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Deed Smith - Boyd

Submitted by Paulette Smith

Granville County, NC Deed Book Y, DEED-1818, pp 244-246)

SMITH, William (of Warren County) to Alexander BOYD (of Mecklenburg County, Virginia) for $100,600 plantation in Warren & Granville on both sides of Nutbush Creek, a plantation which once belonged to Hezekiah STRUM in Granville County on Island Creek, another plantation in Granville on Grassy Creek, and ...."ninety negro slaves...Ben S., Patrick, Stephen D., Jane, Lucy, Nancy, Davy, London, Tom, Elijah, Watt, Ritter, Harry, Squire, Big Isaac, Davy, Hilyard, little Dick, Rachek, Mary, Patty, Molly, Sarah, Dicy, Daphney, old Fanny, Viny, Lucinda, Ben C., Prudence, Old Rose, Lily, Sam, Ivine, Phillis, Wake, Jacob, Peter, Gloster, Granville, Silas, Daniel, old Davey, Chavis, John, Ransom, Santee, Amy, Sooky, Jane, Beck, Franky, Aggy, Kissy, Creua, Little Ben, Charely, Judah, Roseany, Milly, Partheny, Abby, Mariah, Hampton, Kitty, Ben (son of Jane), Green, Madison, little Franky, Beddy Martha, Charlotte, Nathan, Lethe, Emily, little Fanny, Elixa, Sally, Betsy, Mary, Milly, little Rose, Isaac (son of Daphny), Kizziah, Naney, George, Cherry, Prudence, Henderson, Dilly...." (also included was all the other personal property on the plantations named)

NOTE:  91 Slave names are listed.

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