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1860 Paupers Census Granville County NC

Name Age Sex Race

Occupation, Trade, Profession

Value Of Real estate Value Of Personal Property

Place Of Birth

Whether Pauper, deaf, dumb, or idiot

Page 78 -  Household # 567
Jones, Abner 44 M W Overseer Of Poorhouse 1200 3657 NC  
Jones, Emily 47 F W       NC  
Elizabeth 17 F W       NC  
Household # 568
Harris, Parsthena 43 F W       NC Pauper
Harris, Robert 72 M W       NC Pauper
Barlon, Lemima 60 F W       NC Pauper
Strum, Agnes 60 M W       NC Pauper
Household # 569
Askew, Robert 65 M W       NC Insane, cause not known
Hobgood, John R. 67 M W       NC Pauper
Izard, George 70 M W       NC Pauper
HouseHold # 570
              NC Pauper
Pettiford, David 105 M M       NC Pauper
Cozins, Jane 80 F B       NC Pauper
Straster, Rachel 80 F B       NC Pauper
Davis, Bettie 50 F B       NC Insane- cause unknown
Lyone, 75 F B       NC Pauper
Eaton, Thomas 75 M M       NC Pauper


Index of Paupers Records


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