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Granville Co., Delayed Birth Records 1870 -1890

North Carolina did not start recording birth records until 1913.  However, many people born prior to that time later realized they needed a birth certificate for various reasons such as when they needed proof of age to draw social security.  These records are extremely valuable to document parentage that we might not otherwise have.  For some reason, I failed to include the race when transcribing these but will try to go back and add as time permits.






Adcock, Florence Sarah 5 Oct 1885 F  Charles Johnson Adcock  Caroline Hart
Aike, Nina Estelle 28 Jul 1885 F  J F Aiken  Arietta Sait
Allen, John Henderson 23 Mar 1890 M  William Allen  Martha Norwood
Anderson, Huley 9 Oct 1887 M  Herbert Anderson  Nancy Howell
Andrews, Tennie Elizabeth 20 Jan 1890 F  Wm Wesley Andrews  Katie Katherine Kelley
Arrington, Bessie Susan 28 Apr 1890 F  Edward D Arrington  Elizabeth M Eakes
Arrington, Harriett Lelia 28 Mar 1888 F  Edward D Arrington  Elizabeth Eakes
Arrington, John William 23 Apr 1888 M  William Irby Arrington  Mary Francis Tinger
Atkins, Charlie Augustus 21 Jan 1889 M  James Philmore Atkins  Ella Eleanor Fuller
Averette, Cora Lee 6 Sep 1886 F  John Henry Averette  Mary Thomasson
Averette, Henry Gray 24 Jul 1887 M  Alexander Averette  Cornelia E Daniel
Baker, Robert Bunion 24 Nov 1886 M  Robert B Baker  Mandy Haden
Baker, Sallie Jane 7 Jan 1890 F  Alexander Baker  Sallie Hargrove
Beck, Hubert William 13 Sep 1889 M  A C Beck  Martha Allen
Bell, Edward Logan 15 May 1885 M  William Bell  Patsy Miller
Bennett, Dora 24 Jan 1883 F  Jessie Bennett  Cellie Carter
Biggs, Lulie Williams 10 Mar 1879 F  William Biggs  Elizabeth Cooper
Blalock, Clinton 11 Jan 1889 M  Stephen Blalock  Martha Jane Nutall
Bobbitt, Frederic A 29 Mar 1888 M  Rufus L Bobbitt  Lizzie Moore
Bobbitt, Frederic A 29 Mar 1888 M  Rufus L Bobbitt  Lizzie Moore
Bobbitt, Sidney Amos 18 Aug 1888 M  Geo Washington Bobbitt  Bettie P Cooke
Boone, Manson 1 Nov 1889 M  Thomas Boone  Georgianna Anderson
Booth, John Bingham 28 May 1885 M  Thomas Lynch Booth  Alma De Montford Hayes
Booth, Mary Willie 11 Oct 1882 F  Jas Thomas Booth  Hattie Pullen Russell
Bowling, Allie Bell 4 Jan 1890 F  Winfred Bowling  Betty Ellington
Bowling, Claude Lee 26 Feb 1890 M  Joseph Westley Bowling  Cora Jane Daniel
Bragg, Bayard Lamar 27 Jun 1886 M  George Medicus Bragg  Elizabeth Kinsey
Braswell, Lucy Virginia 25 May 1881 F  John Braswell  Elizabeth Pettiford
Breedlove, Oscar Benjamin 5 Sep 1884 M  Benjamin Isaac Breedlove  Celestia Ann Hunt
Brooks, Duzzie 2 Jun 1887 F  Dan Brooks  Mary Smith
Brummitt, John W 25 Jul 1884 M  Thomas J Brummitt  Caroline V Bradford
Brummitt, John W 25 Jul 1884 M  Thomas J Brummitt  Caroline V Bradford
Brummitt, Mack 23 May 1886 M  Frank M Brummitt  Mary Emma Hunt
Bryan, Annie Sherrod 21 May 1889 F  Charlie W Bryan  Mary Ann Sessums
Bryan, Annie Sherrod 21 May 1889 F  C W Bryan  Mamie Ann Sessums
Bryan, Annie Sherrod 21 May 1889 F  Charlie W Bryan  Mary Ann Sessums
Buchanan, Charlie Mc Cutcheon 28 Jul 1888 M  George Baskerville Buchanan  Victoria Frances Yancey
Buchanan, John Adams 14 Jun 1888 M  Luther Thomas Buchanan  Fannie Esther Royster 
Bullock, Gover Mattie 4 Dec 1887 F  Thomas Henry Bullock  Rebecca Pryor Wheeler
Bullock, Martha Bell 22 May 1890 F  Reubin B Bullock  Laudie Hayes
Bullock, Nettie Pearl 20 Aug 1888 F  George Bullock  Lucy J Allen
Callahan, Dora H 10 Nov 1883 F  James R Callahan  Virginia Ann Buchanan
Cannady, Nathaniel Ellis 4 Sep 1888 M  Nathaniel Boardman Cannady  Mary Young Cannady
Carpenter, Ozie Elizabeth 23 Apr 1886 F  James Hillary Carpenter  Rowan Davis
Cash, Martha Elizabeth 2 Feb 1881 F  Edward Cash  Martha M Waller
Champion, Sam Westley 12 Oct 1888 M  William Henry Champion  Chrina Wilks
Chandler, Manie Elizabeth 26 Feb 1889 F  James Polk Chandler  Harriet Elizabeth Amis
Chandler, Mary Elizabeth 23 Mar 1885 F  James K Polk Chandler  Alice Maude Garner
Chavis, Blanche Ile 6 Aug 1888 F  Dock Chavis  Alice Parham
Clay, Lucille Jane 11 Apr 1890 F  James Lewis Clay  Lucy Jane Knott
Clayton, William 15 Aug 1889 M  Pass Clayton  Nannie Jones
Clement, Benjamin Bullock 9 Oct 1879 M  Thomas Dudley Clement  Mary Elizabeth Bullock
Clement, Ethel May 18 Jul 1884 F  Thomas Dudley Clement  Mary Elizabeth Bullock
Clement, Jesse Irvin 14 Nov 1888 M  Thomas Dudley Clement  Mary Elizabeth Bullock
Cooper, Thomas Venerable 12 Mar 1886 M  Russell Cooper  Ada Day
Cozart, David Lester 23 Jul 1882 M  William David Cozart  Elizabeth Ervin Hall
Cozart, Lena Blanche 24 Aug 1890 F  William David Cozart  Elizabeth Ervin
Cozart, Lillie J 6 Jan 1884 F  Benjamin Cozart  Bettie Betts King
Cozart, Ulysses Grant 13 Jul 1886 M  Richard Jerome Cozart  Anna Tillison
Crabtree, Eliza Bessie 13 Nov 1888 F  David Crockett Crabtree  Luna Isaac Burchett
Crabtree, Hallie Lee 23 Aug 1890 F  Davie Crabtree  Luna Birchette
Crews, Charles Franklin 18 Jun 1883 M  Thomas Crews,  Lucinda Gregory
Crews, Eva Catherine 12 Jul 1879 F  Thomas Jefferson Crews  Cecelia Jacob Snead
Crews, Fannie Johnston 30 Apr 1886 F  Leroy L Crews  Fannie E Johnston
Crews, Leroy 4 Jul 1884 M  George Crews  Emma Crews
Crews, Thomas Early 9 Dec 1881 M  Samuel Crews  Indiana Honor
Critcher, Ada Esther 21 Apr 1881 F  Albert Jackson Critcher  Susan Jenkins
Critcher, Berta Lee 7 Feb 1883 F  Charles M Critcher  Susan Elizabeth Daniel
Currin., Annie Lee 10 Jun 1884 F  Wyatt S Currin  Martha Jane Adcock
Currin, Carey Duty 29 Apr 1884 M  C D Currin  Mary Jones
Currin, Ella Elizabeth 11 Oct 1885 F  Reuben L Currin  Rebecca Ann Blackwell
Currin, Emma Rose 23 Dec 1889 F  Wyatt Spencer Currin  Martha Jane Adcock
Currin, Joseph T 3 Mar 1887 M  Ralph Currin  Elizabeth Ann Adcock
Currin, Lilly Pearl 25 Sep 1886 F  James Henry Currin  Sallie Boyd
Currin, Mabel Booth 5 Jan 1887 F  Jim Currin  Bell Currin
Cuthrell, Joseph Emmett 3 May 1890 M  Joseph Randall Cuthrell  Lillie Mills
Cuthrell, Walter Randall 12 Apr 1889 M  Joseph Rodney Cuthrell  Lillian Davis Mills
Daniel, Elbert Clifton 15 Sep 1884 M  William A Daniel  Esther J Sizemore
Daniel, Lucy Lee 28 Feb 1890 F  Stephen T Daniel  Alice Lee Hunt
Daniel, Rowena Martha 11 Jun 1889 F  William B Daniel  Ada Meadows
Daniels, William Henry 6 Mar 1880 M  James Daniels  Lucy Magby
Davis, Henry Elom 20 Sep 1883 M  William J Davis  Edna Phillps
Davis, James Ennis 19 Jul 1886 M  Joseph Dallas Davis  Amanda Dillard
Davis, Lillie Guy 9 May 1883 F  James Archibald Davis  Lucy Grey Adam Bobbitt
Dean, Amos Patterson 28 Aug 1888 M  George Washington Dean  Maggie Palmer Knott
Dean, Jasper Wesley 15 Mar 1874 M  William Jasper Dean  Elizabeth Frances Knott
Dean, John Fielding 21 Aug 1875 M  William Jasper Dean  Elizabeth Frances Knott
Dean, Maggie Leigh 7 Feb 1885 F  Thomas Green Dean  Mary Alice Daniel
Dean, Mildred L 16 Jun 1877 F  William Jasper Dean  Frances Knott
Dean, Thomas Moses 2 Sep 1888 M  Thos G Dean  Mary Alice Daniel
Dean, William Samuel 28 May 1883 M  William J Dean  Elizabeth Frances Knott
Debnam, Fabel Lea 26 Sep 1886 F  James R Dabnam  Emily Briggs
Dement, William Edward 16 Nov 1877 M  Luther Dement  Nanie Harrison
Dickerson, Callie 25 Feb 1890 F  Napoleon B Dickerson  Glendora Pittman
Dickerson, Roy Booth 2 Oct 1887 M  Samuel T Dickerson  Arbell Brummitt
Dickerson, W Odis 8 Aug 1887 M  N B Dickerson  Glendora Amanda Pittman
Dillard, Edna 2 Jul 1889 F  Bill Dillard  Francis Allen
Dixon, John Buxton 15 Jun 1888 M  Luther Burnett Dixon  Martha Betty Tilley
Downey, Stephen 7 May 1890 M  Dock Downey  Sarah Smith
Eakes, Bessie Clyde 1 Jun 1885 F  John Sumner Eakes  Allie Ellixson
Eakes, James Zachariah 4 Sep 1879 M  John Sumner Eakes  Allie Ellexerson
Eakes, Ottis William 17 Aug 1882 M  John Eakes  Allie Ellixson
Eakes, Reuben Thomas 2 Apr 1883 M  Woodson Thomas Eakes  Mary Ella Blackwell
Eakes, Robert Lucius 9 Dec 1880 M  Woodson Thomas Eakes  Mary Ella Blackwell
Eaton, William Henry 28 Jan 1875 M  Buck Eaton  Fannie Wyche
Ellington, Benjamin Joseph 23 Jul 1890 M  Samuel Robert Ellington  Marard Pruden Smith
Elliott, James T 23 Mar 1888 M  James Buchanan Elliott  Zoa Yancey
Elliott, Willie T 5 Feb 1890 M  James Buchanan Elliott  Zoa Yancey
Estes, Una Carl 23 Oct 1886 F  William Estes  Sallie Penny
Estes, Una Carl 23 Oct 1886 F  William Estes  Sallie Penny
Evans, Mamie Swepson 27 Sep 1877 F  Peter Thaddeus Evans  Laura Taylor Jenkins
Fleming, Benjamin Franklin 9 Mar 1889 M  Samuel Alexander Fleming  Annie Bullock
Floyd, Francis Fuller 15 Aug 1874 M  James Bell Floyd  Mary Sue White
Ford, Dora 26 Aug 1883 F  Dock F Ford  Sallie Robertson
Forsyth, Iantha Taylor 20 Aug 1879 F  James Smith Forsyth  Elizabeth Francis Waller
Frazier, Otho Ray 2 Apr 1889 M  David Chandler Frazier  Mary Susan Harris
Freeman, Willie L 20 Jun 1878 M  Ben Freeman  Lucy Brummitt
Fuller, Beulah Lee 18 Oct 1890 F  Stephen Fuller  Martha Elizabeth Piggin
Fuller, James William 18 Oct 1888 M  Lucius Johnson Fuller  Lavanioh Hennis Floyd
Garrett, Mary B 5 Sep 1887 F  John W Garrett  Martha A Lofton
Gillis, Richard Samuel 4 Feb 1889 M  Leonard G Gillis  Louisa E Jones
Gooch, Alpha Pressley 17 Sep 1890 M  Dudley Sneed Gooch  Nancy P Hobgood
Gooch, Lallie Ske 17 Mar 1890 F  A L Gooch  Ella Critcher
Gooch, Mary D 31 Jul 1876 F  Dudley S Gooch  Lizzie Bullock
Gooch, Nannie Etlar 14 Mar 1883 F  Dudley Sneed Gooch  Lizzie Bullock
Green, William 3 Sep 1890 M  Nathan Green  Lucy Perry
Green, Willie 10 Mar 1883 F  Rufus Green  Margaret Mitchell
Gregory, Francis R 21 Jun 1881 M  Herbert Gregory  Ella A Thorp
Griffin, Edward Walter 5 Apr 1887 M  Walter Griffin  Betty Bullock
Hall, Joshua Thomas 17 Jul 1882 M  Joshua Henry Hall  Sarah Burwell Burwell
Hardee, Walter Person 4 Aug 1888 M  Parott R Hardee  Roberta Beauford Baeder
Harris, Bertha Gladys 18 Jan 1890 F  Eugene Louis Harris  Emma Julia Schappeile
Harris, Ella 13 Apr 1877 F  Ben Harris  Mary Parham
Harris, Eulalie Vivian 27 Feb 1882 F  George B Harris  Anna B Watkins
Harris, Johnnie Pearson 18 Aug 1889 M  Isaac Hilman Harris  Argene L Adcock
Harris, Katie Ann 13 Feb 1881 F  William Harris  Indiana Taborn
Harris, Ollie 27 Sep 1884 M  William Harris  Lucy Harris
Harrison, George Robert 19 Aug 1889 M  George Robt Harrison  Josephine Sizemore
Hart, Florence Allen 13 Nov 1889 F  Millard F Hart  Mary Florence Allen
Haskins, Calvin 1 Jun 1877 M  Edmund Haskins  Martha Johnson
Hatchett, Helen Chilton 4 Apr 1884 F  Richard Jones Chilton Hatchett  Helen Cunningham Bagley
Hawley, Madie 15 Apr 1886 F  Junius Hawley  Carrie Tyler
Hayes, Roy 10 Aug 1889 M  John Hayes  Booker Swiss
Hayes Jr., William P 18 Jan 1881 M  William P Hayes Sr.  Sarah Frances Hunt
Hedgepeth, Earlie F 9 Aug 1886 M  John N Hedgepeth  Rachel Day
Henley, Lillie Florence 29 May 1887 F  Joseph Henley  Ida Dement
Herndon, James Edward 6 Feb 1885 M  Drewry Herndon  Sallie Hicks
Herndon, Jessie G 20 Apr 1888 M  Drewry Herndon  Sallie Hicks
Herndon, Samuel Jones 10 Aug 1890 M  Drewry Herndon  Sallie Hicks
Hester, Benjamin F 1 Oct 1890 M  William Alexander Hester  Marietta Bullock
Hester, James Adam 5 Apr 1888 M  James Hester  Henrietta Allen
Hester, Jinnie Maud 1 Feb 1880 F  Henry Judson Hester  Susan Ann Elliott
Hester, Matt Henry 25 Jul 1881 M  John Hester  Nancy Lee
Hester, Temple Williams 18 Oct 1884 F  Henry Judson Hester  Susan Born Elliott
Hester, Uva Mae 1 May 1890 F  Jordon Hester  Lucy Malisa Lyons
Hicks, Flossie Page 20 Jun 1887 F  Joseph Richard Hicks  Albena Williams Eddins
Hicks, Hettie 20 Feb 1889 F  Joseph Richard Hicks  Allena Williams Eddins
Hicks, Lizzie 25 Dec 1878 F  Not shown  Isabella Hicks
Hicks, Thomas Lowe 25 Apr 1889 M  Toney E Hicks  Rosa Bell Jones
Hobgood, Allie Banks 13 Nov 1889 F  Harvey Hobgood  Helen Pittard Bradshaw
Hobgood, Bessie 3 Feb 1884 F  Harvey Hobgood  Helen Bradford
Hobgood, Dorothy Clyde 31 Jul 1889 F  Robert Henry Hobgood  Mary Louise Maynard
Hobgood, Fannie Margaret 26 Jan 1887 F  Luther Preslar Hobgood  Amanda Meekins Emory
Hobgood, William Lem 11 Aug 1890 M  Cornelius Hobgood  Sallie Ann Ellirzton
Hockaday, Zeb Vance 3 Sep 1890 M  James Wiley Hockaday  Kate Bailey
Hodge, Henry 16 Jun 1874 M  Harry Hodge  Agnes Cousin
Howard, James Buxton 13 Jan 1887 M  Robert E Howard  Emma Currin
Howard, Onesiphorus Joseph 22 Jun 1877 M  Samuel Lunsford Howard  Frances Clement
Howard, Robert Morse 4 Oct 1884 M  Robert E Howard  Emma Currin
Howard, Samuel Clement 29 Jun 1881 M  Samuel L Howard  Susan Frances Clement
Howell, George Aaron 4 Sep 1887 M  C C Howell  Hariet Goines
Hunt, Gordon 8 Nov 1890 M  Joseph Sidney Hunt  Annie Milburn Gordon
Hunt, Julia Elizabeth 8 Aug 1883 F  Robert Alexander Hunt  Jo Anna Glover
Hunt, Paul 27 Mar 1885 M  Robert Hunt  Cornelia Parham
Hunt, William Gibbs 30 Sep 1886 M  David Nicholson Hunt  Adelaide Carson Gester
Hunter, Anabel Lee 30 Oct 1890 F  Harry Cadell Hunter  Mattie Geneva Christian
Hunter, Clestia 26 Aug 1879 F  Norfleet Hunter  Jennie Wood Barnes
Jackson, Lottie 17 Nov 1888 F  Henry Jackson  Dora Mills
Jackson Jr., Theodore Wirt 15 Jul 1885 M  Theodore Wirt Jackson Sr.  Sally Elizabeth Wilson
Jeffers, Eugene Venable 25 May 1887 M  Napoleon Jeffers  Luvenia Venable
Jenkins, Henry Harmon 25 Jun 1880 M  Jonathan Jenkins  Pattie Lancaster
Jenkins, Leland Stanford 20 Oct 1886 M  L J Jenkins  Sarah Bobbitt
Jenkins, William Henry 11 Apr 1889 M  William Hicks Jenkins  Lucy Lewis
Johnson, Era Renn 1 Jun 1890 F  Lonnie A Johnson  Annie Lydia Brown
Jones, Banna Gertrude 10 Nov 1882 F  James Solomon Jones  Pattie White Cozart
Jones, Eva May 11 Sep 1878 F  Thomas Hill Jones  Edna Moize
Jones, Hezekiah 21 Sep 1879 M  Harvey Jones  Bettie Parham
Jones, Lafayette 20 Aug 1885 M  John Jones  Martha Boone
Jones, Lewis Henry 5 Apr 1888 M  Albert Maloy Jones  Cornelia Hicks
Jones, Mary Pearl 22 Jun 1888 F  Thomas Hill Jones  Edna Moize
Jones, Presley Webb 3 Apr 1886 M  Stephen Henry Jones  Evelyn Jones
Jones, Seser 15 Nov 1886 M  Harvey Jones  Bettie Parham
Keith, Maggie Geneva 17 Mar 1886 F  Alex C Keith  Dora Pennington
King, Mary Lydia 16 Jun 1888 F  James King  Parthenia Boyd
Kinton, Ollie William 21 Jun 1890 M  James Robert Kinton  Elsie Tingen
Knott, Alexander Graham 30 Mar 1888 M  Cabel Moore Knott  Virginia Land
Landis, Gertrude 10 Sep 1886 F  Augustus Landis  Annie Ligon Hicks
Lewis, Charles Bernard 5 Jul 1876 M  John Lewis  Angeline Marable
Lewis, Ritta Anna 20 Oct 1888 F  Lee Lewis  Martha Marrow
Lewis, Wilhelmina Louisa 16 May 1879 F  John Lewis  Angie Marable
Long, Richard C 24 Jul 1890 M  Not shown  Polly Parker
Lyon, Clarence 22 Mar 1887 M  Monroe Lyon  Maria Jones
Lyon, Mattie 30 Sep 1884 F  W P Lyon  Addie Belle Morris
Lyon, Ollie Tanna 2 Dec 1890 F  Sidney Thomas Lyon  Mary Nancy Young
Lyons, Sylvanious B 16 Nov 1885 M  Cephas Lyons  Ella Green
Mangum, John Arthur 11 Mar 1885 M  Judson Mangum  Adeline Jackson
Mangum, Katie Bell 20 Jan 1890 F  Wiley Pass Mangum  Eliza Jane Bowling
Mangum, Wilson 1 Sep 1883 M  Unknown  Mary Mangum
Mann, Pearl 6 Jan 1888 F  William Mann  Nancy Jenkins
Marable, Joseph 2 Oct 1876 M  Mason Marable  Charles Ann Herndon
May, Willie Lemuel 20 Jul 1886 M  Charlie May  Martha Malone Ball
Mayo, Anthony 27 Jun 1878 M  William Mayo  Josephine Day
Mcdaniel, William Royer 15 Jan 1883 M  William Mcdaniel  Georgianna Claiborne
Mcfarland, Olley Donaldson 25 Jul 1872 M  Simion De Witt Mcfarland  Frances Hannah Sherman
Mcghee, Allie 23 Apr 1884 F  Nathan Mcghee  Dora Bell
Mcghee, Hughie A 1 Oct 1890 M  David B Mcghee  Rosa Norman
Miller, Robert Lee 21 Sep 1888 M  Wm H Miller  Mildred Jones
Minor, Robert Landis 25 Aug 1888 M  Lee Minor  Ella Hunt
Minor, Sidney Whitfield 24 Nov 1873 M  Richard Van Buren Minor  Julia Brent Allen
Mize, Robert Givons 18 Nov 1886 M  John A Mize  Ada H Avarett
Montague, Henry Ward 19 Feb 1888 M  Walter R Montague  Eugenia Bragg
Moore, Bessie V 26 Jun 1886 F  David A Moore  Martha G Elliott
Moore, Marvin F 16 Jun 1887 M  Henry F Moore  Louetta Clark
Moore, Melvin Henry 16 Jun 1887 M  Henry F Moore  Louetta Clark
Moore, Otha Thurston 20 Feb 1888 M  Jordan Moore  Betty Lyon
Moore, Otho Clark 1 Nov 1885 M  Henry F Moore  Louetta Clark
Morris, Susan Smith 4 Jan 1881 F  Eugene Grissom Morris  Laura Belle Harris
Morse Jr., William Henry 15 Jul 1889 M  William Henry Morse  Emily Stamper
Morton, Fannie Amis 14 Mar 1888 F  Samuel V Morton  Fannie Webb
Morton, John Gregory 30 Jan 1888 M  James Thomas Morton  Sue Cobb Gregory
Morton, Joseph Alexander 31 Jul 1884 M  Jacob A Morton  Jemima Hart
Morton, William Wilson 22 Jun 1890 M  Joseph Wm Morton  Mary Tazewell Wilson
Moss, Clyde Bradley 21 Sep 1881 F  Benjamin Franklin Moss  Susen Ann Connell
Moss, Vassar Young 29 Aug 1881 M  Joseph Young Moss  Rowan Frances Lawrence
Munn, Lillie Mary 15 Jul 1890 F  Anson Mitchell Munn  Mildred Louise Woodlief
Nash, John Berkley 1 Nov 1890 M  William T Nash  Nettie Florence Breedlove
Nash, William Harrison 28 Jun 1886 M  Wm Thomas Nash  Sarah Elizabeth Davis
Nelson, Earl Wayne 1 Nov 1883 M  William Ruffin Nelson  Maggie Ann Frazier
Newton, Junius Abner 20 Sep 1888 M  Isaac Robert Newton  Emma Grace Daniel
Norwood, James Fuller 26 Jun 1885 M  James Gregory Norwood  Martha Irene Gregory
Norwood, John Fletcher 24 Jan 1889 M  Howell Thomas Norwood  Mary Ada Obrien
Oakley, James Spencer 6 May 1889 M  Addison Oakley  Laura Frances Suit
Oakley, Linnard C 13 Jun 1886 M  Wiley Oakley  Minner Burchett
Obrian, Chloe Eliza 10 Feb 1889 F  Solomon Obrian  Jennie Meadows
Obrien, Lucious Green 25 Dec 1881 M  Lucius Obrien Sr.  Mary Elizabeth Hart
Okey, Lena 22 Nov 1880 F  Adolphus Okey  Caroline Jeffries
Overbey, Clifford Compton 20 Jun 1888 M  Walter Scott Overbey  Alma Z Smith
Overby, Herbert Graville 30 Aug 1885 M  Walter S Overby  Alma Zeta Overby
Overton, Alex Bunyan 10 Sep 1882 M  Abner Poindexter Overton  Martha Elizabeth Allen
Overton, Claron O 16 Nov 1888 M  Sherman Overton  Louisa Newton
Overton, Lester Ernest 19 Oct 1890 M  Augustus A Overton  Anna Baker Allen
Overton, Lillie Bell 29 Nov 1879 F  George Compton Overton  Nancy Evans Mass
Overton, Roy Thomas 9 Oct 1890 M  Wesley Jack Overton  Mary Thomas Usry
Overton, William Stevens 9 Sep 1885 M  George Compton Overton  Narcy Evans Mass
Owens, Joseph Henry 20 Mar 1884 M  James Thomas Owens  Anne Kenton
Parham, Elvyn Leroy 13 Sep 1883 M  Joe Parham  Emma Hunt
Parham, Hannah 3 Jan 1884 F  William Parham  Elizabeth Taylor
Parham, Helen 12 Feb 1886 F  William Parham  Elizabeth Taylor
Parham, John Judson 2 Mar 1887 M  John B F Parham  Jennie L Gooch
Parrott, Annie Thomas 27 May 1881 F  Samuel Thomas Parrott  Mary Baldwin
Patterson, Lonnie Gray 25 May 1878 M  Edwin Whitaker Patterson  Lucreta Ellis
Patterson, Samuel Pierson 13 Oct 1889 M  James Pleasants Patterson  Amanda Fleming
Peace, Etta Ferebee 17 May 1884 F  Alexander S Peace  Ella C Granby
Peed, Ludie Belle 2 Apr 1882 F  Adolphus W Peed  Elizabeth Gooch
Pegram, Alma Louise 22 May 1889 F  George Lewis Walter Pegram  Ida Green Wiggins
Pendleton, Virgie Campbell 16 Nov 1890 F  Thomas Baylor Pendleton  Euda Mildred Usry
Pittard, Lessie E 3 Aug 1889 F  William C Pittard  Nonie M Usry
Pittard, William Bullock 6 Apr 1889 M  James Granison Pittard  Sue Cobb Bullock
Pleasants, James Washington 30 Oct 1875 M  Robert H Pleasants  Carrie Thomas
Pleasants, Oscar Mitchell 16 Apr 1884 M  Wm Daniel Pleasants  Sally Winston
Pool, Novie Sue 31 Dec 1890 F  J G Pool  Nancy Sanford
Pool, Pattie Frances 18 May 1883 F  William Lynn Pool  Matilda Mela Newton
Poole, Claude 31 May 1879 F  James Poole  Nancy Sanford Harris
Pruitt, William Crawford 22 Oct 1886 M  James Braxton Pruitt  Lucy C Pruitt
Puckett, Hallie Marsh 4 Sep 1889 M  Stephen Randolph Puckett  Mary Jane Norwood
Ragland, Little John 28 May 1888 M  William Washington Ragland  Rosa Lee Kinton
Ray, Joseph Lewis 2 Apr 1890 M  Moses Ray  Louvenia Crenshaw
Reavis, Lillian May Willa 11 Jul 1890 F  William James Reavis  Mary Lou Faison
Renn, Albert Austin 5 May 1879 M  James A Renn  Betty S Duke
Renn, Ike Henderson 31 Jul 1886 M  Ike Henderson Renn  Sally Greenway Renn
Renn, Joseph Alexander 13 Sep 1889 M  James R Renn  Alice Minor
Renn, Otho Calvin 6 Apr 1887 M  Ike Renn  Sarah R Greenway
Ridley, Joseph 2 Oct 1884 M  Dolcin Ridley  Mary Bobbitt
Robert, Cora 9 Aug 1882 F  Alexander Roberts  Susan Marable
Roberts, Benjamin 14 Feb 1886 M  Alexander Roberts  Susan Marable
Roberts, James Armstead 13 Apr 1888 M  Alexander Roberts  Susan Marable
Roberts, James Armstead 13 Apr 1888 M  Alexander Roberts  Susan Marable
Roberts, Mary 15 Jun 1882 F  Henry Roberts  Nannie Hargrove
Roberts, Tempie 5 Feb 1878 F  M T Roberts  Lovina Roberts
Robertson, Lizzie Bell 20 Mar 1885 F  John W Robertson  Dora B Newton
Robinson, Benjamin 19 Oct 1889 M  James L Robinson  Alice Williams
Rogers, Emmitt A 2 Jul 1886 M  Winston Frank Rogers  Bernie Stanley
Rogers, Robert 1 Oct 1886 M  Jim Rogers  Celia Dean
Roller, Charles Easley 27 Dec 1888 M  J B Roller  Sallie A Easley
Royster, Augustus 14 Oct 1876 M  Walter Royster  Maria Peace
Royster, Betty Pearl 11 Mar 1887 F  Lucius A Royster  Letty Virginia Pittard
Royster, John Henry 20 Sep 1888 M  Grays Royster  Mary Kingsburg
Royster, Lucius Pittard 27 Apr 1881 M  Lucius A Royster  Letty V Pittard
Royster, Mable Tandy 14 Nov 1876 F  Lucius A Royster  Letty Virginia Pittard
Royster, Mary Bettie 20 Sep 1890 F  Hiram R Royster  Susan E Stovall
Royster, Peter 7 Aug 1889 M  Peter Royster  Kizzie Brodie
Royster, Thomas Joseph 20 Dec 1889 M  Lucius A Royster  Letty Virginia Pittard
Royster, William Robert 16 Oct 1885 M  James Wm Royster  Emma Royster
Russell, William Harris 19 Oct 1872 M  John C Russell  Emma Harris
Satterwhite, Coleman Crawford 2 Feb 1890 M  James M Satterwhite  Luna Bell Williams
Satterwhite, Hattie Peace 3 Feb 1886 F  J A Satterwhite  Bettie Arrington
Satterwhite, Ira Walson 18 Aug 1888 M  David Satterwhite  Sallie Kinton
Satterwhite, Sam 12 Sep 1888 M  Anderson Satterwhite  Rebecca Greenwood
Saunders, Katie Bell 19 Dec 1890 F  Willie Miles Saunders  Rosa Lee Sherron
Seate, Jarvis Bernard 18 Sep 1880 M  Wm Robert Seate  Mary H Smith
Seate, Richard Thomas 12 Mar 1890 M  William M Seate  Annie Eliza Tatum
Sherron, Eva B 17 Aug 1890 F  John Sherron  Emily Elizabeth Duncan
Sherron, James Melvin 22 Nov 1889 M  John Marshall Sherron  Narcissus C Mangum
Sherron Sr., William Kenneth 8 Dec 1887 M  J M Sherron  Corrina Mangum
Shotwell, Mary Graves 19 Jun 1889 F  John Graves Shotwell  Mary E Lyon
Sizemore, B L 1 May 1885 M  John Thomas Sizemore  Lillie Payne
Slaughter, Ida Belle 2 Oct 1888 F  Samuel Rev. Slaughter  Cornelia Cheatham
Smith, Lewis G 30 Apr 1885 M  Lewis G Smith  Lucie B Thorp
Smith, Royal L 25 Jul 1888 M  Buman Smith  Jennie Owens
Smith, Russell Cooper 22 Sep 1879 M  Cyrus Cooper Smith  Sallie Parham
Smith Jr., Joseph Lee 23 Apr 1872 M  Joseph Lee Smith Sr.  Martha Ann Adcock
Speed, Andrew 18 Oct 1888 M  Thomas Speed  Carrie Anderson
Stanley, Ressie Ryner 12 Jun 1890 F  Thomas Young Stanley  Isabelle Hinton Cash
Stovall, John James 15 Oct 1881 M  Drewey Stovall  Mary Jane Minor
Strother, Lydia 11 Dec 1890 F  C A Strother Sr.  Margaret Etta Turner
Strother, Otis Furman 10 Jun 1882 M  Augustus Strother  Carolina Winston
Strother, Raymond Lamay 19 Sep 1877 M  Augustus Strother  Carrie Winston
Strum, Fletcher 23 Aug 1889 M  Bob Strum  Polly Ross
Sweaney, Iola Bledsoe 21 May 1888 F  John Sweaney  Corina Day Sweaney
Taborn, Edward 25 Dec 1879 M  Albert Taborn  Adeline Hopkins
Talley, William Morris 5 Oct 1890 M  Henry Milton Talley  Elizabeth Harriet Daniel
Taylor, Archibald Lennox 5 Sep 1887 M  Thomas George Taylor  Mildred Kennon Taylor
Taylor, Charles Archibald 28 Oct 1886 M  James Archibald Taylor  Maria Louise Kerr
Taylor, Edgar 10 Oct 1885 M  Sidney Taylor  Hannah Webb
Taylor, Eugene 10 Mar 1890 M  Jesse Taylor  Mary Haskins
Taylor, Florence Elizabeth 28 Aug 1888 F  Charles Henry Taylor  Isabel Herndon
Taylor, Henry Alley 16 Aug 1885 M  Thomas George Taylor  Mildred Kennon Taylor
Taylor, Lena Louise 9 Dec 1883 F  James A Taylor  Maria Louise Kerr
Taylor, Leonidas Creighton 19 Dec 1887 M  Richard Pelham Taylor  Mary Elizabeth Rogers
Taylor, Mattie 31 Mar 1882 F  Richmond Taylor  Mary Lewis
Taylor, Sophie Littlejohn 6 Jul 1887 F  James Archibald Taylor  Maria Louise Kerr
Tharrington, Oscar 3 Jun 1888 M  Stephen Tharrington  Belle Mass
Thaxton, Cornelia Adelaide 26 Feb 1890 F  Wm Clay Thaxton  Laura Lee Llewellyn
Thomas, Benjamin Camon 16 May 1890 M  Charles F Thomas  Nancy B Coley
Thorp, Lucy Jane 10 Jan 1889 F  Peterson Thorp Jr.  Jennie Taylor Thorp
Thorp, Luetta 12 Dec 1890 F  John Thorp  Eveline Wyche
Tippett, James Edward 13 Nov 1887 M  Wm Davis Tippett  Mary Cash
Torian, Melvin Crider 9 Jan 1883 M  George Torian  Amelia Blanche Cawley
Turner, Charlie Morris 2 Feb 1888 M  Patrice H Turner  Gettie B Morris
Turner, Joseph Vines 15 Dec 1890 M  Patrick Henry Turner  Bettie Morris Turner
Umstead, Logan H 20 Oct 1889 M  Wiley Lawson Umstead  Della Hawkins Umstead
Veasey, Stephen Bennett 17 Sep 1885 M  William Daniel Veasey  Sally Jane Holloway
Veasey, William Zero 9 May 1881 M  Wm Daniel Veasey  Sally Jane Holloway
Veazey, Ira Leahman 10 Apr 1882 M  George Mc Duffie Veazey  Edna Walker
Veazey, Margaret Ora Alice 19 Jan 1890 F  George Mc Duffie Veazey  Edna Walker
Veazey, Mary Ada 31 May 1872 F  Amphries Judson Veazey  Sarah Elizabeth Forsythe
Waller, Mary Agnes 28 Jul 1888 F  Moses Baldwin Waller  Eunice Ann Roycraft
Walters, Florence Young 27 Oct 1889 F  George Thomas Walters  Hattie Lillian Lawrence
Weaver, Benjamin Purefry 14 Aug 1887 M  Henry Weaver  Mollie Frazier
Webb, Cora 2 May 1879 F  Wilson Webb  Betsy Thompson
Webb, John Frederick 27 Mar 1873 M  James Hazel Webb  Kate Russell
West, Annie Beatrice 1 Dec 1889 F  George West  Mollie Kinton
West, Dorsey Melvin 3 Mar 1890 M  Wyatt West  Alice Craft
West, Pearl 13 Jun 1887 F  George West  Mollie Kinton
Wheeler, Malor 28 Dec 1890 F  William Thomas Wheeler  Minnie Lee Piper
Whitaker, Lee Ed 18 Oct 1886 M  William Henry Whitaker  Jenny Parrott Whitaker
White, Edna Hilliard 29 Oct 1889 F  Edmund Thomas White  Ida Penn Hunt
White, May Shaw 2 Aug 1888 F  Thomas White III,  Kate Estelle Hunt
Wilbourn, Annie Bedie 3 Jun 1885 F  Harper C Wilbourn  Nannie J Elliott
Wilbourn, Ella Pearl 18 May 1888 F  Stephen Pool Wilbourn  Christiana Mildred Quisenberry
Wilbourn, Eula Kate 14 Oct 1883 F  Stephen Pool Wilbourn  Christiana Mildred Quisenberry
Wilkins, Cleveland 22 May 1886 M  Not shown  Susan Wilkins
Wilkins, Squire Harvey 18 Aug 1888 M  Alfred Clements Wilkins  Sarah Catherine Duncan
Williams, John Henry 16 Jun 1889 M  Moses Henry Williams  Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Williams, Walter Almus 17 Mar 1886 M  Elijah Williams  Louisa Mangum
Wilson, A G 23 Jul 1888 M  Samuel L Wilson  Mary C Hayes
Wilson, Robert Bentley 10 Apr 1889 M  Goodridge Wilson  Margaret Frayser
Wilson, Walter Wilson 15 Jan 1885 M  Henry Wilson  Lucy Wilson
Woltz, Henry M 25 Sep 1881 M  A W Woltz  Etta Lee Butler
Woodlief, Brandie Pitman 28 Sep 1890 M  Not shown Not shown
Woody, Jarvice Judson 6 Apr 1883 M  Frances Marion Woody  Lucy Satterwhite
Woody, John Luther 16 Jul 1876 M  Francis Marion Woody  Lucy Satterwhite
Yancey, Lee Jackson 2 May 1890 M  Andrew Jackson Yancey  Rebecca Tillotson
Young, Dolly A 7 Aug 1890 F  Lawrence Young  Annie Cooper
Young, Ellen J R 5 May 1888 F  Lawrence Young  Annie Cooper

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