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Granville County Marriage Announcements found in Newspapers
Transcribed and submitted by Tina Tarlton Smith



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Groom Bride Date Of Newspaper
Cozart James T.  Hicks, Maggie December 17, 1909
Fleming, C. M.  Crews, Mattie  January 8, 1892
Macon, Nathanel- Old Bond found Plummer, Hannah July 5, 1907
Jackson, T. Wort Wilson, Sallie November 30, 1886
Guerrant, Charles Nethery, Sarah March 11, 1892
Jackson, Alfred Allen, Sophronia February 27, 1877
Cozart, Carl Hayne Fleming, Evelyn Gray February 23, 1906
Davis, W. A. Jones, M. I.  February 29, 1878
Crews, J. A. Johnson, Mary K. -d/o Elder K. D. Hart January 15, 1878
Pittard, James G. Bullock, Susan C. December 25, 1883
Land, A. G.  Knott, Lizzie December 25, 1883
Ford, J. E.  Daniel, V. K.  December 25, 1883

Marriages from Newspapers



Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, January 8, 1892


Mr. C. M. Fleming, a prosperous tobacconist of Wilson, and Miss Mattie Crews, a popular young lady of Salem township, were married at the brides mother’s, Mrs. J. A. Crews, December 30. May they ever be true to each other, and love may ever reign supreme in their hearts.

Oxford Torch Light
Tuesday, November 30, 1886


We Add Our Best Wishes.

The Goldsboro Messenger of the 25th inst. contains the following:

The marriage of Mr. T. Wort Jackson, formerly of the Messenger office, to Miss Sallie Wilson, took place at the residence of the bride’s mother in this city, yesterday at 10:30 a. m., the Rev. S. H. Isler officiating. The solemn ceremony was performed in the presence of a select gathering of friends, and the happy couple left for Oxford, where they will make their future home, on the noon train, carrying with them the most sincere wishes of many friends here for their future prosperity. The Messenger wishes Wort and his fair partner, who is quite a favorite in Goldsboro, a long life of joy and happiness.

To which the Torchlight adds its best wishes. The groom is the senior member of the firm, T. W. Jackson & Co., who recently opened a bakery and candy manufacturing establishment here.

Public Ledger
March 11, 1892


Mr. Charles Guerrant  was married to Miss Sarah Nethery last week by Robert Gill, Esq. We wish them much happiness.

Torch Light
Tuesday, February 27, 1877



In Franklin County, on the 21st at the residence of Mr. L. B. Allen, a large crowd of friends and relatives was assembled to witness the consummation of the marriage rites between Mr. Alfred Jackson  and Miss Sophronia Allen.

The bride was handsomely attired in an elegant dress, hat and gloves. The bride groom appeared happier and more handsome than usual. The congratulations were many tender, and affectionate; showing how much the beautiful bride was beloved and respected by her many friends. Ever may happiness be theirs.-- C.--

Oxford Public Ledger
Friday, February 23, 1906


Popular Couple To Marry


Invitations have been received in this city announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Evelyn Gray Fleming and Mr. Carl Hayne Cozart. This event will be solemnized in the Baptist church at Creedmoor, Granville County, on Wednesday afternoon February 28, at 5 o’clock.

The bride is a very popular young woman and has a large number of relatives and friends both Granville and Durham counties. She is known to many of our people, having spent some time here on various occasions. The groom is a very popular young man and has a large number of friends. He is in the tobacco business. The marriage of this couple will be the most prominent social event at Creedmoor during the year.

They will go on a bridal trip and will reside in Granville County. --Durham Herald.--

The Torch Light
February 29, 1878


Marriage Of The Editor Of This Paper.


The masculine heart is doomed, sooner or later, to be pierce by the sharp pointed shafts from Cupids bow. It is so in every land and clime; in every conditions and estate, in fact “ they’ll do it.” On Wednesday last Hyman’s torch blazed brilliantly on affection’s altar, at the residence of the bride’s father. It was the marriage of Mr. W. A. Davis and Miss M. I. Jones. The mystic rites were performed by Elder J. A. Stradley in solemn and impressive manner, in the presence of a few invited friends. The bridal couple accompanied by a number of ladies and gentlemen, left immediately after the ceremony was performed, for the residence of the groom’s father, on Flat River. The reception there were all one could desire. Pleasant and agreeable company of relatives and friends. Elegant supper. The wedding  cake was a present from Mrs. Dr. E. H. Holt. It was a “two story cake,” nicely trimmed with candy. On top were two hearts.

Very suggestive. Fun and mirth held high carnival.

The night was filled with music, and the cares that infested the day, Like the atlas, folded their tents and silently stole away.

Tuesday that all had a pleasant and happy time is but faint conception of what was enjoyed. Indeed everything went as lovely as the married belle, now to the newly wedded couple. May Heaven shed its lustrous radiance athwart the disc of their young lives, and may Gabriel when he comes, with trumpet in hand, to summon the righteous legions to the bright and beautiful beyond, find their dust lovingly intermingled in the same perennial. Mignonette, is the hearty wish of the Associate Editor. 

The Torchlight
Tuesday, January 15, 1878




Mr. J. A. Crews formerly of Alabama; but now connected with Zion Landmark, and Mrs. Mary K. Johnson, daughter of the late Elder K. D. Hart, were married in Wilson on the 27th of Dec., by Elder P. D. Gold. We wish them a happy and prosperous cruise over the ocean of life, and a safe arrival at the eternal bliss.

The Torch Light
December 25, 1883


Marriages in Granville for the Month of December


James G. Pittard to Susan C. Bullock

A.G. Land to Lizzie Knott

Roger Matthews to Amanda Ross.

J. E. Ford to V. K. Daniel

G. R. Fuller to Emma W. Mitchell

J.G. Ferguson to Amanda Mangum

Noah Mize to Dorcas A. Laws

N. B. Murry to Martha Glasscock


Pleas McKeiver to Ceny Mallory

Moses Amis to Eliza Taylor

Lea Adcock to Lizzie A. Chavis

R. H. Winston to Bertha A. Bullock

Wm. Moss to Mittie Moss

Jas. Thomas to Roberta Bobbitt


The Public Ledger
Friday, January 31, 1896


On Wednesday, the 22d, inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. J. M. Hobgood, in Vance county, Mr. J. T. Morris, one of the popular young men of Sunset, was united in marriage to the beautiful and charming Miss Maud Hobgood, formerly of this county, Rev. J. A. Stradley officiating. Mr. Charlie Hobgood was the groom’s best man and Miss Flrence Morris was the bride’s maid of honor. The other attendants were Mr. Frank Hobgood and Miss Cliffe Knott, Mr. Will Richardson and Miss Mamie Evans, Mrs. Rufus Puckett and Miss Dora Adcock, Mr. Roy Badgett and Miss Addie Knott, Mr. Archie Wilkerson and Miss Mary Royster; Mr. Sam Hunt, and Miss Leora Hobgood; Mr. B. M. Currin and Miss Addie Brooks; Mr. Ben Adcock and Miss Nannie Hobgood. The parlors were beautifully and artistically decorated with roses and evergreens. The couple stood under a bell of green. The bride was elegantly attired in a handsome lilac costume and carried a beautiful bouquet of geraniums.

The bridesmaids were in evening costume. After the ceremony the bridal party repaired to the dining room where a bountiful repast was spread to which all did ample justice. After supper the young people filled the parlors and to the entrancing strains of music “chased each other with flying feet” until the wee small hours. “Soft eyes looked love to eyes that spoke again and all went merry as a marriage bell.” We tender to the bride and groom our congratulations and wish them a happy and prosperous future of the anniversary of their wedding day.


Oxford Public Ledger
Thursday January 5, 1905


Pretty Marriage.


A beautiful home marriage occurred on December 27th at the home of Mrs. Nannie Watts when Mr. James A. Blackwell, of Oak Hill, and her daughter, Miss Dora Lee, were united in holy bonds of Matrimony. The attendants were: James Stegall with Miss Ada Currin,

Frank Person with Miss Nannie Blackwell, Bennie Currin with Miss Anne M. Hart, Charles Ekes with Miss Ella Currin, Willie Watts with Miss Fannie Hart, Walter Huff with Miss Anne Eakes, Bud Eakes with Miss Essie Watts, Bennie Blackwell with Miss Belle Watts, then came the bride and groom, the bride was handsomely attired in green.

After the ceremony was over they left the home of Mr. Rufus Watts, near Christie, Va., followed by the best wishes of a host of friends for a long and happy wedded life. A. C.

The Torch Light
March 10, 1874



Near Oxford, on Thursday the 5th inst. by Elder J. A. Stradley, Miss Nannie D. Mangum to Mr. James K. Bobbitt  all of Granville county.

The Public Ledger
Friday, June 14, 1895


On last Saturday Rev. J. A. Stradley left Oxford and on his way to Bera he stopped over at Mr. Wm. Critcher’s and married Mr. Norwood  and Miss Lucy Critcher.

The Public Ledger 

Friday, January 27, 1893


Ties Of Love


Marriage of Mr. C. D. Ray and Mrs. Lizzie M. Currin

Last Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock at the Baptist church, Mr. C. D. Ray and Mrs. Lizzie M. Currin, daughter of Dr. R. H. Marsh, were married by Rev. J. S. Hardaway. The attendants were Mr. Roy M. Currin and Miss Annie Bryant, Mr. W. B. Ballou and Miss Louie Currin, Messrs. D. C. Hunt, G. Dusenbury, C. J. Gregory and Willie Landis were ushers. Miss Marvin, the accomplished music teacher at the Oxford Female Seminary presided at the organ, rendering the wedding march as the wedding party entered the church. A large number of friends witnessed the beautiful ceremony, after which the bridal party entered carriages and drove to the O. & C. depot where Mr. and Mrs. Ray took the train for a northern tour, going as far as Niagara Falls.

The Public Ledger 

Friday, February 5, 1892



Marriage Of Mr. W. H. B. Satterwhite.



On January 21st, at noon at the home of the bride's brother, Mr. Wm. Duffy, near Castalian Springs, Tenn., Mr. W. H. B. Satterwhite and Miss M. E. Duffy were quietly united in marriage by the Rev. Dr. Elam, only the immediate family and friends being present. After the ceremony the party repaired to the historic home of the groom, Cragport, where they were the recipients of many handsome presents, conspicuous among which was a beautiful case of cut glassware, from the well known banking firm of Kohn, Popper & Co., of New York also a liberal check drawn in favor of the bride, from J. A. Satterwhite, the elder brother of the groom. Miss Duffy comes of one of Sumner's oldest families, and is endowed with many graces that win all who come in contact with her. While the groom, Mr. Satterwhite, is a native of Granville county, the past 20 years he lived in Tennessee. Those who know him can best bespeak his worth. Two years ago he went to Sumner county, Tenn., and purchased the well-known farm of the Winchesters, better known as Cragport, paying $20, 000 in cash for the same, and is now engaged in breeding thoroughbred horses. He is a younger brother of J. A. Satterwhite, of New York, and a man that Sumner can justly be proud of.

Oxford Public Ledger 

Thursday, October 30, 1902


Pretty Marriage 


The pleasant Home of Mr. And Mrs. James Jones, at Culbreth was the scene of quite a pretty wedding on last Wednesday the evening when Miss Banner Jones became the bride of Mr. A. H. Blalock, Rev. R. H. Marsh performing the ceremony in his usual solemn and impressive manner. The attendants were: Mr. F. B. Blalock with Miss Lizzie Gooch, Mr. Willie L. Currin with Miss Alice Hundley, of Durham, Mr. Pendler Cozart with Miss Estelle Davis. Shortly after the ceremony the wedding party left for the hospitable home of the groom's parents. Mr. And Mrs. Blalock, where an elegant supper was partaken of in honor of the happy event, and greatly enjoyed. The editor joins the host of friends of this popular young couple in wishing them all the happiness that wedding life can bring, and after the journey is over may they so, have lived to clasp hands on "The beautiful shore."

Public Ledger 

January 31, 1896


The wedding bells of Wake rang forth in gladsome peals Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 1896, at 3 o'clock P.M. as Mr. William H. Parrott and Miss Lula H. Turner threw off the bands of single blessedness and buckled on the in its stead the armor of wedded bliss. The solemn rites were performed by Rev. J. W. Atkinson, of Neuse, at the home of the bride's father. The attendants were J. P. Parrott with Miss Nannie Turner; Z. V. Turner with Miss Sallie Bullock; Lucious Jones with with Valerie Bailey; Paul Bailey with Miss Claude Mangum; John Cannady with Miss Lula Jones; B. F. Sandling with Miss Bettie Bullock. Immediately after the ceremony the wedding party drove to the home of R. P. Jones (whose better half is a sister of the groom) where supper was served. Some others present were: Misses hallie Jones, Mammie Bullock, Anna Parrott, Lizzie Robertson, Sue Mangum, Lucy and Annie Parrott, Civo Mangum, Ann and Jennie Sandling and Messrs. Waldron Allen, Joe Bullock, O. A. Mangum, T. F. Jones, Dennis Suit, Walter Bullock, and Mc. P. Roberts. The bride and groom were the recipients of several valuable and useful presents. Our best wishes for them are may the sunshine of contentment ever hover over the abode and a loving Saviour's hand guide them through a long , happy and prosperous life. ---ELM JAY---

Oxford Public Ledger

January 16, 1902


Marriage At Northside


There was a marriage in Granville county that will interest Durham readers, in as much as the groom lived here for sometime. Mr. Will Suit and Miss Lela Fleming were the parties married. This event took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Durch Fleming, near Hester, at 4 o'clock. Rev. W. H. Puckett officiating. The groom was in the employ. of the W. A. Slater Company for quite a while and has many friends in Durham. -Durham herald..

Oxford Public Ledger

Thursday, Mar. 20, 1902


Marriage At Creedmoor.


On March 12th, 1902, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Redin Chappell, Mr. Alex Pace, of Youngsville, was married to Miss Minnie Chappell, Squire Benj. L. Hester performing the ceremony in his usual impressive manner, and their many friends wish the happy couple all the joys that life can give.

Also on the 29th of January, 1902, at the residence of Joseph Knight, Miss Mamie Knight and Mr. Bennie Chappell, of Creedmoor. ---

Oxford Public Ledger

January 18, 1907


Pretty Home Marriage.


The home of Mr. J. E. Frazier, near Stovall, was the scene of a pretty home wedding on Wednesday, Dec., 19, 1906, at 2 o'clock p.m., when Mr. Grove Dean, a popular young man led to the altar the charming and winsome Emma Frazier. the parlor was beautifully decorated. 

Lucius Puckett and Miss Julia Frazier came first and soon the strains of the wedding march called others of the party to follow: 

Willie Puckett with Miss Hettie Blackwell, Willie Blackwell, with Miss Cordie Dean, Bud Brooks with Miss Bessie Pruett, Roy Frazier and Miss Clyde Hart, Roy Dean and Miss Helen Frazier. Then came the couple to take matrimonial vows stood before Rev. R. H. Marsh, who performed the rites in a very impressive manner. The bride was gowned in gray with silk hat and gloves to match. After receiving the congratulations of all present the wedding party repaired to the home of Mr. B. F. Dean, father of the groom, where a sumptuous supper had been prepared in honor of the occasion. the couple were the recipients of a number of beautiful and useful presents.--- A FRIEND.---

Oxford Public Ledger

May 15, 1908


Married at the Exchange Hotel, Oxford, May 7th, 1908, by Rev. J. A. Stradley, Mr. Wm. H. Hedgepeth, of Illinois and Miss Luna Robards of Hargrove, Granville county.

Oxford Public Ledger

May  1908


Lovely Home Marriage.


Miss Cora Renn and Mr. Vernon Duke were quietly married at home, Sunday morning, May the 3rd, at ten o'clock. The bride was dressed in lovely white silk. There were two couples of waiters, Miss Lottie, sister of the bride, and Mr. W. T. Greenway, waited together, and Miss Rosa Tillotson and Mr. H. F. Sanders. The parlor was decorated in white and green and as soon as the marriage was over the happy pair left for their future home in Henderson where a sumptuous dinner was given then. We wish then a long and happy life.---CORRESPONDENT.----

Oxford Public Ledger

November 22, 1907


Marriage of Mr. Emron Harris


Mr. Emron Harris, the popular and efficient cashier of the Citizens Bank at Creedmoor, was happily married in Edenton November 12th to Miss Senie Moran, an attractive young lady and former student of Oxford Seminary. The nuptial took place at high noon at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. I. J. Moran, in the presence of a few friends. Following the ceremony a reception was given which dainty refreshment were served, and bride and groom were the recipient of many congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Harris will make their home in Creedmoor. Our highly esteemed young friend took his Oxford friends by surprise, and  we joined them in extending warm congratulations. 

Oxford Public Ledger

December 17, 1909


Home Wedding.


Miss Maggie Hicks Married To Mr. James Cozart--Many Presents--Bride and Groom Well Known.


Reported for the Ledger: 

There was a beautiful home wedding at the residence of Mrs. Isabella J. Hicks, near Oxford On Wednesday, December the 8th, when her youngest daughter Miss Maggie E. Hicks was united in marriage to Mr. James T. Cozart. 

Promptly at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Lohengrin's wedding march was played by Miss Mabel Harris, of Henderson, niece of the bride, and the bridal party entered the parlor. Messrs. T. t. Hicks, of Henderson, and A. A. Hicks, of Oxford, came in first and stood on the right; the other side on left of the officiating minister came the bride leaning upon the arm of the groom, when the Rev. Mr. John Wesley Frank performed the ceremony. 

The popularity of the contracting parties was attested by the useful presents and large numbers of friends who gathered to wish the bride and groom long and happy lives. 

Mr. Cozart is well known in the county as successful farmer and business man, and the bride is the youngest daughter of Benjamin W. Hicks, Esq. 

Oxford Public Ledger 

July 5, 1907


Nathaniel Macon's Marriage Bond



Mr. Editor: In looking older some old records in the office of the superior Court of this county a few days ago among the many others I run across the original of two marriage bonds, and thinking they might interest your many readers I send you a copy of each. 


Yours very truly,

Thomas D. Waller.


" We the undersigned do acknowledge to owe to Alexander Martin, Esq. Governor of the State of North Carolina, and to his successors in office, the sum of five hundred pounds to be levied of our goods and chattels respectively. But to be void on condition that no lawful cause shall hereafter appear to obstruct a marriage intended between Nathaniel Macon and Hannah Plummer to perform which marriage the said Nathaniel Macon hath obtained a License bearing even date with these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 29th day of September, A. D., 1783. 


Nathaniel Macon, {Seal} 

Robb Burton, {Seal} Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Ruben Searcy.




State Of North Carolina,


Know all men these presents, that we Sir Payton Skipwith, Baronet, and Robert Burton, Esq., are held and firmly bound unto his excellency Samuel Johnson, Esq., Governor, Captain General and commander in Chief and his successors in the sum of five hundred pounds. For the true payment of which we bind ourselves and each of our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 25th day of September An no Dom 1788.


the consideration of the above obligation is such, that the bounden Sir Peyton Skipwith, Baronet, hath the day and date of these present prayed and obtained a License to Solemnize the rites and matrimony between him and Jane Miller. Now if there shall not hereafter appear any lawful cause to obstruct the marriage then this obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and virtue.


Peyton Skipwith, {Seal}

Robert Burton, {Seal}

Test: A. Henderson, C. C.


Oxford Public Ledger

December 17, 1909


A Quiet Home Wedding.


Mr. Robert Gilliam Lassiter and Miss Margaret Currin Married Tuesday.


Wedding Very Quiet Affair on ac? Family -- Witnesses Limited Entire-count of Recent Death in Groom's ly? to Members of Families of Contracting Parties.

On Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, at the residence of the bride's father, Miss Margaret Currin was married to Mr. Robert Gilliam Lassiter. The wedding was an exceedingly quiet affair, the ceremony being witnessed only by the families of the contracting parties, on account of the recent death of the groom's brother. All invitations had been rescinded in order to make the affair as quiet as possible.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. V. W. Shields, of Jacksonville, Fla. brother-in-law of the groom's father, assisted by the Rev. Dr. W. C. Tyree, of Raleigh, brother-in-law of the bride. Among the witnesses from a distant were: Dr. and Mrs. V. W. shields, Florida; Dr. and Mrs. w. C. Tyree; Raleigh, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Currin, Miss Louise Currin, and Mr. E. G. Currin, Jr., of Durham; Mr. Bailey Owen of Henderson.

Mr. and Mrs. Lassiter left over the 11:30 Seaboard for a trip to Washington city. They are expected back Saturday.

The bride is a very charming young lady and the groom a popular young man, and both have hosts of friends who wish them a happy life. The families of both are among the most prominent of the State and are well known in the social and Commercial world.


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