Wells Cemetery, Nash County

WELLS CEMETERY – located Oak Level Township; west side of State Road 1703 [Barnes Hill Road]; north of State Road 1717 [Sandy Cross Road]; west side of Barnes Hill Road, just north of Barnes Hill Church.

Surveyed by: Earl P. Bell, Jr.

Posted:  25 April 2010

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Copyright:  Earl P. Bell, Jr.

Thanks to Peggy Barnes Poplin for her help in putting the information together on this graveyard.  Her knowledge was invaluable especially on the relationships among people buried here.



WELLS, John W.  [17 May 1841 – 18 August 1918] on his tombstone only J. W. Wells appears; his first wife was Curtis Ann Williams Underwood [26 October 1846 – 26 November 1900]  (married in 1869); in 1901, John W. Wells married Nettie; his parents were Bartley Wells, his father, and Rebecca Jenkins, his mother. (from his NC Death Certificate); the Battle survey incorrectly lists his date of birth as 1891 and thus mislabels the cemetery, which modern relatives have corrected at the cemetery and now in this online survey.  In fact, John W. Wells’ age is documented in his North Carolina Death Certificate.



BARNES, E. B. (Elisha Bunn Barnes) [1 September 1850 – 6 June 1932]

Husband of Zilphia A. Barnes; father of Rosa Barnes.  His father was: John Barnes and his mother was: Lucy Bone,  both of Nash County; at the time of Elisha Barnes’ death he is living in Oak Level Township.

BARNES, Zilphia A. [4 October 1859 – 25 January 1917]

Wife of Elisha Bunn Barnes; Daughter of John W. and William Anna Wells; her father was:  Joe Barnes and her mother was: Rowan Baker, both of Nash County, NC.; at the time of her death she is living in Cooper’s Township, Route 1, Nashville, Nash County, NC.

JONES, J. D.  (John “Jack” Daniel Jones) [25 November 1856 – 22 October 1925] (husband of Martha Ann Peebles, second wife, and his first wife was Bedie Trevathan from Black Creek Township, Wilson County, NC.   Jack Jones is the maternal great, grandfather of Peggy Barnes Poplin [Ahoskie, NC], Beth Jenkins Stillwell [Yorktown, VA], Saunders Proctor Black [Stanley, NC] and Earl P. Bell, Jr. On the face of his tombstone are the Gates of Heaven; the inscription on the top seems to say “Blessed Enter”  The inscription on the bottom of the tombstone is currently unreadable.

BOTTOMS, Bettie Elizabeth  [ca. 1857  –  1 October 1909] “wife of R. B. Bottoms at 52 years old”; a wife is also listed as: Effie Joyner in NC Death Certificates.



JONES, Martha Ann (Peebles) [4 June 1861 – 28 February 1940]

second wife of Jack Jones; only 1861 – 1940 is on her tombstone; she died in Wilson, Wilson County, NC where she was living with her son Calvin Martin Jones, Sr. and his wife Lillie Belle Joyner.

EASON, J. W. T. (James W. Thomas Eason)  [13 March 1865 – 4 January 1930], husband of Amanda E. Izard Wells; father of William W.; Eula E.; Emma E.; James W.; and Lonnie H. Eason

JOYNER, J. W. (John Washington Joyner) [4 June 1866 – 14 April 1930] husband of Fannie A. Wells Joyner

JOYNER, Fannie A. (Wells) [16 May 1870 – 27 December 1930] wife of J. W. Joyner



BOTTOMS, P. J. (Pharoah J. Bottoms) [14 February 1870  – 21 September 1924] son of Richard “Dick” B. Bottoms and Eveline Eason  [Inscription: “Gone But Not Forgotten”]

WELLS, Amanda (Amanda E. Wells) [2 May 1872 – 5 January 1937] Amanda E. Wells was married to James W. Thomas Eason [1865 – 1930]; they married in 1886 and they had five children [listed in the Census of 1900]: William W. Eason [b. Sept. 1890]; Eula E. Eason [b. April 1893]; Emma E. Eason [b. July 1895]; James W. Eason [b. July 1897] and Lonnie H. Eason [b. June, 1899]; In 1900, Amanda Eason is listed as having five children born; five still living. It is interesting and something of a mystery why her name is listed on her tombstone as Amanda Wells, not Amanda Eason, she was married to James Eason forty four years.  In the Census of 1880, living in the same house are:  John W. Wells and his wife Curtis William Ann Underwood Wells; Elizabeth “Bettie” Izard, age 25, from Wilson County, NC, a hireling (according to the census taker); and her daughter Amanda E. Wells, age 8.  On Amanda Eason’s death certificate, her father is listed as John W. Wells of Nash County and her mother is listed as: Bettie Izard of Wilson County, NC.  Thus, from 1872, Amanda E. Wells (Eason) lived with her half brothers and sisters including:  Susan A. Wells [b. 1866]; Fannie A. Wells (Joyner) [b. 1870]; William A. Wells [b. 1884] and Mary Ann Wells (Davis) [b. 1871].  She is buried in this graveyard with her half sisters Mary Ann Wells Davis and Fannie Wells Joyner.

DAVIS, Sidney  [3 March 1873 – 4 January 1945]

husband of Mary Ann Wells Davis; father of Fannie Davis Barnes

DAVIS, Mary A.  (Mary Ann Wells Davis) [17 March 1871 – 30 September 1948]

Wife of Sidney Davis; daughter of John W. and Curtis Underwood Wells (Curtis Ann William Underwood Wells) [26 Oct 1846 – 26 November 1900], mother of Fannie Davis Barnes from {NC Death Certificates and Census Records].



LINDSEY, Fannie Barnes [5 May 1880 – 22 July 1960]

JONES, Calvin M.  (Calvin Martin Jones, Sr.) [13 June 1888 – 3 February 1948]

Only 1988 and 1948 listed on his tombstone; he is the oldest son of Jack  and Martha Ann Peebles Jones

JONES, Lillie Belle Joyner [10 October 1892 – 16 September 1975]

Lillie Joyner Jones is the wife of Calvin Martin Jones, Sr.

EASON, Will W.  (Willie Washington Eason)  [22 September 1890 – 18 October 1936]

[Son of James W. Thomas and Amanda E. Izard Wells Eason; killed in an automobile wreck.]

BARNES, Rosa (Rosa Barnes Eason)  [1 February 1889 – 19 August 1910]inscribed: “wife of W. W. Eason.” Inscription not readable;  “Daughter of Elisha B. and Zilphia A. Barnes” appears on the headstone

LANGLEY, William Lawrence [23 April 1883 – 8 April 1931]

[Inscription:  “May He Fine Joy in the Life Everlasting”] (husband of EULA ESTELLE LANGLEY)

LANGLEY, Eula Estelle  [18 April 1893 – 24 March 1976]

[Inscription:  “May She Find Joy in the Life Everlasting”]  (wife of WILLIAM LAWRENCE LANGLEY).



JOYNER, Mary Lizzie [29 July 1893 – 5 June 1938]

JOYNER, Bauzy W.  [4 May 1894 – 8 January 1956]

EASON,  Pearl Thornell  [14 November 1896 – 3 August 1977]

EASON,  J. Wonnie  [30 July 1896 – 17 February 1976]

[husband of L. EFFIE TAYLOR EASON]

EASON, L. Effie Taylor  [28 December 1902  – 22 February 1953]

[wife of J. WONNIE EASON]  (Other images on their shared grave marker:  “a pair of praying hands with the following inscription:  “Thy Kingdom Come.”)

EASON, Lonnie H.  [25 June 1899 – 16 March 1964]

[Son of James W. Thomas and Amanda E. Wells Eason.  Small cross above his name]

TAROTUTO, Nikoly [14 May 1897 –  18 January 1977]


TAROTUTO, Mattie L.  [8 September 1904 –  10 February 1978]




JONES, J. E. (James “Jimmie” E. Jones) [1 January 1900 – 14 July 1946]

son of Jack  and Martha Ann Peebles Jones (Martha Ann is Jack’s second wife).

BARNES, F. D.  (Fannie Davis Barnes) [23 November 1902 – 16 November 1948] Her death certificate lists her birth as 23 November 1903; her husband was:  Stephen Robert Barnes; her father was Sidney Davis and her mother was: Mary Ann Wells.

ALLEN, Harvey E.  [5 October 1903 – 26 November 1976]

[Inscription:  “Rest in Peace”]

JOYNER, William C.  [12 October 1906 – 21 November 1906] son of John Washington and Fannie Wells Joyner

GURGANUS, Bettie Land  [15 December 1907 – 24 December 1980]

[Inscription:  “The Angels .  .  .Singing unto One, can find among their Burning Terms of Love, None So Devotional as Their Mother.”]



JOYNER, Shellie Langley [21 March 1910 – 23 September 1937]

[Inscription:  “In Memory of Our Mother”; wife of OTHA JACKSON JOYNER]

JOYNER, Otha Jackson [9 October 1911 –  10 March 1983]

[Inscription:  “In Memory of Our Father”; husband of SHELLIE LANGLEY JOYNER]

EASON, Thelma [28 October 1912 – 5 December 1912]

Inscribed: “daughter of Elisha Eason  [inscription:  “Budded on earth, to bloom and ripen”]

DAVIS, _________  [26 January 1913 – 31 May 1913]

MOSLEY, Sr.,   J. Fred  [26 August 1911 – 13 November 1982]

[husband of LESSIE L. MOSLEY]

MOSLEY, Lessie L.  [18 May 1914 –  2 August 2005]

[wife of J. FRED MOSLEY, SR]

EASON, Arthur Thomas [28 July 1913 – 6 August 2002]

[Inscription:  “The  Angels will Sing with Your Sweet Melody”  at the top of the tombstone:  a sketch of a guitar]

JONES, Calvin “Monk” Martin, Jr. [25 July 1914 – 18 November 1937]

Son of Calvin Martin (SR.) and Lillie Joyner Jones

JOYNER, Adolphus L.  [1 November 1915 – 18 May 1987]

Husband of Lula C. Joyner

JOYNER, Lula C.  [22 August 1917 – 10 July 2003]

[Wife of Adolphus L. Joyner]

JOYNER, _______  [died: 28 October 1918]

JOYNER, Infant [8 February 1917 – 8 February 1917]

EASON,  James Ervin  [22 February 1918  –  5 March 1980]

[“Child of God”]

JONES, Bauzy W. [4 June 1918 – 12 March 1920]

son of Jack  and Martha Ann Peebles Jones (Martha Ann is Jack’s second wife).

EASON,  Charlie Thomas [ 1 October 1919 – 15 January 1987]

[Other Information Listed on the Foot Marker: “PFC  US Army  World War II”]

PARKER,  Richard F.  [1 October 1917 – 8 February 1999]

[husband of FAYE A. PARKER]

PARKER,  Faye A.  [30 March 1933 –  14 January 2000]




EASON, Troy L.  [9 September 1921 – 11 Februay 1987]

Husband of Bernice P. Eason  [inscription:  Together Forever]

EASON, Bernice P. [22 April 1924 – 31 March 1985]

Wife of Troy L. Eason [inscription: Together Forever]

LANGLEY, Linwood Lawrence [20 October 1921 – 26 March 1952]

[Inscriptions:  “Served in US Navy  World War II”   “Till the Sun Grows Cold and the Stars are Old, and the Leaves of the Judgment Book Unfold”]

LANGLEY, Floyd Elwood [11 August 1923 – 14 April 1931]

[Inscription:  “From Mother’s Arms to the Arms of Jesus”]

LANGLEY, Beatrice I.  “Sister”   [17 April 1928 – 5 December 2009]

JOYNER, Vertice L. “Bert”  [22 June 1925 – 14 February 2000]

[Vertice Joyner and Beatrice Langley are buried together, with inscriptions on each grave’s elongated crypt.  At the head of their adjoining, continuous and shared burial crypts is the inscription:  “Trust in the Lord”

LAND, George H.  [1 August 1924 – 21 March 1976]

[Inscription:  “Safe in the Arms of Jesus”]

JONES, Magdalene (Mary Magdalene Jones)  [19 June 1923 – 1 May 1925]

daughter of Jack and Martha Ann Peebles Jones (Martha Ann is Jack’s second wife).

EASON, Lester  T. [2 May 1924 – 3 September 1979]

[Inscription:  “Devoted Husband & Father”] at the center of foot marker are located praying hands.

EASON, Sr.,   James Earl  [2 January 1924 – 1 September 1994]

[husband of Christine S. Eason}

EASON, Christine S.  [6 September  1934 –                   ]




JOYNER, Infant [20 September 1930 – 20 September 1930]

WHITLEY, Catherine Langley [28 August 1934 – 25 November 2005]

LANGLEY, Inez J.  [29 April 1936 – 10 June 2007]  “Resting in the Arms of Jesus” an  empty crypt beside her in a continuously enclosed larger crypt; inscriptions on the elongated crypt include:  “Beloved wife, mother and nana”  “When We All Get to Heaven”   “I Have Fought the Good Fight.  I Have Finished the Course.   I Have Kept the Faith.”



JOYNER [Jr.], John Howard [27 November 1948 – 11 May 1966]



EASON, Lester Ray [13 February 1950 – 5 March 1970]

JOYNER, Kenneth B.  [19 March 1953 – 1 April 1958]

EASON, Lester Ray  [13 February 1950  –  5 March 1970]

[Other information listed on the foot marker:  “NORTH CAROLINA  SP4  HHO  63 SIGNAL BN  VIETNAM  ARCOM”]

EASON,  Connie Gay  [13 July 1954 – 6 May 1972]

[Inscribed Above Her Name:  “Our Beloved”]



THOMPSON, III,  James “Jamey”  Guy [27 February 1965 – 16 January 2004]

[Other Inscriptions and images:  top of tombstone: outline of motorcycle;  “Gone But Not Forgotten”  “May Ye Rest in Peace”;  on the elongated crypt:  “Jamey”  “Beloved Son of Irene and Jake Thompson”  “Free as a Bird”]

DENTON, Danny Ray [23 October 1960  –  28 June 2007]

[In Loving Memory Son, Husband and Daddy”  “  Your Love will Light my Way, Your Memories Will Ever Be With Me”]

In this area of the graveyard a stone, sitting stool is inscribed “ If Tears Could Build a Stairway and Memories a Lane, I’d Walk Right Up To Heaven and Bring You Home Again”

CHAPPELL, Donald Glenn [1 October 1965 – 7 June 2007]





EASON, Daniel Brent [20 June 1984 – 22 June 1984]

Son of Danny & Joyce Eason  The headstone, on his crypt, has a set of praying hands.

DENTON, Daniel Blake [9 November 1988 – 17 February 2006”  His full name appears under the larger inscribed ‘BLAKE” with the image of a pony above it.  Inscription:  “Forever in Our Hearts”  Inscriptions and Images on the elongated crypt  “BLAKE” Beloved Son of Danny and Beverly Denton”  Just below:  an image of a cowboy, holding his horse’s bridle, place flowers at the based of a cross.   Below that:  “Cowboy for Christ”   At the bottom:  “Our for a while with Christ Forever.”