Nash County, 1889

Levi Branson, editor, BRANSON’S NORTH CAROLINA BUSINESS DIRECTORY, Volume 7, [Raleigh,NC: Levi Branson, Office Publisher, 1889]  with Miss Myrtle C. Branson, First Assistant.  pages 467 – 472.

[beginning of page 467]


AREA: 520 Square Miles.

Population: 17,731 – White 9,418.   Colored: 8,313. [same population listed in 1896 Branson’s Business Directory; suggests that his estimates need verification in both years.]

Nash County was formed in 1777, and I named in honor of Gen. Francis Nash, of Orange county, who fell this year at the battle of Germantown bravely fighting for ‘the liberties of his country.

Nashville, the county-seat, is 44 miles east from Raleigh. Population 350.

Surface—Moderately uneven; much of the soil good, and remunerative, when well cultivated.

Staples—Corn, cotton, tobacco, wheat, oats, peas and sweet potatoes.

Fruits—Apples, peaches, pears, grapes melons and the small fruits.

Timbers—Pine, oak, cypress, gum hickory and dogwood.

Minerals—Gold. [Argo area]

TOWNS AND POST OFFICES. [name and population]

Argo –

Battleboro – 300

Castalia – 200

Dukes –

Gold Rock –

Hilliardston – 75

Hunt’s – 35


Oakland – 45

Red Oak –

Saint Elmo –

Sharpsburg – 50

Spring Hope – 50

Stanhope – 125

Union Hope –


Clerk Superior Court—John T. Morgan.

Commissioners—T. P. Braswell, Geo. W. Smith, Thos. Westray, Z. T. Strickland, J. E. R. Winstead.

Coroner—Elijah H. Crocker.

Register of Deeds—Richard F. Drake.

Sheriff—Augustus H. Ricks.

Surveyor—John C. Beal.

Standard-Keeper—S. H. Griffin.

Solicitor Third District – D.  Worthington.

Supt. Public Schools—L. M. Conyers.

County Board of Education—-W. A. Griffin, T. E. Parnell, J. H. Strickland.


Superior Court meets the eighth Monday after first Monday in March and eleventh Monday after first Monday in September.


Bailey’s Township— Magistrates are:  George W. Morgan, David Daniel, John R. Morris (Stanhope), Taylor Eatman (Wilson).

Castalia Township—Magistrates are:  James Harper, Joseph Collins, T. J. Braswell, Jr. (Castalia).

Coopers Township – Magistrates are:  G. B. Bryant, J. H. T. Baker, J. W. Bone (Nashville).

Ferrell’s Township – Magistrates are:  A. Bryant (Union Hope), C. B. Brantley, J. S. Denton (Stanhope), J. N. Bergerson. A. W. Bridgers (Spring Hope).

Griffin Township – Magistrates are:  George R. Cooper (Argo), Miles Bobbitt (Ringwood), J. W. Ward (Hilliardston), Walter H. Lewis, R. P. Leonard (Dukes).

Jackson Township– Magistrates are:  J. W. Baines, J. H. Strickland, Stephen E. Eure (Stanhope), B. D. Rice, Iredell J. Williams (Wilson)

Mannings Township – Magistrates are:  J. W. Floyd, George D. Johnson, J. H. Pitts, B. L. Holland (Spring Hope), A. Thomas (Hunt’s).

Nashville Township – Magistrates are:  E. H. Cockrell, L. M. Conyers, J. C. Harper, N. C. Cooper (Nashville), J. C. Beal (Red Oak).

Rocky Mount Township – Magistrates are:  Ed Haywood, S. L. Hunt, Jr., C. W. Hammond (Rocky Mt.).

Stony Creek Township – Magistrates are:  J. J. Coley, G. T. Coley, J. W. Barrett, H. A. Davis, J. W. Watson (Rocky Mt.)

Whitaker’s Township – Magistrates are:  D. W. Bullock, W. C. Taylor (Whitaker’s), J. W. B. Bass (Rocky Mt.), W. Arrington (Hilliardston), R. B. Hilliard (St. Elmo), T. C. Powell, W. R. Mann (Gold Rock), A. C. Thomas, M. C. Braswell (Battleboro).

CHURCHES [Names, Post Offices, Pastors and Denominations]

Belford – Castalia – D. R. Bruton- Methodist



Bethlehem-Wilson-H. F. Wiley-Methodist

Church-Nashville, D. R. Bruton-Methodist

Church-Whitaker’s-G. W. Callahan-Methodist

Church-Rocky Mount-B. B. Culbreth-Methodist

Gold Valley-Spring Hope-Methodist

Horne’s-Wilson-H.F. Wiley-Methodist

Mt. Pleasant-Stanhope-H. F. Wiley-Methodist

Mt. Zion-Toisnot-H.F. Wiley-Methodist


Sandy Cross-Nashville-D.R. Bruton-Methodist [My Grandfather John Sidney Proctor’s family attended this church]

Sharon-Red Oak-D.R. Bruton- Methodist

Whitaker’s Mill-Gold Rock-G. W. Callahan-Methodist [end of page 467]

White Oak—Spring Hope, D. R. Braton – Methodist [beginning of page 468]

York’s Chapel—Hilliardston, D. R. Bruton, Methodist

Church—Red Oak, Geo. E. Hunt. Meth. Prot

Church—Hilliardston, E. L Wood,  Meth. Prot

Harmony—Atgo,  – Meth. Prot

Red Oak—Nashville – E. L. Wood,  Meth. Prot

Church—Nashville-J. W. Powell-Bap

Church—Rocky Mount-J. W. Powell, Bap

Elm Grove—Nashville-John Sledge, Bap

Ephesus—Spring Hope-Bap

Fishing Creek—Ringwood-A. G. Wilcox,-Bap

Free Chapel—Rocky Mount- Bap


Lee’s Chapel—Earpsboro-Bap

Peach Tree—Hunt’s, G. N. Newell, Bap

Philadelphia—Dukes, G. M. Duke, Bap

Pleasant Grove—Oakland, G. N. Newell, Bap

Rehoboth—Spring Hope, G. M. Duke, Bap

Samaria—Stanhope, J. C. Cottingham, Bap

Church—Castalia, , Prim. Bap

Church—Whitaker’s, A. J. Moore, Prim. Bap

Falls of Tar River—Rocky Mount, P. D. Gold, Prim. Bap

Mill Branch—Sharpsburg, , Prim. Bap

Sandy Grove—Stanhope, B. Greenwood, Prim. Bap

Sappony—Nashville, W. R. Wiggins, Prim. Bap

Flood’s Chapel—Stanhope, J. W. Valentine, F. W. Bap

Stony Hill—Stanhope, , F. W. Bap

Church—Rocky Mount, R. P. Pell, Pres

Church—Rocky Mount, E. W. Bumstead, Epis

MINISTERS RESIDENT. [Names, Post Offices and Denominations]

Bruton, D. R., Nashville, Meth

Callahan, G. W., Whitaker’s, Meth

Long, B. F., Nashville, Meth

Barkley, A. G., Rocky Mount, Bap

Duke, G. M., Dukes, Bap

Harper, R. D., Dukes, Bap

Powell, J. W., Rocky Mount, Bap

Rowland, T. T.. Hilliardston, Bap

Collins, Joseph, Castalia, Prim. Bap

Moore, A. J., Whitaker’s, Prim. Bap

Matthews, F. H., Nashville, F. W. Bap

Valentine,  J. W., Spring Hope,  F. W. Bap

HOTELS AND BOARDING HOUSES [Names, Post Offices and Proprietors]

Battleboro Hotel, Battleboro, Jack Stewart

Collins House, Nashville, J. H. Collins

Farmers Hotel, Nashville, B. H. Sorsby

Hammond Hotel, Rocky Mounty, S. L. Hunt, Jr.

Boarding House:  Whitaker’s, Charles Braswell

Boarding House:  Rocky Mount, Henry Britt

Boarding House: Spring Hope, T. V. Renfrow

Boarding House: Spring Hope, W. H. Culpepper

Boarding House, Spring Hope, Burtis Cane


Battle, Thomas H., Rocky Mount

Battle, Jacob, Rocky Mount

Bunn, B. H., Rocky Mount

Cooley, R. A. P., Nashville

Hant, George P., Rocky Mount

Lewis, John B., Rocky Mount

Taylor, B. F., Nashville

Thorp, John H., Rocky Mount

Thorp, W. L., Nashville

MANUFACTORIES [Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietor]

Blacksmithing, Castalia, Frank Williams.

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Nashville, C. E. Barnes.

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Nashville, Jesse B. Harper.

Building and contracting, Nashville, D. L. Rackley.

Building and contracting. Nashville, S.  H. Griffin.

Building and contracting, Nashville, J.  B. Batchelor.

Building and contracting, Nashville, J. B. Daughtridge.

Building and contracting, Battleboro, J. M. Neal.

Coaches and wagons, Battleboro, A. J.  Hearne.

Coaches and wagons. Rocky Mount, Hackney Brothers. i

Cotton yarns and sheetings, Rocky Mount, Rocky Mount Mills.

Corn and flour, Toisnot, Harris Winstead.

Corn and flour, Rocky Mt., Josiah Baker.

Corn and flour, Hilliardston, W. W. Arrington.

Corn and flour, Rocky Mt., A. J.Vinerett.

Corn and flour, Gold Rock, R. M. Whitaker.

Corn and flour, St. Elmo, S. R. Milliard.

Corn and flour, Rocky Mt., Rocky Mount Mills.

Corn and flour, Rocky Mount, W. R. Winstead.

Corn, flour and saw. Spring Hope, J. T. Webb’s estate.

Corn, flour and saw, Nashville, N. W. Broddie.

Corn, flour and saw, Nashville, V. B. Batchelor.

Corn and saw, Nashville, J. B. Joyner.

Corn and saw. Red Oak, J. H. Odom.

Corn and saw, Red Oak, J. J. Coley.

Corn and saw, Nashville, J. T. Braswell.

Corn and saw. Duke’s, F. H. Hedgepeth.

Corn and saw, Spring Hope, May & Wheless.

Corn and saw, Whitaker’s, C. C. Vinerett.

Corn and saw, Castalia, J. A. Matthews.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, A. B.Williams.

Corn and saw, Wilson, Peyton Bissett.

Corn and saw, Wilson, K. H. Bailey & Son.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, Burton Hicks.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, W.D. Dickerson.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, J. L. Finch.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, Edward Finch.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, Frank Finch.

Corn and saw, Stanhope, G. B. Brantley &Son.

Corn and saw, Spring Hope, T. C. May.

Corn and saw, Spring Hope, T. I. May.

Saw, Spring Hope, Brandy & Hopkins.

Saw, Nashville, J. E. Alford & Son.

Harness and saddles, Nashville, L. W. Hedgepeth.

Iron foundry, Spring Hope, Gus Pulley.

Tannery, Nashville, Robert J. Weaver.

Tin and sheet-iron, Rocky Mount, George R. Dixon.

Tuscarora Mills, Enfield, J. T. Bellamy. !

Wheelwrighting, Castalia, Henry Marshall. i

Wheelwrighting, Castalia, Henry Hedgepeth. [end of page 468]

MERCHANTS AND TRADESMEN  [Names, Post Offices, Lines of Business] (beginning of page 469)


Campbell & Lyon – General Store


Braswell, T. P. & Son – General Store

Bullock & Hobgood – General Store

Davis, W. P. & Company – General Store

Hobgood & Hobgood – General Store

Odom, J. D. – Saloon

Pope, R. C.- Saloon


Bartholomew, W. L. – General Store

Bartholomex, S. J.  – General Store

Batchelor, E. B. – General Store

Mitchell,  W. H. – General Store

Nelms, N. C. – General Store

Smith, Rearney – General Store

Stallings, R. J. – General Store


Avent, Thomas – General Store

Freeman, James – General Store

Reynolds, T. & Co – General Store

Wilkins, W. L. – General Store

York, W. M. – General Store


Strickland, B. T. – General Store

Wheless,  W. G. – General Store


Arrington, Sills & Company – General Store

Bass, W. C. – Saloon and General Store

Battle, T. W. & Co. – General Store

Batchelor, V, B, & Co. – General Store

Batchelor, Wallace – Saloon

Boddie, Ward & Company – General Store

Boddie Bros.  – General Store

Brooks, R. N. – General Store

Collins, J. S. – Saloon

Collins, J. S. – General Store

Culpepper, Dr. B. N. – Drugs and General Store

Hedgepeth, L. W. – General Store

Lenenstine & Daniel – General Store

Ricks Brothers – General Store

Smith, George W. – Saloon

Taylor, Frank – General Store

Tucker, J. T. – General Store

Winstead & Boddie – General Store


Abram, Daniel – General Store

Armstrong, J. D. – General Store

Arrington & Company – General Store

Arrington, A. W., – General Store

Davis, W. D. – General Store

Eason, John – Saloon

Hines, M. M. – General Store

Muse, E. G. & Company – General Store

Parker, G. L. – Jewelry

Pridgen, Hannah – General Store

Reeter, W. N.  – Saloon

Rocky Mount Mills – General Store

Sorsby & Ricks – Hardward

Sessoms, James, Jr. – General Store

Weaver, J. F. & Brothers – General Store


Sharpe, John J. – General Store


Bass, W. C. – General Store

Bergeran, J. N. – Saloon

Bobbitt & Spiney – Saloon and General Store

Branch, Cone & Co.  – General Store

Culpepper, W. H. & Brother – Drugs and General Store

Earl, J. W. – General Store

Harris, Mrs. Jennie – Millinery

Hollingsworth, J. T. – General Store

Lamm, S. L. – General Store

Luper, J. D. – Saloon

May & Wheless – General Store

McManaway & Edwards – Drugs

Upchurdh & Harris – Saloon and General Store


Beard, A. R. – General Store

Biggs, H. H. – General Store

Finch, N. B. – General Store

Griffin, W. H.  – General Store

Hopkins, S. C. – General Store


Ballentine, R. W. – General Store

Hopkins, S. C. – General Store

Murray, C. J. – General Store

MINES [Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors]

Mann-Arrington-Gold-Argo.  Mann-Arrington Gold Mining Company

Also:  Edmonds Gold Mining Company-Argo is listed under corporations.

MILLS  [Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors]

Corn and Flour, Battleboro, T. P. Braswell

Corn and Flour, Nashville, G. A. Winstead

Corn and Flour, Castalia, W. H. Arrington

Corn and Flour, Wilson, Benjamin Thompson

Corn and Flour, Wilson, N. R. Strickland [end of page 469]

Corn and Flour, Toisnot, Harris Winstead [beginning of page 470]

Corn and Flour, Hilliardston, W. W. Arrington

Corn and Flour, Rocky Mount, A. J. Vinerett

Corn and Flour, Gold Rock, R. M. Whitaker

Corn and Flour, Elmo, S. R. Hilliard

Corn and Flour, Rocky Mount Mills

Corn and Flour, Rocky Mount, W. R. Winstead

Corn, Flour and Saw, Spring Hope, J. T. Webb’s Estate

Corn, Flour and Saw, Nashville, N. W. Broddie (Boddie?)

Corn, Flour and Saw, Nashville, V. B. Batchelor

Corn and Saw, Nashville, J. B. Joyner

Corn and Saw, Red Oak, J. H. Odom

Corn and Saw, Red Oak, J. J. Coley

Corn and Saw, Nashville, J. T. Branswell

Corn and Saw, Duke’s, F. H. Hedgepeth

Corn and Saw, Spring Hpe, May & Wheless

Corn and Saw, Whitaker’s, C. C. Vinerett

Corn and Saw, Castalia, J. A. Matthews

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, A. B. Williams

Corn and Saw, Wilson, Peyton Bissett

Corn and Saw, Wilson, D. H. Bailey & Son

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, Burton Hicks

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, W. D. Dickerson

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, J. L. Finch

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, Edward Finch

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, Frank Finch

Corn and Saw, Stanhope, G. B. Brantley & Son

Corn and Saw, Spring Hope, T. C. May

Corn and Saw, Spring Hope, T. I. May

Saw, Spring Hope, Brantly & Hopkins

Saw, Nashville, J. E. Alford & Son

PHYSICIANS. [Names and Post Offices]

Brantley, C. H., Stanhope.

Brantley, Hassell, Nashville.

Braswell, J. C, Whitaker’s.

Braswell, M. R., Rocky Mount.

Bullock, D. W., Whitaker’s.

Culpepper, B. N. Nashville.

Dew, S. B., Rocky Mount.

Drake, Frank J., Nashville.

Earl, James M., Nashville.

Edwards, William H., Hunt’s.

Griffin, J. A., Nashville.

Hilliard, Sidney P. (dentist). Rocky Mt.

Lewis, George W., Spring Hope.

Mann, J. J., Nashville.

Marriott, Henry B., Battleboro.

Ross, T. T. (dentist), Nashville.

Sills, David N., Castalia.

Spruill, W. T., Hilliardston.

Thorp, Frank J., Rocky Mount.

SCHOOLS  [Names, Post Offices and Principals]

[no Castalia Female Institute is listed]

Academy, Cedar Rock, W. O. Dunn.

Academy, Nashville, Prof. McCullen.

Carolina Male and Female Institute, Nashville, D. L.. Ellis.

Morning Star, Nashville, Mrs. M. J. Willoughby.

Mount Pleasant Academy, Stanhope, S. E. Eure.

Rockville Academy, Stanhope, Prof. Wilson.

School, Sharpe’s Grove,

School, Stanhope, E. G. Perry.

School, Red Oak, Elias Wilcox.

School, Battleboro, Miss M. Marriott.

School, Rocky Mount, Rev. Mr. Bumpstead.

BRANSON’S BUSINESS DIRECTORY states that Nash County, in 1889, has 44 white public  schools and 30 African American ones; in the 1896 Branson’s Directory lists 65 white and 45 African American.

TEACHERS. [Names and Post Offices]

Anderson, C. M. (colored), Stanhope.

Anderson, Hinton (colored). Stanhope.

Armstrong, W. S , Rocky Mount.

Arlington, Joseph A. (colored), Hilliardston.

Arrington, Hannah E. (colored), Hilliardston.

Arrington, Mrs. Susan (colored), Hilliardston.

Arrington, Miss Lizzie, Red Oak.

Baines, C. H., Oakland.

Baker, J. H. T., Nashville.

Batchelor, Britton (colored), Nashville.

Battle, C. W. (colored), Gold Rock.

Battle, Miss Amanda (colored), Wilson.

Battle, J. R. (colored), Nashville.

Boddie, Miss Laura E., Nashville.

Bone, Miss M. C, Nashville.

Bridgers, A. W., Spring Hope.

Bridgers, Major (colored), Whitaker’s.

Bryan, E. E. (colored), Nashville.

Bryan, Aaron (colored), Rocky Mount.

Coley, G. T., Rocky Mount.

Dancy, H. T. (colored), Hilliardston.

Davis, J. L. (colored), Castalia.

Deans, J. T. (colored), Toisnot.

Denton, J. S., Stanhope.

Drake, B. F., Gold Rock.

Edwards, J. H. (colored), Toisnot.

Ellis, D. L., Nashville.

Eure, S. E., Stanhope.

Exum, Mrs. J. H., Whitaker’s.

Finch, A. D., Stanhope.

Griffin, Miss M. E., Red Oak.

Hales, Miles N., Sharpsburg.

Harper, S. B., Stanhope.

Haywood, J. H. (colored), Castalia.

Helms, Miss Sarah L., Spring Hope. [end of page 470]

Hunt, Miss Alice M., Hilliardston. [beginning of page 471]

Jones, Mrs. Helen (colored), Rocky Mount.

King, W. S. (colored). Spring Hope.

Lucas, M. (colored). Rocky Mount.

Mann, Miss Lizzie (colored), St. Elmo.

Murphrey, J. P. (colored), Toisnot.

Overstreet, Miss Sue, Whitaker’s.

Parker, Miss Cornelia A. (colored), Rocky Mt.

Pelt, Miss M. B., Nashville.

Proctor, W. H., Nashville.

Ricks, Miss Alice (colored), St. Elmo.

Robbins, J. W., Sharpsburg.

Robbins, S. A. P.. Nashville.

Sexton, G. W., Whitaker’s.

Sills, Miss Pattie (colored), Castalia.

Thompson, Mrs. Ella, Wilson.

Vester, B. H., Nashville.

Whitaker, Miss Allen (colored), Gold Rock.

Whitaker.Miss Rebecca(colored).Gold Rock.

Whitaker, Mrs. Louisa (colored), Gold Rock.

Wilkins, Miss Martha A. (colored), Spring Hope.

Williford, C. J., Nashville.

Worsley, W. H., Rocky Mount.


Carolina Male and Female Institute, Nashville.

Central Cross Lodge, No. 187, A. F. and A. M., Hunt’s.

Corinthian Lodge, No. 230, A. F. and A. M., Rocky Mount.

Edmonds Gold Mining Co., Argo.

Mann-Arrington Gold Mining Co., Argo.

Morning Star Lodge, No. 85, A. F. and A. M., Nashville.

Rockville Lodge, No. 411, A. F. and A. M., Stanhope.

Rocky Mount Agricultural and Mechanical Association, Rocky Mount.


THE ARGONAUT, Nashville; democratic; weekly; Campbell & Lyons, props.; Rev. B. F. Long, editor.

THE PHOENIX, Rocky Mount; democratic; weekly; John B. Lewis, ed. and prop.

THE PLAINDEALER, Rocky Mount; democratic; weekly; Harris & Lanier, eds. and props.

FARMERS.  [Names and Post-offices.]

Battleboro. —T. P. Braswell, E. J. Braswell, John W. Davis, Lafayette Harper, J. B. Philips, Carter Pope. G. W. Ward.

Castalia.—W. H. Arrington, B. L. Arrington, Meruit Batchelor, T. J. Braswell, T. J. Braswell, Jr., J. M. Braswell, James Harper, Samuel Harper, George Harper, Henry Marshall, J. A. Matthews, W. H. Mitchell, Jas. Privett, Jos. Privett, D. S. Rice.Wm. Rich, T. A.Sills, Dr. D. N. Sills, M. C. Strickland, Geo. Strickland. W. T. Taylor, John T. Terry, Richard Williams.

Dukes.—T. G. Bunting, B. B. Bunting, Rev. G. M. Duke, Rev. R. D. Harper, F. Hedgepeth, G. W. Hedgepeth, C. E. Hedgepeth, K. P. Leonard, W. H. Lewis, Silas Ward, W. A. Williams.

Gold Rock.—B. J. Archbell, W. T. Bryan, Jefferson Cobb. B. F. Drake, Phil. Edwards, James A. Gay, Thos. E. Griffin, W. L. High, Mrs. C. M. Mann, Moses Moore, T. E. Powell. L. A. Powell, A. H. Ricks, James Rideout, W. H. Sexton, R. M. Whitaker.

Hilliardston.—W. W. Arrington, R. W. Arrington, T. V. Avent, T.W. Avent, A. W. Cooper, James Freeman, A. C. Griffin, W. G. Jones, C. E. Sears, R. W. Stallings, D. E. Sumner, Jas. T. Tisdale, Alex. Tisdale, W. M. York, Thomas F. York.

Hunt’s.—G. D. Bass, R. V. Collins, T. F. Creekmore, J. H. Edwards, Dr. W. H. Edwards, G. A. Gardner, A. Hinton,  B. L. Holland, A. J. May, T. J. Sykes, W. G. Wheless, Joseph White.

Nashville.—Gideon Bass, V. B. Batchelor, N. W. Boddie, J. B. H. Boddie, C. F. Boddie, H. A. Bone, J. N. Bone, J. W. Braswell, E. H. Cockrell. J. J. Cockrell, Gideon Coggin. B. T. Coggin. L. M. Conyers, N. C. Cooper, Daniel Cooper, W. L. Dozier, J. R. Dozier, F. M. Dozier, J. R. Green, W. J. Griffin, W. G. Griffin, J. R. Griffin, A. J. Griffin, S. H. Griffin, J. W. Harper, L. W. Hedgepeth. J L. Hinton, J. B. Joyner, M. S. Joyner, J. D. Manning, D. W. Mason, V. B. Matthews, R. H. Moore, W. F. Noble, C. J. Odom, J D. Odom, George Ricks, S. B. Ricks. W. H. Robbins, M, Rose, C. C. Smiih, H. N. Snell, J. W. Stone, B. H. Vester, George Walker, C. W. Ward, R. J. Weaver, W. G. Wheless, G. A. Winstead. Isaac Womble.

Oakland.—A. S. Baines, W. T. Batchelor, Coley Boddie, R. E. Collins, N. Collins, Lucien Collins, J. H. Hollingsworth. C. D. Matthews, John Turner.

Red Oak.—W. D. Barnes, J. C. Beal, C. H. C. Bunting. G. T. Coley, Thomas Denson, D. H. Denson, John A. Edwards, R. E. Edwards, J. L. Greene, W. B. Griffin, J. L. Griffin, J. B. High, Thad Hiqh. A. D. May, Ira May, Lee Whitty (Whitley?), J. R. Whitfield, C. W. Whitfield.

Rocky Mount.—Alex. Baker, Josiah Baker, J. R. Barnes, Robert Barnes, [end of page 471 & beginning of page 472] J. W. Barrett. W. L. Batts, R. H. Bunn,  J. J. Coley, W. M. Daughtridge, H. A.  Davis, R. Everett, David Everett, G. W.  Gay, T. H. Griffin, J. H. Harris, J. H.  Hunter, E.  Joyner, W. R. Joyner, G.  L. Joyner, W. D. Joyner, L. Joyner, G.  D. Langley. G. W. Price, Henry H.  Pridgen, R. H. Ricks, Amos Ricks, C. C. Ricks. G. W. Robbins, G. W. Smith. J.  H. Thorp, D. W. Thorp. W. S. Trevathan, A. J. Viverett, J. W. Watson, J. F. Weaver, W. C. Weaver, S. C. Westray,  J.B. Whitley, Henry A. Whitley, Samuel Whitley, R. R. Whitley, M. B. Willeford,  W. R. Winstead.

Sharpsburg.—J. H. Joyner, J. D. Robbins, J. J. Sharp.

Spring Hope.—S. J. Batchelor, M. C. Brantley, A. W. Bridgers. W. H. Culpepper, E. H. Deans, A. J. Deans, J. W. Floyd, B. L. Holland, T. A. Johnson, Simon Jones, Joseph Jones, M. W. Kendrick, S. S. Kendrick, H. Lamm, Jacob Lamm, Stephen Lamm, G. N. Lewis, W. W. Manning. W. E. Manning, Eli M. Manning. T. C. May, T. J. May, G. B. Morgan, J. H. Pitts, B. G. Sanders, J. W. Valentine. Henry Wilkins.

Stanhope.—A. B. Baines, G.W. Baines, William Baines. James M. Baines, Josiah Bissett, M. Bissett, Hardy Brantley, William Brantley, A. H. Denton. Wm. Dickerson, Ed. Dilliard, E. B. Finch. Peyton Finch, J. L. Finch. W. R. J. W. Finch, David Finch, V. A. J. Glover, J. P. Glover, W. H. Griffin, Monroe Griffin. G. H. Harper, S. B. Harper. E. H. Morgan, George W. Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Samuel Murray, Henry J. Murray, Eaton Perry, Mrs. Nannie Privett, M. D. Ricks, G. D. Ricks, J. H. Strickland, L. Strickland, C. M. J Strickland. H. O. Strickland, Thomas Westray, Henry Whitty (Whitley?), Ruffin Whitty (Whitley?).

St. Elmo.—George Arrington, Wiley Drake, J. W. Ellen, S. R. Hilliard, E. B. Hilliard, John Jones. William Mann, W. R. Mann.

Union Hope.—R. W. Ballentine, Augustus Bryant, S. C. Hopkins, John R. Morris, C. J. Murray, W. H. Murray.

Whitaker’s.—Lawrence Battle, Jesse Battle, J. C. Bellamy, J. H. Burnett, J. H. Exum, Z. H. Green, T. Hunter, W. B. Hunter, J. B. Savage, W. C. Taylor, A. L. Taylor, R. C. Taylor, L. F. Wheless.

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