ABERDEEN (Moore County) Dixie Herald, weekly, [1936]. AbeDH-1, partial reel. Absorbed by the Pilot December 1936. Pilot, weekly, 1929-1949. AbeP, 10 reels. Farmers' Union Bulletin, monthly, [1918]. WsnMISC-1, partial reel. Published in Wilson, with news for Aberdeen.

Sandhill Citizen, weekly, [1915-1917, 1919], 1920, 1921, [1931, 1933, 1934], 1954-1968.. A continuation of the Southern Pines Tourist. Continued by the Sandhill Citizen Consolidated. (Includes the SOUTHERN PINES Sandhill Citizen) SpSC, 10 reels.

CARTHAGE (Moore County) Carthage Blade, weekly, 1887-1907, 1910. CaBLA, 7 reels. Carthaginian, weekly, 1878. CaMISC-1, partial reel. Moore County News, weekly, 1920-1942. CaMCN, 10 reels. Moore Gazette, weekly, [1881-1885]. CaMISC-1, partial reel. Moore Index, weekly, [1879-1880]. CaMISC-1, partial reel. Southern Protectionist, weekly. [1888]. CaMISC-1, partial reel.

PINE BLUFF (Moore County) Southern Home Seeker's Guide, monthly, [1981]. SpMISC-1 partial reel.

PINEHURST (Moore County) Daily Press, daily, 1936-1937. PhDP, 1 reel. This newspaper was published seasonally November through April. Merged with the Sandhills Daily News. Continued by the Sandhills News-Press. Pinehurst Advocate, weekly, [1938-1939]. PhAD, 1 reel. Pinehurst Outlook, weekly, 1897-1961. PhO, 34 reels. Sandhills News-Press, daily, 1937-1939. PhSNP, 3 reels. Formed by the merger of the Daily Press [Pinehurst], and the Sandhills Daily News [Southern Pines]. Published jointly in Southern Pines and in Pinehurst.

SOUTHERN PINES (Moore County) Free Press, weekly, [1898-1899], 1900-1903, [1904, 1905]. SpFP, 1 reel. Home Seekers Guide [Pine Bluff], monthly, [1891]. SpMISC-1, partial reel.

Pilot, weekly, 1931-1949. Published in Aberdeen and Southern Pines 1931-1940 and Southern Pines alone from 1940 1949. AbeP, 6-10, 5 reels.

Pilot, weekly, 2006-2007. SpPLT, 6 reels. Pine Knot, weekly, [1886], 1887, 1888. SpPK, 1 reel. Absorbed by the Jonesboro Leader.

Sandhill Citizen, weekly, [1915-1917, 1919], 1920, 1921, [1931, 1933, 1934]. (Filmed with the ABERDEEN Sandhill Citizen.) SpSC-1, 1 reel.

Sandhills Daily News, daily, [1936, 1937]. SpMISC-1, partial reel. Sandhills News-Press, daily, [1937], 1938, [1939]. PhSNP, 3 reels. Formed by the merger of the Daily Press (PINEHURST) and the Sandhills Daily News. Published in Southern Pines and in Pinehurst. Southern Pines Bulletin, weekly, [1902]. SpMISC-1, partial reel. Southern Pines Tourist, weekly, 1910-1914, [1915]. SpSPT, 1 reel. Continued by the Sandhill Citizen. Yankee Settler, monthly, [1894]. SpMISC-1, partial reel.

VASS (Moore County) Pilot, weekly, 1920-1929. VaPILOT, 8 reels. Absorbed the Dixie Herald (ABERDEEN)