Motion (8 Dec 2009)

Recognizing that the necessity of being able to contact all volunteer County Coordinators (henceforth known as the “CC”) is of the utmost importance, should the need arise, and knowing that failure of the CC to supply such vital information to the duly elected and appointed State Coordinator of the NCGenWeb Project presents a conflict in the operation and coordination of Project volunteers, I hear by move that anyone who fails to supply such information is not in compliance with the tenets subscribed to by the Board of the NCGenWeb Project.

Therefore, I make a motion to remove any and all volunteer County Coordinators or other Project members who fail to provide basic personal contact information to authorized authorities representing the NCGenWeb Project. Such information shall consist of a legitimate name, address, phone number, and/or cell phone number.

Further, I propose that anyone not in compliance with the above motion be removed from the rolls of the NCGenWeb Project with any further reinstatement denied. Any Project site which the offending party may represent shall be declared abandoned and further adoption measures, in accordance with NCGenWeb procedures shall be taken.  A 2/3 majority among the Board shall be sufficient to remove the offending individual. The Board shall be defined as voting members.

They shall include the State Coordinator, the Assistant State Coordinators, the Web Master and the Regional Coordinators.

Removal of the offending party shall be commence immediate upon a vote to remove the offending party.  No appeal shall be considered.  No County Coordinator will be considered grand fathered.

Motion passed: 11 Dec 2009

No – 2

Yes – 22