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The State Records
Published Under The Supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the general Assembly.
Collected and Edited By Walter Clark
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina
Vol. XXII.
Miscellaneous Records

Page 170
List of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State in Dutch District.
State of North Carolina, Granville County, Dutch District, the following persons took the Oath of Allegiance, to wit:
Christian Peterson Thos. Bottoms
John Hatcher Thos. Veazey
Page 171  

Robert Harris

Wm. Burford

David Harris

Francis West

Mich'l Redwine

Thos. Welmon Culberhouse

Nathan Oakley

Howard Cash

John Hawkins

Joseph Cash

Thos. Wilburn

John C. Peak

Charles Wergman, Sr.

Thos. Burford

John Potter

Leonard Peak

Francis Ross

Elijah Veazey

Robert Allison

John Beck

Benedict Stasee

Richard Hamalt

Boling Adcock

Edmd. Carns

William Cork

Charles Meryman, Jr.

Ben. Baylis

Thomas Leonard

Andrew Jackson

William Little

James McLemoore, Senior

Jacob Braselton

George Minor

William Merryman

Wm. Burford, Jun.

John Hargrove

Daniel Burford

Edward Davis

Robert Harrell

R. I. Cooke

Nathaniel Waller, Sen.

George Byars

John Bailey

Thos. elements

Abraham Glimseh

Nicholas Meryman

Joseph Landess

John Maclemoore

Solomon Wearce

Aaron Statin

Joseph Banter

Michael Redwine

James Fleming

Tyre Clements

William Wheeler

James Claxton

James McLemoore

James Haskins

Charles Turner

Cornelius Fogarty

Fredrick Beck

James Veazey

Thomas Boner, Jr.

Ben. Bonner

Thomas Boner, Sr.

Micajah Bullock

Joseph O. Hall  
I will bear faithfull and true allegiance to the state of North Carolina and will truly Endeavor to support, maintain and defend.

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