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Landowners of Granville Co. in 1886 [ continued ]

Name Post-office Acres
Brogden Mrs M J Dutchville 9
Brogden Mrs S H Dutchville 101
Broaden W T Oxford 14.5
Brooks R G Oxford 72
Brown J W Tally Ho 125
Brummitt A E Reamston 108
Brummitt C H Reamston 30
Brummitt John Reamston 115
Brummitt Mrs P W Reamston 63
Brummitt W W Mt. Energy 30 8
Brummitt W W admr Wilton 185
Bryant Mrs Bettie Oxford 850
Bryant Henry Oxford 433
Bryant J H Oxford 413
Bryant Miss Pollie Buchanan 119
Buchanan J R Oxford 240
Buchanan R S Young's X Roads 79
Bullock A A Non Res 500
Bullock B F Mt. Energy 302
Bullock Euphrainy Non Res 108
Bullock H A Knap of Reeds 128
Bullock James A Pittard 628
Bullock John Sassafras Fork 526
Bullock J R Knap of Reeds 61
Bullock J T Mt. Energy 215
Bullock Mrs M Tally Ho 124
Bullock Mrs Nancy Mt. Energy 100
Bullock 0 F Tally Ho 71
Bullock Reuben Tally Ho 165
Bullock Mrs Sophia Mt. Energy 375
Bullock Mrs. S A exr W E B Mt. Energy 320
Bullock T G Tally Ho 175
Bullock W E estate Mt. Energy 237
Bullock W G Tally Ho 243
Bullock Mrs W J Mt. Energy 172
Bullock W M Knap of Reeds 66
Bullock W N Oxford 30
Bumpass Mrs N A Moriah 60
Burchett Emily Wilton 75
Burchett J F Tally Ho 116
Burkley T B Non res 214
Burnett Andrew Oxford 1.75
Burnett Woodson Pittard 68
Burnett Z H Oxford 526
Burt Wesley Oxford 5.5
Burton James Buchanan 30
Burwell Armstead  Non res 112
Burwell Benjamin Oxford 14.25
Burwell Mrs Bettie Oxford 1647
Burwell J S Kittrell 1009
Butler E G Dabney 176
Byrd Alex Becks 96
Byrd W F Becks '80
Byrum Dr W Wilson 112
Callahan J R Young's X Roads 296
Callis John E Oxford 82
Callis R R Oxford 82
Cannady A J Becks 165
Cannady J F Wilton 350
Cannady J R Oxford 400
Cannady, Nevison Oxford 87
Cannady, Mrs. N. B. Non res 100
Cannady, N E Mt Energy 386
Cannady, S H Wilton 390
Cannady, W H Franklinton 355
Cannady W H Wilton 223.5
Cargill Mrs E E Kittrell 50
Carrington A S Hampton 1045
Carrington J L Oxford 62
Carrington T R Brownsville 982
Cary Joseph Tally Ho 40.75
Cary S H Oxford 370
Cash Mrs Barbara Knap of Reeds 50
Cash Bryant Knap of Reeds 213
Cash Edward Dutchville 218
Cash Jacob heirs Dutchville 112
Cash J H Dutchville 45
Cash J T Dutchville 25.5
Cash J W Berea 115
Cash Moses Dutchville 92.5
Cash R H Dutchville 200
Cash T M Berea 412
Cash Valentine Dutchville 257
Cash W B Tally Ho 199
Cawthorn Miss Harriet & E Reamston 115.5
Cawthorn J W Wilson 147
Cawthorn Mrs L H Reamston 20
Chambers Albert Oxford 26.5
Champion W H & J I Wilton to 91
Chandler Annie Buchanan 109
Chandler Ephram Buchanan 20
Chandler J H Buchanan 146
Chandler James P Buchanan 110
Chandler R E Buchanan 77
Chandler R T Non res 110
Chandler Mrs S A Buchanan 233
Chandler W T Buchanan 200
Chappell A R Becks 100
Chappell D A Becks 179
Chappell Mrs Francis Becks 200
Chappell John H Grissom 36
Chappell J W Becks 100
Chavis Henry Dutchville 2
Chavis John Oxford 25
Chavis Julia A Oxford 70
Chavis J H Wilson 101
Chavis Samuel Oxford 3
Chavis W H Oxford 20
Cheatham D T Oxford 330

Cheatham J F or C J Bobbitt



Cheatham J T



Cheatham Mrs P J



Cheatham R A Oxford 78
Cheatham T G agt Oxford 442
Christmas Mrs Lucinda Non res 150
Christmas Mrs M A Brownsville 180
Clack A S Brownsville 140
Clack Miss C H Townsville 180
Clack D J P Reedsville 124
Clark A F Young's X Roads 72
Clark Benjamin Dutchville 51
Clark James Young's X Roads 250
Clark Joseph Dutchville 60

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