducted by the Dr. R. H. Marsh. She was laid away in the family burying ground. Remember dear friends, God knows what is best.
We know not what is best. Some day sometime we will understand better. Hear her gentle spirit wooing us to follow, angels rejoice when another enters into heaven.------A FRIEND----


Oxford Torch Light
Tuesday, January 30, 1883

In Memoriam of Mrs. Elizabeth Kyle.

In her 89th year, Mrs. Kyle has been summoned to rest at 6 ˝ o’clock 2oth, inst., her gentle spirit took its flight---calmly and peacefully, with no forebodings, no fears, of the great future--in her own “language she was “ready and waiting for her Masters call.”
She had lived in Oxford for 65 years, respected and loved by all--kind and gentle in al she did no wonder that she won the confidence and goodwill of all with whom she associated.
I reckon St. Stephens church is more indebted to her zeal and energy for its existence that perhaps any other single member if her flock. A devout Christian sincerely attached to the church and her Ministry--how often have I heard her go over Bishop Ive’s sermons and confirmations and the delightful time occasioned by his annual visits, (for her house was the home of the Bishop) and it was astonishing how well she remembered very incident connected with the church, but it was in the past she lived-her hearing being defective she could not attend the church of late.
One by one the old landmarks, are removed until nearly all of her generation has passed away.
How truthfully she could say “ I fought the good fight, I have finished my course-- from henceforth there is reward laid up for me which the Lord the righteous judge shall give at that day” --truly she rests with her Risen Savior.” God grant we may all
Do likewise. Jan., 22nd, 1883---T. Henderson {*transcribers note---born in Ireland}



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