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Cheek & Mat(t)hew Families, NC - Please check your records!!

I have hit a brick wall and need your help please. I have not been able to
find any further information on these families anywhere!

In the 1870 Census for Moore County (Carthage Township) , NC I found the
following family:

Mark Cheek age 60 Black, Head of Family
Elizabeth Cheek age 45 Wife
Mary Anne age 16 Daughter
Jane age 14 Daughter
Catherine age 13 Daughter
Candis age 11 Daughter
Manuel age 9 Son
Lydia age 5 Daughter

I am most interested in Catherine who I believe married my ggrandfather Jerry Mat(t)hews. The 1900 census listed Mark & Elizabeth living with theregrandson Lands Mat(t)hews - which could be Philander in the family listedbelow. I was always told that Catherine "Kate" was Native American/Black.

This is what I know on the Jerry & Kate:

I did find a Jerry and Kate Mat(t)hews on the 1880 census for Moore county, NC. They were listed as residents of Carthage Township.

Information from the 1880 Census:

1.. Jerry Mat(t)hews (Black male, Age 25)
1.. Wife: Kate E. (Age 22)
2.. Daughter: Sylvester (Age 3)
3.. Son: Philander P. (Age 9 months)

Possible relative.....
.. Louis Mat(t)hews (Black male, Age 40)
1.. Wife: Jane: (Age 37)
2.. Son: Neill (Age 14)
3.. Son: Lyczen (Age 11)
4.. Son: Renn (Age 9)
5.. Daughter: Sallie (Age 7)
6.. Daughter: Ailsey (Age 5)
7.. Son: Abner (Age 1)
8.. Mother: Cieecy (Age 85, born in VA)

Possible relative
.. Renn Mat(t)hews: (Black male, Age 35)
1.. Wife: Nannie (Age 26)
2.. Daughter: Mary E. (Age 5)
3.. Daughter: Nora M. (Age 14)
4.. Daughter: John Ann (Age 6 months)

I appreciate any leads that you might be able to offer.

Celeste Bethell


There was a tombstone uncovered by loggers, N. of 15-501, in Chatham Co. Linda Allred Cooper took a picture and sent it to me. I've
placed in on the Chatham Co. page.

All CHEEK descendants might want to take a look and see if this is one
of your ancestors. It may even be a family cemetery that only has this
one stone left?
Please let us know if you know, whose property and family this belongs
to. I know I would be so happy if it were one of mine, that was found.
Thanks Sue Ashby, CC for Chatham and Moore Co.

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