Donna Merritt

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John W. Scoggins 1 b 1797 Virginia d 14 June, 1885 (I think he is buried in one of the unmarked graves in the Crain Creek Cemetery in Cameron as his son, Greenbury  is buried there)

First Wife:  Mary ? (maiden name unknown) b. about 1807 (not sure if in VA or Moore Co. Census says that she was born in NC) d. somewhere between 1850 & 1853.


CHILD 1: Steven Scoggins,  b abt 1826 Moore Co., NC   I have a marriage record for Stephen married to Mariah Morris 3 Apr 1853 Moore Co.
I also have a Civil War Record for Stephen Scoggins. Enlist date 24 April 1862. Enlist Place Moore County, NC Enlist Rank Priv. Enlist. age 36. It also states that Stephen died of disease at Richmond, VA 13 August 1864. Claimed residence in Northampton Co. worked as a farmer.
    (+& ++ indicate  generation lines, continued)
    Stephen – Steven found spelling both ways.  Mariah (sister to Caroline Morris, below) b 1830 also known
      as Jemima  (nickname)
    Children of Stephen and Mariah:
        +(1) Elijah Scoggins b 6 Nov 1854 Moore Co., NC d 9 July 1909 Lee Co., NC buried in St Andrews
                   Pres Church Cemetery. Spouse – Mary Ann Wicker
        +(2) Mary Elizabeth Scoggins  b. 1857 Moore Co., NC Spouse – Larkin Johnson
        +(3) Johnnie Scoggins Spouse- Antney Wicker
        +(4) Sarah E. Scoggins b 1860.

        Elijah Scoggins & Mary Ann Wicker Children:
            ++(1) Mattie Mae Scoggins b 23 May 1879 d Jan 1938 Lee Co., NC  Unmarried buried in St.
                          Andrews Pres. Church Cemetery
            ++(2) Mima Catherine Scoggins b 10 May 1881 Lee Co. NC d Jan 1938 Lee Co. NC Unmarried
            ++(3) Mary Starr Scoggins b 26 May 1881 d 13 June 1885 buried St. Andrews Pres Church
            ++(4) Sarah Jane Scoggins b 21 Jan 1886 Lee Co., NC d 2 Apr 1903 buried St. Andrews Church
                    Note:  Mima Catherine and Mattie Mae Scoggins adopted Walter Leonard Scoggins


CHILD: 2- Mary Scoggins b abt 1835 Moore Co. NC d unknown

CHILD: 3 - John Scoggins b 1838 Moore Co., NC  (I have a record of John Scoggins Civil War. It states Enlist date 13 July 1861 Moore Co., NC. Enlist Rank Corpl. Enlist age 23. Killed on 23 Jun 1864. It doesn't state where he died. He claimed residence in Moore Co.

CHILD: 4- James Scoggins  b. 15 April 1837 d. 15 April 1922 ( I have James Scoggins Civil War Record Enlist date 24 April 1862 - Enlist. place Moore Co., NC Enlist. age 22. Enlist. Rank Priv. He claimed residence in Moore Co. worked as a farmer.
James Scoggins Spouse #1 Caroline Morris (sister to Mariah Morris above) b 1840  Married  18 June 1862, Moore Co., NC, at the home of Stephen.  James is listed in the 1900 Cumberland Census with some of his children.  Caroline died before the 1900 census was taken.  Caroline’s parents: Elijah Morris & Elizabeth McDoogle m. 1828
Children of James & Caroline:
    +(1) Joseph Douglas Scoggins b. 8 March 1874 Cumberland Co., NC d.6 Sept 1935, Cumberland Co., NC
             buried Cross Creek Cemetery.  Spouse - Aljohnnie Bass.
             Joseph and his wife, Aljohnnie are buried at Crosscreek Cemetery, Fayetteville.
    +(2)  Lanie – Spouse George Willis
    +(3) Laura Scoggins died in infancy
    +(4) John Scoggins – Spouse Betty Britt
    +(5) Zeb Scoggins - Unmarried
    +(6) Lillian Scoggins – Spouse Eugene Jones

    James #2 Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth Ussery  Children of this marriage:
    +(1) Lily Scoggins b 1904
    +(2) Caroline Scoggins b 1907 d Oct 1999
    James and Sarah Elizabeth (Ussery) Scoggins are buried at Crosscreek Cemetery, in Fayetteville as is,
      their daughter, Caroline, above.


CHILD: 1- Irby J. Scoggins b 1855 Moore Co., NC d unknown

CHILD: 2- Sarah Scoggins b 1857 Moore Co., NC d unknown

CHILD: 3- Ann E. Scoggins b 1860 Moore Co., NC d unknown

CHILD: 4- Greenberry Scoggins b 27 Apr 1861 Greenwood, Moore Co., NC d 15 Apr 1938 Cameron, Moore Co. (Greenberry is my G. Grandfather)
(+& ++ indicate lines, continued)

CHILD: 5- Svlvinon H. Scoggins b 1862  Moore Co., d unknown

CHILD: 6 - Thomas J. Scoggins b 1864 Moore Co., d unknown

CHILD: 7- Alexander Scoggins 1866 Moore Co., d unknown (I found a marriage record for Alexander married to Mary Hall 14 Feb. 1890

+4.Greenberry Scoggins b 27 Apr 1861 Moore Co., NC d 15 Apr 1938 Cameron, Moore Co. buried in        Crain Creek Cemetery Cameron Moore, Co. Father John W. Scoggins Mother Elizabeth Parish
First Wife: Mary E. Pearce b 1867 Moore Co. d abt 1899 Moore Co.


++CHILD: 1- John Prichard Scoggins b 21 Apr 1895 Moore Co. d 11 May 1967
     Graham, Alamance Co., NC

CHILD: 2- Ethel Lorraine Scoggins b abt 1896 Jonesboro, NC d unknown

CHILD: 3- Martha Mattie Bell Scoggins b abt 1897 Jonesboro, NC d unknown

CHILD: 4- Mary Willey Elizabeth Scoggins b 15 Jun 1898 Jonesboro d unknown

+4. Greenberry Scoggins
  Second Wife:- Spicey Ann Stokes b 4 Aug 1865 Randolph, NC d 14 June 1949 at home Sanford, NC.
    Buried Crain Creek Cemetery, Cameron Moore Co.


CHILD: 1- Fanny May Scoggins b 30 Jun 1901 Jonesboro, NC d Mar 1929

CHILD: 2 - Callie Florence Scoggins b 13 Apr 1903 Jonesboro NC d 4 May 1990 Sanford, NC Spouse Oren P. Blalock

CHILD: 3- Orren Elmer Scoggins b 6 Jun 1905 Swanns Station, Moore Co.  d 26 Oct. 1987

CHILD: 4- Lacy LeRoy Scoggins b 17 Mar 1907 Jonesboro, NC d May 1980 Cameron, NC

CHILD: 5- Vallie Viola Scoggins b 9 Jun 1909 Jonesboro, NC d 9 Jun 1910 Jonesboro, NC buried at Crain Creek Cemetery Cameron, NC.

CHILD: 6- Mary L. Scoggins b Dec 1910 Jonesboro, NC Moore Co. d unknown

++ Child 1: John Prichard Scoggins (My Grandfather and son of Greenberry & Mary E. Pearce) b 21 Apr 1895 d 11 May 1967 Alamance Melville NC
First Wife: Cora Mae Smith b 24 May 1898, Siler City, NC d Dec 1929 Siler City, NC buried at Loves Creek Cemetery - Siler City, NC
Father: Samuel J. Smith Mother: Susan Adalaide Campbell


CHILD: 1- Hoytt Scoggins b 21 Apr 1917 Siler City, NC d 29 Dec 1969 Graham, NC

CHILD: 2- Lenna Aileen Scoggins (My Mother) b 7 May 1920 Siler City, NC d 18 Sept 1970 Salt Lake City, UT

CHILD: 3- Lewis Hobson Scoggins b 31 Aug 1922 Siler City, NC d 1 Apr 1972 Graham, NC

CHILD: 4- Samuel Greene Scoggins b 18 May 1927 Siler City, NC d 27 Mar 1989 Graham, NC

CHILD: 5 - Mary Kate Scoggins b 29 Dec 1929 Siler City, NC d 19 Apr 2001 Saint George, UT