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Partial Records of the Bensalem Church
The roster is marked in family groups and is listed as follows:
Communicants of Bensalem Church

Kenneth McAskill
Margaret McAskill

Allen McAskill
Nancy McAskill

Malcom McAuley
Catharine McAuley

Daniel McAuley Dec 3, 1837(8) Dismissed (difficult to make out)
Sarah McAuley Dec 3, 1837(8) Dismissed (difficult to make out)

Mary McAskill

Allen Bethune
Catharine Bethune
Sarah Bethune Dec 3, 1838 Dismissed

Anna Brit

Margaret Buie

Wm C Buie
Ephermia Buie

Sarah Curry
Flora Curry
Duncan B Curry

Archd Curry Dis to ?

Nancy Curry
Lauchlin Curry
Jennet Curry

Daniel B Curry
Jane Curry

John McDonald
Catharine McDonald
Donald McDonald
Ephemia McDonald
Margaret McDonald
Nancy McDonald

Daniel McDonald
Margaret McDonald
Ephemia McDonald
Ann McDonald
Mary McDonald
Catharine McDonald

Catharine McDonald
Angus D McDonald
Kenneth McDonald
Neill McDonald

Daniel McDonald

Nancy Graham
Margaret Graham

Neill McInnis
Flora McInnis

Alexr McIntosh

Neill McIntosh
Mary McIntosh

James Keahy Nov 19 1838 disd to Pea River ch
Martha Keahy ditto

Elijah Keahy Nov 19 1838 disd to Pea River ch
Catharine Keahy ditto


Hugh Kelly
Mary Kelly
Hugh Kelly
Catharine Kelly
Archd Kelly

Angus Kelly
Nancy Kelly 

Daniel McKenzie
Jennet Mckenzie

Anugs McKinnon
Mary McKinnon

Norman McKinnon

Margaret McLean
Nancy McLean
Christian McLean
Jennet McLean

Mary McLeod
Christian McLeod
Flora McLEod
Ann McLeod
Daniel McLeod
Norman McLeod

Neill McLeod
Christian McLeod

Norman McLeod
Catharine McLeod

Flora Martin
Mary Martin

Margaret Martin
Allen Martin

Norman Matheson
Isabel Matheson
John Matheson
Christian Matheson
K Matheson
Catharine Matheson

James Monroe

Angus Morison
Mary Morison
Ann Morison
Margaret Morison

Alexr Morison
Nancy Morison

Neill Morison
Mary Morison

Catharine Murchison
Ann Murchison

Isabel McNeill

Flora Ottery
Alx'r Ottery
Catharine Ottery

Norman Shaw
Nancy Sahw
Flora Shaw
Sarah Shaw

Margaret McLeod
Nancy Toman

Kenneth Matheson Recd Apl 8 1838
Flora Campbell Apl 8 1838 disd to ?

Mary McDuffie Nov 4

Sarah Ottery Recd Nov 4 1838
Hesse a Slave Recd nov 4 1838

Members Not in Communion
John McAskill
Mary J McAskill
Martha L McAskill
Kenneth McAskill
Jennet McAskill

Alexr McAskill
Angus McAskill
Kenneth McAskill
Wm McAskill
Daniel McAskill
Colin McAskill
Margaret McAskill
Alexr McAskill
Neill E McAskill

Daniel McAuley
Mary McAuley
John McAuley
Catharine McAuley

John Bethune
Christian Bethune
Mary Bethune

John C Buie
Calvin Buie
Sarah E Buie
Margaret M Buie
Regina M Buie
John Buie

John A Buie
Wm K Buie
Malcom C Buie
Sarah Jane Buie
Margaer H Buie
Nevin Clark Buie

Duncan M Curry

Allen McDonald
Neill McDonald

John B McDonald
Norman B McDonald
margaret McDonald
Christian McDonald
Allen E McDonald

Andrew Graham
Eliza Graham
Westley Graham
Martha Graham
Lovedy Graham
Ephemia Graham
Torry Graham

Margart A McInnis
Lauchlin C McInnis

Mary McIntosh
Wm McIntosh
Alexr McIntosh
Duncan McIntosh
Margaret McIntosh
Christian McIntosh
Daniel McIntosh
Neill McIntosh

John P Keahy Nov 9 1838 Dismissed to Pea River Church
Wm C Keahy Nov 9 1838 Dismissed to Pea River Church
Lydia ? Keahy Nov 9 1838 Dismissed to Pea River Church
George A Keahy Nov 9 1838 Dismissed to Pea River Church

Daniel Kelly
Kenneth Kelly

John Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Alexr Kennedy
Catharine Kennedy
Duncan Kennedy
John Kennedy

John McKenzie
Anna McKenzie
Kenneth McKenzie
Hector McKenzie
Murdoch McKenzie
Christian McKenzie

Christian McKinnon
John a McKinnon
Ann McKinnon
Mary McKinnonJennet McKinnon
Catharine McKinnon

Allen McLean
Dnaiel McLean

Margaret McLeod
Daniel mcLEod

John McLeod
Mary McLeod

Patience Lewis
John Lewis

Kenneth Matheson Apr 8th 1838 Recd to Commn

Rchd Monroe
Colin Monroe
John Monroe
Francis Monroe

Malcom Morison
Wm P Morison

John Morison
Kenneth Morison
Angus Morison
Elizabeth Morison
Allen Morison
Margaret Morison

Norman Morison
Margaret Morison
Mary Ann Morison
Sarah J Morsion
Samuel N Morison
Catharine E Morison
Alexr A Morison
John Calvin Morison

Hector McNeill
Daniel McNeill
John McNeill

Mary Ottery
Neill Ottery
John Ottery
Sarah Ottery Nov 4, 1838 Recd to Comm
Lucinda Ottery
Isabel Ottery

John Patterson


Many thanks to Jim Kelly.