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Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

American Plantations and Colonies
Ships to America

A group of 52 Congregationalists departed Ipswich, MA 1695/6 for South Carolina. They were shipwrecked at Cape Fear, NC (Wilmington). Befriended by Indians, a few made their way to Charleston (SC), where Governor Archdale (a Quaker) sent a ship to pick up the survivors and bring them to Charleston. 
They settled at a place 15 miles NE of Charleston called Wappetaw. Some of
the surnames associated with this group are:
Dorrell (Dorel, Darrell) 
Fenwick (Fenwicke) 
Hartman (Harchman, Hatman) 
Severance (Seaverance) 
Passengers on the ULYSSES from Greenock
to Wilmington, North Carolina, August 1774

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McNICOL, Robert, 30, gentleman, and his wife CAMPBELL, Jean, 24, and daughter
     Annapel, 8; Glenurcha 
HUNTER, Abram, 28, shipmaster, Greenock. 
YOUNG, Thomas, 21, surgeon, Glasgow 
McNICOL, John, 24, workman, Glenurcha 
GALBREATH, Angus, 30, workman, and wife BROWN, Katrine, 26, Glenurcha 
FLETCHER, Angus, 40, farmer, and wife McINTYRE, Katrine, 26, and children Euphame, 10,
     Mary, 6, Nancy, 3; Glenurcha 
McINTYRE, John 45, farmer, and wife DOWNIE, Mary, 35, and children Nancy, 11, Donald, 8,
     Christy, 5, John, 4; Glenurcha 
McINTYRE, Duncan, 40, farmer, and wife Katrine, 28, Glenurcha 
SINCLAIR, John, 32, farmer, and wife Mary, 32, Glenurcha 
McINTYRE, Donald, 28, farmer, and wife Mary, 25, Glenurcha 
McFARLANE, Donald, 26, farmer, and son Donald, 6, Glenurcha 
SINCLAIR, Duncan, 24, farmer, and wife McINTYRE, Isobel, 24, Glenurcha 
McINTYRE, John, 35, farmer, and wife Margaret, Glenurcha 
McPHERSON, Malcolm, 40, farmer, and wife DOWNIE, Christian, 30, and children 
     Janet, 10, William, 9; Glenurcha 
PICKEN, William, 32, farmer, and wife HUIE, Martha, 26, Glenurcha 
HOWIE, Robert, 18, workman, Glenurcha 
McMILLAN, Archibald, 58, farmer, and wife TAYLOR, Mary, 40, and daughter 
     Barbra, 20, Glenurcha 

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GREENLEES, John, 25, farmer, his wife HOWIE, Mary, 25, Kintyre 
McARTHUR, Peter, 58, farmer, his wife BRIDE, Chirst., 52, and children John, 16,
     Ann, 38, Jean, 20, John, 28, Kintyre (2 Johns?)
CALEWELL, Daniel, 18, shoemaker, Kintyre
MITCHELL, Robert, 26, tailor, and his wife CAMPBELL, Ann, 19, Kintyre
ALLAN, Alexander, 22, workman. Kintyre
McMILLAN, Iver, 26, farmer, and his wife HUIE, Jean, 23, Kintyre
FERGUSON, John, 19, workman, Kintyre
McKICHAN, Rob, 32, farmer, and wife McKENDRICK, Janet, 24, and their son Neil, 5, Kintyre
McMULLAN, Malcolm, 58, farmer, and wife McARTHUR, Cathn., 58, and children
     Daniel McMILLAN, 24, farmer, Archibald McMILLAN, 16, and Gelbt. McMILLAN, 8, Kintyre
McKAY, Donald, 20, tailor, Kintyre
CAMPBELL, Daniel, 25, farmer, Kintyre
HYNDMAN, Andrew, 46, farmer, and wife CAMPBELL, Cathn., 46, and children
     Mary HINDMAN, 18, Margaret HYNDMAN, 14, and Angus GILCHRIST, 25
SMITH, Malcolm, 64, farmer, and wife McALESTER, Mary, 64, and their children
     Peter, 23, and Mary, 19, Kintyre
McALLUM, Duncan, 22, shoemaker, and wife McALESTER, Cathn., 30, Kintyre
THOMSON, Neil, 23, farmer, Kintyre
BEATON, David, 28, farmer, and wife BRIDE, Flora, 29, Kintyre
GILCHRIST, John, 25, cooper, and wife TAYLOR, Marion, 21, Kintyre
McNEIL, Neil, 64, farmer, and wife SIMPSON, Isobel, 64, and children Daniel, 28,
     Hector, 24, Peter, 22, Neil, 18, William, 15, and Mary, 9, Kintyre
CAMERON, Allan, 28, farmer, Kintyre
CAMERON, Angus, 18, farmer, and wife Katrine, Kintyre

James Chalmers, Master

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This ships' listing compliments of LookUp of Moore County,
Above is one ship's listing, and is part of a pamphlet of 23 such listings. This is the longest one.


Passengers who sailed from Great Britain to Charleston, SC in 1768 and who were granted land in Hillsborough Township.

(Charleston was not the original destination, Nova Scotia was.)
The following passengers arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1768 aboard a ship piloted by a Frenchman named Jean Louis du Mesnil de St. Pierre of Normandy. The record of St. Pierre's passengers petition for land under the Bounty Act of 1761 is found in Council Journal 34, page 101-103. Meeting of 9th March 1768. "His Excellency the Governor informed the Board that Monsieur Dumese De St. Pierre a french Gentleman having presented to him a Memorial to him setting forth that he sailed from Great Britain with an intention of going to Halifax with a number of Protestant Colonists but they have been drove into this port by distress of Weather he had determined to remain here and settle in this province which Memorial His Excellency has referred to the Commons House of Assembly who had thereupon resolved to allow them the Bounty given persons attending and having taken the oaths of allegiance His Excellency was pleased to direct 
that Public Treasurer should out of any money in his Hands belonging to the public pay to the said Dumese De. St. Pierre the sum of One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety Seven Pounds Currency the sum resolved by the Assembly to be granted to them by the said Resolution. The following petitions for Warrants of Survey on the Bounty were then presented and read VIZ    Acres.

Laurens REVERE
Abraham PAW
Jacob Dilli CHAUX
John James STEIFEL
Johannes Gerlough FLICK
Henrick DRYER
Ann Dorothea Elizabeth YEASON
Archibald HEYNARD
Peter Michl, KING
John Due DEPRE
Henrick GASPER
Francis La. LANDE
James Sezor BOULONGE
Francis KELLET
Magdeline LeQUE

[Laurens RIVIERRE]
[Abram PAUX]
[John Jacob STIFFELL]
[John George FLICK]
[Henry DRAYER]

[John DUVAL]

[Peter Mich'l LeROY]


[??Francis HELLER??]

In Hillsborough Township or on Savannah River ORDERED that the Secretary do 
prepare Warrants of Survey as prayed for by the petitioners." *Note - the names in 
brackets are taken from the Council Journal 34, 175-176, Meeting 8th July 1768. Petition 
for Town and Vineyard Lotts in Hillsborough Township.
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Passengers on packet boat Le De Spencer - Falmouth to Carolina, Feb. 1774
Passengers on the Margaret and Mary - London to North Carolina, Feb. 1774
SCOTT, William, 21, Malster, SCT
SCOTT, Margaret, 16, spinster, SCT
SIM, William , 24, husbandman, and wife, Jane, 24, SCT
MARSHAL, David, 24, clerk, SCT
BLAKSWIK, James, 21, clerk, SCT
Passengers on the Union from London to North Carolina, Feb. 1774
WILSON, David, 38, merchant, London
MACKLIN, John, 24, gentleman, and wife, Mary, 23, Oxford
OGIER, Lewis, 47, weaver, and wife, Catherine, 40, children: Thomas, 20, Lewis, 19, Catherine, 16, Lucy, 13, Charlotte, 9, John, 8, Mary, 6, Peter,5; London
Passengers on the Polly from Liverpool to South Carolina, March 1774
EDWARD, John, 26, farmer, and wife, Jane, 27, Cheshire
SIMPSON, William, 43, cooper, B. Lincolnshire
WILSON, James, 18, sadler, Bedfordshire
CLARK, James, 42, butcher, Middlesex
WALKER, William, 37, merchant
Passengers on the Magna Charta from London to Carolina, April 1774
BELTON, Janet, 20, spinster, London
BLACKETT, Tobiah, 25, Spinster, London
Passengers on the Briton from London to Carolina, May 1774
GRAFTON, John, 25, drawing master, London
WORKER, Nathaniel, 25, gentleman, London
Passengers on the Friendship from London to North Carolina, May 1774
BANDS, Mary, 35, widow, Herts*
KENNEDAY, Mary, 21, spinster, SCT*
BROWN, John, 21, bookkeeper, Birmingham*
TAVERNER, George, 21, groom, Southwark*
GILKS, Edward, 22, leather dresser, Coventry*
FORSTER, John, 24, printer, London*
WINSHIP, Thomas, 26, clockmaker, Reading*
DARBY, John, 40, baker, London*
ANDREWS, William, 31, carpenter, Surry*
*Indented servant for four years
Passengers on the Pallas from London to Carolina, May 1774
TONG, Miss, 16, spinster, London
GINNINGS, Mr., 25, clerk, London
MOLLEY, Mrs. 30, London
Passengers on the Carolina from London to Carolina, May-August 1774
WHITE, Sarah, 56, merchant, London
DETLAF, John, 30, tailor, and wife, Sarah, 25, London
BUTLER, John, 25, gentleman, and wife, Ann, 25, London
ANDREWS, Thomas, 35, potter, London
TEMPLEMAN, William, 28, jeweler, London
SMITH, John, 22, cabinet maker, London
Passengers on the William from London to Carolina, August 1774
ADKINS, David, 22, cooper, Lincoln*
NICHOLS, James, 24, silver caster, London*
RIXON, John, 22 ,coppersmith, Birmingham*
WINTER, Thomas, 21, husbandman, Leicester*
EVANS, Benjamin, 22, sail cloth weaver, Cornwall*
ANTHONY, John, 21, baker, Middlesex*
SMITH, James, 21, Painter and glazier, Nottingham*
DELANCY, Michael, 21, husbandman, Ireland*
*Indented servant
Passengers on the ?Curling? from London to Carolina, Oct. 1774
L'FABUERE, Rachael, 41, lady, London
BIGNELL, Jane, 47, servant to above, London
BOWIE, Ann, 36, servant to same, London
BATTY, Elizabeth, 16, Carolina
WESTON, Ann, 30, lady, London
WEST, John, 28, gentleman, London
AULDJO, John, 15, gentleman, London
AULDJO, Alexander, 16, gentleman, London
DEE, Robert, 33, gentleman, London
HOUSEMAN, Henry, 35, gentleman, London
Passengers on the Rockingham from Newcastle to Cape Fear, Oct. 1774
STEAD, Thomas, 17, butcher, Hull
Passengers on the Newmarket from London to Carolina, Oct 1774
EGLIN, Stephen, 25, draper, London
SCOULER, Jasper, 30, carpenter, London
Passengers on the James from London to Carolina, Oct. 1774
MAXWELL, Robert, 18, clerk, SCT
DABZALL, Willson, 25, jeweler, SCT
FORSYTH, Bezabeer, 22, gentleman, SCT
Passengers on the Lowther from London to Carolina, Oct. 1774
EASTWOOD, Sarah, 16, spinster, London*
DYER, Joseph, 21, waiter, London*
KENNEDAY, William, 25, peruke maker, London*
RICHARDSON, Ralph, 35, gardener, Surry*
*Indented servant
Passengers on the Mary and Hannah from London to Carolina, Nov. 1774
RIPLEY, William, 22, farmer, York
SANDERSON, John, 45, farmer, York
BLYTHS, John, 32, gentleman, London
FLATT, James, 25, tailor, London*
TRENHAM, James, 22, butcher, York*
*Indented servant