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Civil War Battles of 1865
1861 / 1862 / 1863 / 1864 / 1865
2-Franklin, MS
U.S.A.- 4 Killed, 9 Wounded
C.S.A.- 20 Killed, 30 Wounded
2-Nauvoo, AL
to Thornhill, AL
3-U.S.A.- 1 Killed, 2 Wounded
C.S.A.- 3 Killed, 2 Wounded
95 Missing or Captured
11-Beverly, W.VA
U.S.A.- 5 Killed, 20 Wounded
583 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
12-Fort Fisher, NC
to U.S.A.- 184 Killed, 749 Wounded
15-C.S.A.- 400 Killed and Wounded
2083 Missing or Captured
14-Pocataligo, SC
to U.S.A.- 25 Killed and Wounded
16-C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported 
16-Magazine Explosion,
Fort Fisher, NC
U.S.A.- 25 Killed, 66 Wounded
25-Combahee River, SC
to River's Bridge, SC
2/9-Salkahatchie, SC
U.S.A.- 138 Killed and Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported

5-Dabney's Mills, VA
to Hatcher's Run, VA
7-U.S.A.- 232 Killed,1062 Wounded
186 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.-1200 Killed and Wounded
Gen. Pegram Killed
8-Williston, SC
to Blackville, SC
14-Aiken, SC
U.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
C.S.A.- 240 Killed and Wounded
100 Missing or Captured
10-James Island, SC
U.S.A.- 20 Killed, 76 Wounded
C.S.A.- 20 Killed, 70 Wounded
11-Federal Point, NC
U.S.A.- 14 Killed, 114 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
15-Congaree Creek, SC
to Columbia, SC
17-U.S.A.- 20 Killed and Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
18-Ashby Gap, VA
U.S.A.- 6 Killed, 19 Wounded
64 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
18-Fort Anderson, NC
to Town Creek, NC
22-Wilmington, NC
U.S.A.- 40 Killed, 204 Wounded
C.S.A.- 70 Killed, 400 Wounded 
375 Missing or Captured
22-Douglas Landing, AR
Pine Bluff, AR
U.S.A.- 40 Killed and Wounded
C.S.A.- 26 Killed and Wounded
27-Sheridan's Raid in Virginia
to U.S.A.- 35 Killed and Wounded
3/25-C.S.A.-1667 Missing or Captured

MARCH, 1865
6-Olive Branch, LA
U.S.A.- 3 Killed, 2 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
Natural Bridge, FL
U.S.A.- 22 Killed, 46 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
8-Wilcox's Bridge, NC
to U.S.A.- 80 Killed, 421 Wounded
10- 600 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.-1500 Killed and Wounded 
16-Averysboro, NC
U.S.A.- 77 Killed, 477 Wounded
C.S.A.- 108 Killed, 540 Wounded
217 Missing or Captured
19-Bentonville, NC 
to U.S.A.- 191 Killed,1168 Wounded
21- 287 Missing or Captured

March, 1865 continued
C.S.A.- 267 Killed,1200 Wounded
1625 Missing or Captured
22-Wilson's Raid from Chickasaw,
to Alabama to Macon, GA
3/25-U.S.A.- 35 Killed and Wounded
C.S.A.-6766 Missing or Captured
25-Fort Steadman, VA
U.S.A.- 171 Killed,1201 Wounded
715 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.- 800 Killed and Wounded
2715 Missing or Captured 
26-Seige of Mobile, AL
to (including)
4/6-Spanish Fort, AL
Fort Blakley, AL
U.S.A.- 213 Killed,1211 Wounded
C.S.A.- 500 Killed and Wounded
2952 Missing or Captured
29-Quaker Road, VA
U.S.A.- 55 Killed, 306 Wounded
C.S.A.- 135 Killed, 400 Wounded
100 Missing or Captured
31-Boydon Plank Road, VA
White Oak Roads, VA
U.S.A.- 177 Killed,1134 Wounded
556 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.-1000 Killed and Wounded
235 Missing or Captured
Dinwiddie Court House, VA
U.S.A.- 67 Killed, 354 Wounded
C.S.A.- 400 Killed and Wounded

APRIL, 1865
1-Five Forks, VA
U.S.A.- 124 Killed, 706 Wounded
C.S.A.-3000 Killed and Wounded
5500 Missing or Captured
2-Fall of Petersburg, VA
U.S.A.- 296 Killed,2565 Wounded
500 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.-3000 Missing or Captured
3-Namozin Church, VA
Willicomack, VA
U.S.A.- 10 Killed, 85 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
3-Fall of Richmond, VA
U.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
C.S.A.-6000 Captured,5000 of 
which sick or Wounded
5-Amelia Springs, VA 
U.S.A.- 20 Killed, 96 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
6-Sailor's Creek, VA
U.S.A.- 166 Killed,1014 Wounded
C.S.A.-1000 Killed,1899 Wounded
6000 Missing or Captured 
High Bridge, VA
U.S.A.- 10 Killed, 31 Wounded
1010 Missing or Captured
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
7-Farmville, VA
U.S.A.- 655 Killed and Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
7-Appomatox Court House, VA
to U.S.A.- 200 Killed and Wounded
9-C.S.A.- 500 Killed and Wounded
9-Lee Surrenders
C.S.A.-26000 Prisoners
17-Mosby Surrenders
C.S.A.- 700 Prisoners
26-Johnson Surrenders
C.S.A.-29924 Prisoners

MAY, 1865 
10-Irwinsville, GA
Capture of Jefferson Davis 
U.S.A.- 2 Killed, 4 Wounded
Friendly Fire between 1st. WI
and 4th. MI
Jones Surrenders
C.S.A.-8000 Prisoners
11-Thompson Surrenders
C.S.A.-7454 Prisoners
13-Palmetto Ranche, TX
(last battle of the Civil War)
U.S.A.- 118 Killed and Wounded
26-Smith Surrenders
C.S.A.-20000 Prisoners

1861 / 1862 / 1863 / 1864 / 1865
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