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1900 Paupers Census Granville County NC

Home of the Aged and Infirm

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Status Age Occupation Born Read/Write
Walters, James R.  Head   W M




Supt. of County Home NC


Walters, Lucy A. Wife   W F Apr1850 M 50 Seamstress NC Y
Walters, Earnest Son  W M Feb1880 S 20 Asst. Supt. County Home NC Y
Walters, Archilbald Son W M Jun1889 S 10   NC Y
Walters, Anna B. Daughter W F Dec1892 S 7   NC Y
Walters, Iva M. Daughter W F Mar1897 S 3   NC  
Ross, Charles Head B M   M 27 Farm Laborer NC Y
Ross, Hanah Wife B F Jun1876 M 23 Laundress NC N
Ross, Susie Daughter B F Aug1898 S 1   NC  
Ross, Martha Daughter B F Sep1899 S 8/12   NC  
Ross, Mary Daughter B F Sep1899 S 8/12   NC  
Taylor, Bertha Inmate B F   D 35   NC N
Dement, Anna Inmate W F   S 82   NC N
Loyd, Parthenia Inmate W F   S 41   NC Y
Hobgood, Quintina Inmate W F   S 75   NC N
Griffin, Rebecca Inmate W F   S 50   NC N
Roberson, Laura Inmate W F   S 42   NC N
Oakley, Emma Inmate W F   S 26   NC Y
Ball, Donie Inmate W F   S 40   NC N
Edwards, Jack Ann Inmate W F   S 37   VA N
Tuck, Martha Inmate W F   S 45   NC N
Ball, Florance Inmate W F   S 4   NC N
Stroud, Lucy Inmate W F   S 95   NC N
Hicks, John Inmate W M   S 45   NC N
Oakley, Jack Inmate W M   S 10   NC Y
Blacknall, Jack Inmate W M   S 44   NC Y
Watkins, Barbee Inmate B F   WD 95   VA N
Montaque, Maria Inmate B F   S 50   NC N
Webb, Nicie Inmate B F   S 20   NC N
Marrow, Tabba Inmate B F   WD 80   NC N
Thorp, India Inmate B F   S 40   NC N
Wortham, Jennie Inmate B F   S 45   NC N
Sandford, Harriet Inmate B F   WD 95   NC N
Day, Robt. Inmate B M   S 74   NC N
Peace, Robt. Inmate B M   S 60   NC N
Overby, Sammie Inmate B M   S 22   NC N
Beasley, Judson Inmate B M   WD 41   NC N


Index of Paupers Records


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