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From the Carthage Blade - 1890

These were sent in by a dear sweet lady in Aberdeen, who is too modest to have her name published.
Thank You!

Sept 4 Mrs. Dan Kelly ?? Flora McIver, is dangerously ill with typhoid fever. The physicians despair of  her recovery.
August 28 Mr. Murd Morris and Miss Sue Warner were married by the Rev. A.R. Shaw, at the bride's home, about three miles west of here, at 2pm. An elegant reception was held at the groom's home that night. The bride is a sister of Mrs. I.N. Clark. 
Sept 18 Dr. K.M. Ferguson of Cameron was here Monday talking of the rich gold find on land near Cameron.
Sept 23


Mr. Pitt Cameron, Sr. and Miss Jennie B. Sinclair were married by Wm. McLeod, JP, at the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Sinclair, in Carthage Township. All of Moore County.
Oct 2, 2 pm
Mr. J.J. Partridge died at his home in Jonesboro, of typhiod fever. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Sept 17 Mr. E.N. Ellis to Miss Maggie E. Julian were married by Rev. J.L. Giles at the bride's residence near Millboro, Randolph County.
Sept 25 Mr. Henry Oldhem to Miss Martha J Ellis were married at the bride's parents home in Pocket Township, Moore County.
  Mrs. Harriet McDonald, age 43, relict of MJ McDonald, died at her home near Jackson Springs, last week. 
  Mr. J F Montague, one of our most highly esteemed citizens, left for Roanoke, Virginia.
  Mr WH McNeill left to be present at the marriage of his brother, Mr. JH McNeill of Cumberland to Miss Minnie M Walker, daughter of Rev. Dr. Walker of Greensboro.
Oct 30 Mr. John McDonald, age 50, died of paralysis on Monday morning, last, at his home 3 miles southeast of town.
  November Elections
Dec 3 Dr. Harrell, D.D., and Miss Maggie McIver were married at the residence of the bride's mother, near Euphronia, last Wednesday.
Dec 10 Mrs. L.T. Brown died at her home in Sanford. Interred at Buffalo Cemetary on Monday of this week. Sympathy to Mr. Brown.
  Mr. John Fagan and Miss Eva Watson will be married tomorrow night at the residence of Rev. W.F. Watson.
Dec 17 Miss Mattie Lewis daughter of Mr. James Lewis, died at her home near Culdee, this county.
  We regret the death of W. F. Buchan of Jackson Springs which occurred in Savannah, Georgia, last week. He leaves a wife and several children.