NC Yearbook Index: 30,000 Names and Counting

Two years ago, the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center launched a mass digitization project to digitize college and  high school yearbooks from across the state.  With the vast amount of information available in these yearbooks, I started an index database for graduating seniors.  The index focuses largely on classes graduating in 1930 and prior, but does include some later classes as well. 

Recently, I reached a milestone for the database and it now includes over 30,000 students! If your ancestor attended a college in NC during this time frame, you may very well finding them listed here. Of course, there are probably many schools whose yearbooks have not been digitized, but as more yearbooks are added, I will keep indexing 🙂

The database is searchable by name, county, city, state and school.  

If you are interested in keeping track of updates to the database, please subscribe to the RSS feed. I try to update at least once a month.  Additionally, you can visit the blog and sign up to get the updates sent directly to your email; just look for the sign-up box on the right side of the screen. 

If you are interested in helping contribute to the index, please let me know! Volunteers are always appreciated. You can visit the NC Yearbook Index by clicking on the graphic below.