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The Clan system is a popular area of Scottish history which emerged from the old tribal ways of people living in the land we now call Scotland.  From around the 10th to the 13th centuries more and more names became recognised as Clan names with varied histories and genealogies drawn from the oral tradition. Not all Clan names can be identified as being solely Celtic, many came into being with the arrival of the Normans and others have been drawn from the names of Saints. This in itself reflects the changes in power affecting the land at that time as the people allied themselves to leaders who, in their eyes, seemed to be the most influential. This also brings up the point that although Clan names are now representative of blood lines, this was not the case initially as the Clan system came into being. 

The following is a list of the more popular Scottish names
of Families of Moore County.

From the'Siol O'Cain' (along with the MacMillans) one of the ancient tribes of North Moray. The Historian, Buchanan of Auchmar says the name O'Cain came from the progenitor Ansela O'Cain or O'Kyan in the 11th century.

Cland Badge: Periwinkle

Known branches: Brodie of Lethen, Brodie of Idvies in Angus.

Taken from 'Cam-Shron' or 'wry-nose' of an early Chief. Territory in Lochaber. Once vassals to the Lord of the Isles and once formed a branch of Clan Chatten. Ancestral seat at Achnacarry.

Known branches: MacMartins of Letterfinlay, MacGillonies of Stron, MacSorlies of Glen Nevis.

The Celtic name for this Clan is Clan Duibhne taken from the hero Dairmid O'Duin. Chief's title is MacCailein Mor. The name Campbell came into being when Eva O'Duine, the head of the Clan, married Gillespie Campbell.
Of Scoto-Dalriadic descent, first settled in Kintyre, Argyll. Clann Fhearghuis of Starchur has been established as coming from an ancient line. Held the state of Glenshellich their seat being Caisteal Dubh on Bein Bheula.
Allegedly from 'Gramus' demolisher of a line of defense built by Antonius betwixt Forth and Clyde! First authentic Grahams appeared in 1128 from 'De Graham' who obtained lands of Abercorn and Dalkeith in Midlothian.
Springs from 'Berowald' who in 1160 was given the Barony of Innes in Moray which covers the lands from Spey to Lossie along the shore. The name means 'greens'.
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