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Contributed By Bill Brinkley


Brinkley Timeline for Granville, Person and Orange Counties, NC    
      (only first names are given for Brinkleys)  
Year   County Event      
1746   Granville Formed from Edgecombe Co.    
1749   Granville Richard on Massey Tax List    
1752   Orange Formed from Granville, Bladen and Johnston Cos  
1759   Granville settlers rebell  against King's rent and hold his agent  
1764   Granville Bute Co (Warren/Franklin) formed from Granville  
1766   Orange Sarah b d/o ?      
1769   Granville Oxford becomes county seat    
      Michael and Peter on Tax List    
1771   Granville Eli, James, Michael and Peter  on Tax List  
1772   Orange Peter received Land Grant of 550 acres on branches  
      of Haw River, 10 Jul    
1773   Granville Richard b s/o ?      
1776     NC authorized delegates vote for independence, 12 Apr
    Orange Eli signed Freeholders Petition #4    
1777     Land Office established, 640 acres for each HOH  
      (plus 100 acres for spouses) if cleared and cultivated  
    Orange Jemimah b d/o ?      
1778   Granville Michael, Peter and James sign Oath against King 22 May  
1779   Orange Eli and Peter on Tax List    
1780   Orange Eli, Peter Sr and Peter Jr on Tax List    
      Alexander b s/o ?      
    Granville Richard witnesses will of John Adcock 1 Feb  
1781   Orange Crosley b s/o ?      
1782   Orange William married Agnes Bumpass Cozart  
1783     Revolutionary War ends  3 Sep    
1784   Granville Peter and James on Tax List, Tar River Dist  
      James witnesses John Shearman's will    
1786   Granville Richard and Peter on Tax List    
    Orange Charlotte b d/o Sarah and James Cozart*  
1788   Orange Lively b d/o Sarah and James Cozart*    
      Their first 5 children were named Brinkley until their marriage
      Three retained Brinkley as their middle name after 1796  
1789     NC becomes 12th state to enter the Union, 12 Nov  
      George Washington inaugurated as first President  
1790     NC ceded western counties to form Tennessee, 16th state
    Granville James Sr (p 92), Peter (p 92), James Jr (p 92)  
      and Richard (p 92) in census    
    Orange Eli (p 96), Peter Sr (p 93), and Peter Jr  (p 93) in census  
      Hiram b s/o Sarah and James Cozart*    
      James b s/o ?      
1791   Person Formed from east Caswell (formerly Orange) Co.  
    Orange Pierce Jones sold 100 acres to Eli at Camp Creek  
      Robert b s/o ?      
1792   Orange Edy b d/o Sarah and James Cozart*    
      Revolutionary War settlement, Box 13, #92 Michael  
      for service as US soldier Jun 1778-Feb 1779  
1793   Granville Richard married Elizabeth Turner  1 Apr  
      William married Fortuna Howell  11 Sep  
1794   Granville Nancy married James Realey  29 Mar    
1795   Granville Biddie married John Landers 20 Sep    
      Elizabeth married Benjamin Mise  3 Nov  
      Elizabeth b d/o  William and Fortuna    
      David b s/o Sarah and James Cozart*    
1796   Orange Nancy married Thomas Loughorn 23 Aug  
      *Sarah married James Cozart   23 Aug (double ceremony)  
1797   Granville Lucy married Joseph Petty  7 Nov    
1798     War with France, embargo    
    Orange Crosley married Rosanna Simpson  18 Mar  
      Jemimah married Samuel Mangum  16 Feb  
      Sarah Ann married James Turner  15 Nov  
      Eli sold 100 acres to William at Camp Creek  
    Granville Martha "Patsy" b 20 Dec d/o William and Fortuna  
1800   Person Robert married Renny Laughorn  19 Jun  
    Orange Polly married James Taylor  24 Sep    
      Peter Sr (p 544), 00001/00001    
      Peter Jr. (p 544) 01001/32010 + 1    
      Eli (p 549) 00001/00001    
      William (p 549) 42110/10010    
    Granville William (582) 10010/20010 +3    
      James Sr (p 544) 00101/00001    
      James Jr. (p 576) 10010/00001    
      Richard (p 571) 20110/20010    
      Henry Armistead b s/o William and Fortuna  
1801   Granville Mark A. b s/o William and Fortuna  4 Aug  
    Orange Bumpass b s/o William/Agnes    
1802   Orange Perry married Polly Hall  3 Nov    
      Charles H. b s/o Crosley /Rosanna    
1803   Granville Stephen married Babby Goss  21 Feb    
      He is found in Rowan Co by 1810, Davidson Co by 1830  
    Orange William sold 100 acres to William Cozart  Camp Creek  
1804   Granville Daniel married Jane Kimall 13 Jan    
      He is found in Rowan Co 1810, Jane in Davidson Co 1830  
      William Jr b s/o William/Fortune    
    Orange Mary "Polly" b d/o Crosley/Rosanna    
1805   Orange Robert married Polly Mangum  29 Apr    
      Polly married John Isley   28 Feb    
    Granville Mary b d/o William and Fortuna    
1807   Person Alear married Nancy Sweaney  14 Feb    
    Orange Peter and son Robert sells 60 acres to Mason Tapley at  
      Haw River      
      Thomas P.C. b 12 Jun s/o Crosley/Rosanna  
1808   Orange Barsheba b (1805-1809) d/o Crosley/Rosanna  
1809   Granville Robert married Franky Griffin  20 Jan    
      He is found in Stokes Co by 1830    
    Person William Jr married ??  28 Sep    
1810   Orange George married Milley Beothe  8 Mar    
      Elizabeth married Benjamin Phillips  12 Sep  
      She is found in Stokes Co by 1840    
      Robert married Elizabeth Low  29 Dec    
      Jeremiah b 6 Feb, s/o  Crosley/Rosanna  
      Isham b s/o ?      
      Peter Sr, (p 839) 00001/00000    
      Peter Jr (p 839) 00001/03001    
      Robert (p 965) 00100/00000    
      S or T (p 857) 10100/10100    
    Person William Sr (p 620) in census    
      William Sr. (p 620) 13101/10101 + 1    
    Granville Rebecca b d/o William and Fortuna    
      William (p 900) 21010/22010 + 1    
      James (p 900) 00210/22010  + 1    
      Robert (p 904) 20010/00001    
1811   Person James married Elnatha Oakley  3 Jan    
      Robert married ??  12 Nov    
    Orange Peter sold 185 acres to John Isley,  Broad Gap Branch  
      Peter Sr. died, court battle over his land  
1812     War of 1812      
    Person Winny married Robert Cauthan  14 May  
    Orange Crosley bought 41 acres from William Gant, N side of Haw River
1813   Orange William married Margaret Campbell  1 Jul  
      Martha, d/o Will/For, married Mark White Jr   2 Nov  
      Crosley bought 30 acres from Robert Younger,  Boyd's Creek
1814   Granville John H b s/o William and Fortuna    
    Orange Alexander b s/o ?      
1815   Granville Elizabeth, d/o Will /For, married George Parham  15 Dec  
    Orange James b s/o Crosley/Rosanna    
1816   Orange Alexander bought 70 acres from Anthony Cozart  
      Flat River 13 May      
      He is in Carroll Co by 1830    
      Alexander sold 10 acres to Frances Epperson  13 May  
1817   Orange Richard married Elizabeth Dollar  26 Jul  
      Ferreby married Benjamin Nutt  8 Mar    
      Crosley to David Perkins 41 acres Haw River 8 Mar  
      Crosley to David Perkins 30 acres Boyd's Creek 7 Apr  
    Granville Nelson b  s/o?      
      Kendall, s/o Will/For, married Hannah Davis, 27 Sep  
1818   Orange William bot 200 acres from William Hall Stoney Creek 4 Jul
      Holly married Solomon Taylor 25 May    
1819   Granville Mary, d/o Will/For, married William Morris  10 Feb  
      Henry A, s/o Will/For, married Mary White  24 Jul  
      Clary married John Reavis  19 Mar    
    Orange Hiram  b 13 Jul s/o ?    
      William testator of Garrett Garrison's will  5 May  
1820   Granville Lunsford Barton b s/o Henry/Mary 2 Jun  
      Robert (p 312) 410010/00000    
      James (p 310) 000001/10001    
      Fortune (p 11) 120100/01010    
      Barbara (p 29) 010000/01010    
    Orange James Curtis Jr b s/o James and Elnatha  
      William Sr (p 338) 200011/10010    
      William Jr (p 372) 300010/10110    
      Crosley (p 338) 221101/01121    
      James (p 310) 300010/10011    
      Robert (p 17) 000011/00000    
      Alexander (p 400) 310010/51020    
1821   Granville Agnes married John Jenkins  27 Apr    
      She is in Henderson Co TN by 1840, next to Bumpass  
      Abner married Cynthia Medlin  15 Jun    
    Orange Jamima married Crutcher Ball  4 Aug    
      Letty married Mark Parrish  28 Nov    
      Willis b s/o Crosley/Rosanna    
      Crosley sold 100 acres to Ben Hurdle Boyd's Creek 3 Oct  
      He is found in Stokes Co by 1830    
1822   Granville Albert Howell b s/o Henry/Mary 3 Oct    
1823   Granville Barbara married William Robarts  16 Sep  
      Raney married Henry G Greenway  18 Jun  
    Orange William b ( 1820-1825) s/o Crosley/Rosanna  
      William executor of James Pyle estate    
1824   Orange Bumpass, s/o Will/Agnes married Elizabeth Jenkins  13 Jan
      He is in Henderson Co, TN by 1840    
      Isham married Nelly Duke  13 Nov    
      He later migrated to Mercer Co, VA    
    Granville James H. married Massey Fuller  24 Nov  
1825   Orange Barbara married James Collins  1 Jun    
      Polly d/o Crosley/Rosanna married George Brown  9 Nov   
      She is in Stokes Co by 1850    
      Ephraim b s/o James and Elnatha    
      Simeon b s/o Bumpass and Elizabeth    
      Robert Campbell gives 315 acres to Margaret Brinkley  
      (see 1813) Scrub Creek, 1 Jul    
    Granville William, s/o Will/For, married Sarah Higgs  8 Mar  
      Parthenia b d/o Henry/Mary 3 Oct    
      Green b s/o Isham/Nelly    
1827   Orange Sally married Dempsey Parish  12 Dec  
    Granville Isham married Celey Cole  6 Dec    
      Elsey b d/o Henry and Mary, Jun    
1828   Granville Lavenia b d/o Isham and Celey    
    Orange Crosley sells his property and moves to Stokes Co.  
1829   Granville Rachael d/o James/Eliz., married Wesley Reams  29 Mar  
      (Transcription error, his name is Reaves/Reeves)  
      Mark, s/o Will/For, married Milley Johnson  29 Dec  
      He is in Sumner Co, TN by 1840, died Wilson Co., 1849  
      Becca? b d/o Isham and Celey    
      Lougenia A. b d/o Henry and Mary    
1830   Granville Polly (p 45) 0100---/0000001    
      James (p 18) 000000001/000000001    
      Lumeitha (p 16) 12000---/1000100001    
      Mark A. (p 71) 0100100--/010010---    
      Martha (p 71) 00100---/0011010---    
      Fortune (p 71) 0001100--/00001001    
    Person Isham (p 32) 110002---/00000----    
    Orange William (p 317) 22010100---/01100100---  
      James (p 353) 120200100--/001000100--  
      Barbara (p 353) 000100--/010000100--    
      Richard (p 353) 001000100--/0000---    
      Polly (p 352) 1000--/0000001    
1831   Orange Alfred married Margaret Ellis  10 Feb    
      He is in Henderson Co, TN by 1850, Carroll by 1860  
      Wiley P. b s/o James and Elnatha    
    Granville Rebecca married Robet Hester  28 Dec  
      Alfred married Tyresa Roberts  19 Nov    
      Rebecca b d/o Isham and Celey    
1833   Granville John H, s/o Will/For, married Jane Parrish  3 Dec  
      Frances b d/o Isham and Celey    
    Orange William bot 315 acres from James and Catherine Barbee  
      Scrub Creek, 10 Sep    
1834   Orange William sold 44 acres to Jacob Holt, Scrub Creek 5 Sep  
    Granville John Kedellon b s/o Henry/Mary 22 Sep  
1835   Orange John married Polly Yoakley  12 Mar    
    Granville Mary married John Harris  5 Aug    
      Francis b s/o Isham and Celey    
      Henry A. Jr b s/o Henry/Mary 25 Jan    
1836   Orange Alexander married Belza Mangum  22 Nov  
    Person Mary married Riley Henderson  8 Oct    
    Granville Milenda married John O'Mary  12 Mar    
      Polly living with them in 1850    
      Henry and Mary move family to Sumner Co., TN  
      Angeline b d/o John/Jane    
1837   Granville Washington b s/o Isham and Celey    
      Martha b d/o John/Jane    
      William b s/o Nelson and Sally    
1838   Granville Nelson married Sally Arnold  8 May    
      He is in Henderson Co, TN by 1852    
      John married Edney Jenkins  21 Feb    
      Simeon b s/o Sandy and Belza    
1839   Person Hiram married Annis Oakley  18 Oct    
    Granville John b s/o John/Jane    
      Ruffin b s/o Isham and Celey    
1840   Granville Alfred (p 116) 010010---/2100100-    
      Nelson (p 116) 1000100--/0000100-    
      Isham (p 116) 20000100--/02100100-    
      Sandy (Alex) (p 120) 1000100--/0000100-  
      James (p 123) 00000000010-/0000000001-  
      Lucretia b d/o Nelson and Sally    
    Orange Hiram (p 205) 000010-/000010-    
      James Sr (p 189) 010110010-/0000--    
      Eady E. b 1 Aug d/o Hiram and Annis    
1841   Granville Elijah b s/o John/Jane    
1842   Granville Simeon b s/o Isham and Celey    
      Annis b d/o Nelson and Sally    
1843   Granville James C. married Frances Adcock  9 May  
      Willie b s/o Sandy and Belza    
    Orange Sarah J. b 24 Feb  d/o Hiram and Annis  
1844   Person William H married Rebecca Satterfield  28 Aug  
      He died before 1850, Rebecca in Macon Co by 1850  
    Granville Allen b s/o Nelson and Sally    
      James b s/o John/Jane    
      Simeon b s/o Isham and Celey    
1845   Person Emily married Samuel Garrett  3 Jun    
    Orange Walter James b 14 Jul  s/o Hiram and Annis  
      John b s/o Ephraim and Frances    
      Nancy b d/o James C and Frances    
      James sold 56 acres to C. Parrish + George Jones 23 Aug  
    Granville Nancy J. b d/o Sandy and Belza    
1846     Mexican Amerian War begins    
    Granville Minerva Ann b 9 Apr  d/o Hiram and Annis  
      Sally b d/o Nelson and Sally    
1847   Orange Samuel b  s/o Ephraim and Frances    
    Person Lucy b d/o James C. and Frances    
    Granville Thomas b s/o John/Jane    
      Harriet b d/o John/Jane    
1848     Mexican American War ends    
    Granville Edna b d/o Nelson and Sally    
    Person Henry Clay b s/o James C. and Frances  
1849   Orange Alamance Co formed from western Orange townships  
      Jane b  d/o Ephraim and Frances    
    Person Sissa b d/o James Curtis and Frances    
    Granville Francis b s/o Sandy and Belza    
1850     Bumpass (and later Nelson) are found in the TN census  
    Granville Nancy L. b 29 Apr  d/o Hiram and Annis  
      William M. b s/o Sandy and Belza    
      Jefferson b Mar  s/o Nelson and Sally    
      Nelson, Ledge of Rock, p 157    
      Hiram, Ledge of Rock, p 151    
      Isham, Ledge of Rock, p 153    
      Polly, Ledge of Rock, p 154 (with O'Marys)  
      James, Napp of Reeds, p 170    
    Orange Ephaim, First Dist, p 253 and 261 (enumr. Twice)  
      James Sr, First Dist, p 253 and 261 (enumr. Twice)  
      Mary b d/o Parsons and Luellen    
    Person James C. Jr, p 471      
1851   Person Wiley P. s/o James/Elnatha, married Lueler Cash, 9 Oct  
1852   Granville John Franklin b s/o Hiram and Annis 24 Oct  
      He married Mary Gilliland Madison Co., TN 1872  
    Orange Genettie b d/o Wiley and Lueler    
      Fannie b d/o Parsons and Luellen    
      Elizabeth b d/o James C and Frances    
1854   Orange Jane b d/o Parsons and Luellen    
      Fannie b d/o James C and Frances    
1855   Orange James N. b s/o Wiley and Lueler    
1856   Orange Jane married Zachariah Jeffries, 10 Feb  
      Elizabeth b d/o Parsons and Luellen    
      James b s/o James C and Frances    
    Granville Saluda b 29 Sep d/o Hiram and Annis    
      She married John Day and moved to Person Co. 1878  
1857   Granville Ruffin, s/o Isham/Celey, married Nancy O'Briant 9 Nov  
    Orange Adaline married Simeon Roberts 18 Dec  
      Allen b s/o Wiley and Lueler    
1858   Granville Elizabeth b d/o Ruffin and Mary    
1859   Granville Docton? b s/o Ruffin and Mary    
1860   Granville Edy E. d/o Hiram/Annis, married Rowland Dean 16 Jul  
      She moved to Person Co, then back to Granville  
      Hiram, Wallers Dist, p 542    
      Mary, Wallers, p 542 (living with Hiram)  
      Elizabeth, Wallers, p 537    
      Willie, Wallers, p 538    
      Sandy (Alex), Tally Ho, p 578    
      Isham, Tally Ho, p 578    
      Ruffin, Tally Ho, p 578    
    Orange James Sr, Hillsboro, p 377    
      James Jr, Hillsboro, p 426    
      Parsons, Hillsboro, p 436    
    Person Ephraim, Mt Terzah, p 949    
      John, Mt Terzah, p 950    
1861     NC seceded from the Union, 20 May    
    Granville Wiley T. b s/o Wiley and Lueler    
      Simone b s/o Ruffin and Mary    
1862   Granville 46th Infantry, Co E formed Oxford    
      Walter J and Wiley enlisted    
1863   Granville William b s/o Ruffin and Mary    
1864   Granville Sarah J. d/o Hiram/Annis, married George Riggs 22 May  
      Enoch E. b s/o Wiley and Lueler    
      Laura B. b d/o Washington and Elizabeth  
    Orange James married Letha Adcock 18 Aug    
1865     Reconstruction began, no value to Confed. dollar  
    Granville Walter J, s/o Hiram, married Beady  Penny Oakley 15 Nov  
      Diley b d/o Ruffin and Mary    
1866   Granville Salina D. b d/o Washington and Elizabeth  
      Orren b s/o Walter and Beady    
      William Erasmus b s/o Wiley and Lueler 17 Apr  
      Wiley moved to Webster Co, KY    
    Person Ephraim moved to nearby Hopkins Co., KY  
      James moved to Webster Co, KY by 1880  
1868   Granville Minerva Ann, d/o Hiram, married Josiah McGehee 16 Apr  
      She later married John F Riggs 1871 after Josiah's death  
      They moved to Person Co then to Weakley Co., TN  
      Nancy L, d/o Hiram, married Charles R Thomasson 19 Jul  
1869   Granville Santuc? b s/o Ruffin and Mary    
1870   Granville J.T., Henderson Twn, p 196    
      Hiram, Tally Ho, p 351    
      Isham, Tally Ho, p 360    
      Walter, Tally Ho, p 351    
      He moved to Madison Co., TN 1871 with his brother John  
      Washington, Tally Ho, p 360    
      Ruffin, Dutchville, p 160    
      Cally b May, d/o Walter and Beady    

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