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1886 Business Directory - Oxford
6ranville County


Mayor - W. F. ROGERS.
Clerk - R. V. Minor.
Treasurer - J. W. HAYS.
Constable - H. W. Jots.
Collector--C. D. LEACH.
Commissioners-R. W. LASSITER. B. H. COZART, E. T. WHITE. B. GHEE.


Aiken & Hester. fertilizers, Hillsboro St
Allen A W, attorney at law. Williamsboro St
Allen. Bullock & Co. feed and provision, also leaf tobacco dealers. Hillsboro e of C H
Amis J S, attorney at law, Main St
Anderson John, butcher, Williamsboro St
Bank of Oxford, H C Herndon pres. W B Gulic cashier, Main St
Baskerville W G, physician. office Hall & Royster's drug Store
Beasley Wm R, general merchandise. Main St
Blackly C R, leaf tobacco dealer. Hillsboro St
Bobbitt, Booth & Co, prop'rs of Meadow's Warehouse for the sale of leaf tobacco. Hillsboro St
Booth & Hays. physicians, office Main St
Booth & Rogers. leaf tobacco dealers, College St Brinkley J D. photographer, Main St
Bullock Jno & Co, restaurant, College St
Bullock 8& Shim, prop'rs of Coopers Warehouse for the sale of leaf tobacco. Hillsboro St
Burwell T N & Co. leaf tobacco dealers. Broadway St
Cannady N B, attorney at law and insurance agent. Main street
Cannady Thomas W, attorney at law, Main St
Carrington Jesse, harness maker, Hillsboro St
Carrington S B,, dealer in liquors, wines, cigars and tobacco, Main St
Center Warehouse, for the sale of leaf tobacco. Crews. Cooper & Crews prop'rs. Gilliam nr cor Williamsboro St
Charlston Peter. barber and hair cutter. cor Hillsboro and Main St
Clement Thos D. dealer in fertilizers,  buggies, wagons. &c, Hillsboro St
Cooper H G. leaf tobacco dealer. Hillsboro St
Cooper J C. general merchandise, cor Hillsboro and College St.
Coopers' Warehouse, for the sale of leaf tobacco. Bullock & Steim prop'rs. Hillsboro St
Cooper & Whitefield. leaf tobacco dealers, Hillsboro St
Couch Dr R T. surgeon dentist. Main St
Crawford T D, druggist. dealer in fancy goods, perfumery &c. Hillsboro St
Crews, Cooper & Crews, prop'rs of Center Warehouse for the sale of leaf tobacco. Gilliam nr cor Williamsboro St
Crews Hotel. S V Ellis prop'r. Hillsboro St
Crews J A. sheriff Granville Co. office Court House
Crews Mrs.  S E. teacher in colored school. Hillsboro St
Currin A B,. livery and feed stables, office Main St
Currin J M, leaf tobacco dealer. Williamsboro St
Currin L H, dealer in leaf tobacco, Williamsboro St
Curtis Jos. blacksmith. Hillsboro St
Cozart B H, contractor for general building, w part of town
Daniel J. boot and shoe maker. Williamsboro St
Davis J A, attorney at law
Davis & Gregory, dealers in genuine Peruvian guano, standard fertilizers, buggies and wagons. Hillsboro St
Day & Bro. jewelers, Main St
Dement A, cooper. nr cor of Hillsboro St
Dixon B P, sup't Orphan Asylum
Dunton L L & Co. bakers, Main St
Easton C H & Co. leaf tobacco dealers. Williamsboro St
Edwards A, clothier and dry goods. Main St
Edwards L C, attorney at law. College St
Edwards & Rogers. hardware, tinware, glass ware, stoves, &c Main St
Emmitt J M, physician, office Hall & Roysters. drug Store
Farington Henry, barber, Main St
Ferguson, J L, leaf tobacco dealer, Hillsboro St
Field H. contractor and builder, College St
Fleming A P. groceries. &c. Hillsboro St
Fort C D H. surgeon dentist, Main St
Fried B. general merchandise, and dealer in liquors. opp CH, Williamsboro St
Gee Banky, general merchandise and saloon. Williamsboro Street
Gibson & Co. saloon, Main St
Gooch A L. dry goods. groceries. &c. College St
Gregory Dr 0. physician, Main St. over Lassiter & Kings drug store
Gregory W H, pres The Torchlight Publishing Co. office Main St
Hall & Royster. dispensing pharmacists and operating chemists. Main St
Hamilton J J. boot and shoe maker. Bank St
Hargrove T L. attorney at law, Williamsboro St
Harris A & Bro, restaurant. Main St
Harrison H C. surveyor Granville co. office Court House
Hawley & Puryear. butcher., Wiliiamsboro St
Hays J W  attorney at law. College St
Hicks R, boot and shoe maker. Williamsboro St
Hobgood A & Co, prop'rs of Johnson Warehouse for sale of leaf tobacco. College St
Hobgood F P. pres Oxford Female Seminary
Holt Wm Jr, barber, Main St
Horner JH & JC , principals Horner School
Horner School, J H & J C Horner principal., a classical,, mathematical. scientific and military school
Howell T L & Bros. dry pods and groceries, furniture. &c. Main St
Hughes H T. barber and hair dresser. Main St
Hundley G k. contractor for all kinds of plaster work, College St
Hundley \ S. saw mill. foundry- and cooper business, cor College and McClanahan Sts
Hunt D A & Sons. general merchandise. cor College and Hillsboro Sts
Hunt & Jeffreys leaf tobacco dealers, College St
Hunter Norfleet, dealer in furniture. blinds. sash. doors, and undertaker. Hillsboro St
Jail. C J Turner, Jailer. Court House square
Jenkins Palmer, cooper. opp Center Warehouse
Jenkins W H. with Johnson Warehouse for sale of  leaf tobacco. College St
Jenkins W H P, Supt Public Instruction, office Court House
Johnson Warehouse, for sale of leaf tobacco. A Hobgood & Co prop'rs. College St
Jones A M, general merchandise. Main St
Jones E W, sec The Torchlight Publishing Co. office Main Street
Jones H W, constable of the town of Oxford
Jones Job. confectioneries and vegetables, Williamsboro St
Kempner J K. merchant tailor, Hillsboro St
Knott G W, leaf tobacco dealer. College St
Knott H T. leaf tobacco dealer, College St
Kronheimer I. dry goods. clothing and fancy goods. Hillsboro St
Kronheimer H W, editor Oxford Torchlight, office Main Street
Landis A. Jr. general dry goody merchant, millinery a specialty. Main St
Landis Noah, blacksmith, cor Oak Hill and Walnut Sts.
Lanier M V. attorney at law. Harrisburg St
Lassiter R W. clerk superior court. office Court House
Lassiter R V Jr. leaf tobacco dealer, Gilliam St
Lassiter & King, drugs and fancy goods, Main St
Lewis Chas, shoe maker. Williamsboro St

Source: Emerson, Charles. Chas. Emerson's North Carolina tobacco belt directory : Greensboro, N.C.: Emerson, 1886

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