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The following information is from Richmond County court records
transcribed from originals at NCArchives. They all mention Moore County.

1813 June Term. Elizabeth Graham, widow of James Graham, Plaintiff vs.
Alexander Nicholson and Alexander Graham Sen. Defendants. Summoned as
material witnesses for the Plaintiff were Sarah McLain of Moore County,
Mary McIntyre of Cumberland County and Duncan Campbell, Mary Gordon and
Daniel Love of Richmond County. John Crawford, Clerk. Estates 1772-1933
CR082 508.21

1819 September Term Richmond County Superior Court of Law. The Petition of
Polly S. Caddell of the County of Richmond respectfully sheweth that some
time in the year 1814 she intermarried with one William Caddell of the
County of Moore. That after their marriage as aforesaid she lived with her
husband about two years in the County of Richmond the That she has two
children, the fruit of her union with the said William Caddell, who
together with your petitioner were upwards of two years ago entirely
abandoned by the said William and left to her own exertions and to the
bounty of friends to obtain a subsistence for herself and children. That
your petitioner's conduct towards her husband was ever kind and
affectionate and that she and her children were thus left by him without
just or reasonable cause. That the said William, since his leaving your
petitioner as aforesaid, resided sometimes in Richmond County and some
times in Moore County until several months ago when he removed out of the
State and now resides, as your petitioner supposes, somewhere in the
Alabama Territory. That her father, she has reason to believe, would
provide for the comfortable support of herself and children but from an
apprehension that your petitioner's husband may return and possess himself
of such property as may be conveyed or bequeathed to her and thus
disappoint the objects of his bounty. Your petitioner believes that the
last place of her husband's residence in this State was in the County of
Moore. Your petitioner humbly prays this Honorable Court to grant her a
divorce from the bonds of matrimony or from bed and board as the evidence
may ¼ several Acts of the General Assembly, and your petitioner as in duty
bound will ever pray. Jones for Petitioner, Polly S. Caddell Civil Action
Papers 1817-1819 CR 082.325.12
[Much more information concerning this case is
recorded in 'Our Native Heath']

1820 January 2. To the Honorable Judge of the Superior Court. The Petition
of John Graham humbly complaining, sheweth that some time in the year
eighteen hundred and fourteen Alexander Graham Sen'r died intestate having
had the following children his legal descendants, viz: John Graham, your
petitioner, Archibald Graham, James Graham, Alexander Graham Jun'r, Mary
and Isabel Nicholson, now married to Alexander Nicholson. All of
whom are living at the time of his death except James Graham who died
without children but devised his real estate to his wife, and Archibald
who at his death left the following legal descendants viz: Ann
Graham, Thomas Graham, Alexander Graham, Flora Graham, Eliza Graham
, and
Daniel Graham and to his wife, now Mary McIntyre, he also devised his real
estate. Your petitioner further sheweth that some time before his death the
said Alexander Graham Sen'r purchased from James Coleman in fee simple the
following parcel of land in the neighborhood of each other and which lie in
the Counties of Richmond, Moore and Cumberland, but principally in
Richmond. The location and boundaries to which will appear by referral to
the deeds of conveyance from said Coleman to said Alexander Sen'r or to a
quit claim and from Alexander Graham Jun'r, Mary Gordon, Alexander
and his wife Isabel to John Graham and the heirs of Archibald
deceased, in all about eight hundred acres. Your petitioner further
states that all right title and interest in said land is now vested in your
petitioner and in the heirs and devisees of Archibald Graham, deceased, as
will appear more fully by an award of the arbitrators, Daniel Graham, Alex.
Graham, Daniel Patterson, Duncan Patterson and Archibald Graham
dated 27th
December 1808, and also to a deed of gift Alex. Graham Sen'r to your
petitioner dated 5th June 1813 and a quit claim deed from Alexander Graham
Jun'r, Mary Gordon, Alex. Nicholson
and his wife Isabel to your petitioner
and the heirs of Arch. Graham, deceased. Your petitioner further sheweth
that the claims, three fourths of the said land and something more as will
appear by a reference to the award of report of the arbitrators above
named; he having purchased the share of his brother, Alex. and that of his
brother James from Angus Gilchrist and his wife Eliza. Your petitioner
further sheweth that all the heirs of Archibald Graham, deceased, are
minors and that John McIntyre of Cumberland County is their guardian by
legal appointment. Petitioner prays for partition between petitioner and
heirs of Archibald Graham. [signed] John Gilchrist, Counsel for petitioner.
Est. Recs.CR 082 508.23

1907 January 18. A warranty deed from Angus McLean & wife, Sarah McLean, of
Moore County, N. C. to James W. McLean of Richmond County, in consideration
of the sum of fifteen dollars a certain tract of land in Marks Creek
Township adjoining lands of S. P. Gibson and Renno Bros. and others
25 acres more or less the above Kingsbury branch the [description] Witnessed
by John Campbell, a Justice of the Peace for Moore County. J. Alton McIver, Clerk of
Moore County Superior Court. Thomas L. Covington, Clerk of Richmond County
Superior Court.......... Deeds of Sale CR.082.401.4

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