Nash People

The first person selected for contributions to the history of Nash County  is L. S. Inscoe [17 September 1894 – 22 December 1990].  He served many years as the Superintendent of Schools in Nash County.  His lifelong interest in Nash County history is probably most memorable in his frequent articles that appeared in THE NASHVILLE GRAPHIC.  I first met him in 1973 when the two of us were in a workshop, sponsored by the State of North Carolina Archives,  for advanced researchers in the Old North State’s archives.  Of course, our shared love of Nash County history led us to spend several hours sharing details about our families and the crucial moments in the county’s past.  He was wonderful company, with a fine sense of humor and an engaging conversationalist, especially with anyone who shared his love of all things Nash.

In February, 1962, he was a founder and the first President of the Nash County Historical Society.  In 1976, he was a member of Nash County’s Bicentennial Commission and a primary researcher on the excellent as well as indispensable BY FAITH AND HERITAGE ARE WE JOINED: A COMPILATION OF NASH COUNTY HISTORICAL NOTES, edited by T. E. Ricks,  [Rocky Mt., NC: Dixie Printing & Publishing Company, 1976].  His picture below is from the book on page x.

Listed below are outstanding people who have contributed in important ways to the history of Nash County.

January 2010

L. S. Inscoe [1894 – 1990]: One of Nash’s Finest Historians

February 2010

Duncan Lamon: An Indispensable Man in Early Nash

March 2010

Viola Boddie: Educational Reformer

April 2010

Lawrence Chesterfield Bryant: Educator and Nash County Historian

May 2010

Margaret White Battle: Doctor and Nash County Historian

June 2010

Virginia Caroline Tunstall Clay-Clopton

July 2010

Nathan Boddie: A Founder of Nash County