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Spaargaren Hodel Calicut - Callicott genealogy

The Lewis Cormack Family North Carolina to Illinois

The Latas Family Genealogy

The family/surname listings below were updated or added during summer 2009.
I deleted invalid email addresses and those with no response within a month.

New submissions are welcome, but there are a few guidelines for listings here.
The contact's name must be supplied, not just an email address, as a courtesy to others.
Also, it is expected that the person listed will respond promptly to inquiries,
and assist others to a reasonable extent, creating a two-way exchange of information.
Those contacting the people listed here should share some information and make reasonable requests.

To add a surname listing or website link, contact - Sue Ashby

Please keep in mind that county clerks spelled names as they sounded, and so spellings varied.
Look at all spelling variations and don't be concerned about whether a name is spelled a different way.
The important thing is whether a name variation sounds similar.


ARNOLD Phyllis Porter  
ATKINS Suzie Morris Ball  
BEAMAN Judi Scott  
CRANFORD Judi Scott  
CRANFORD Cathy Cranford Home Page
DARGAN Suzie Morris Ball  
DEATON Steven A. Bridges Home Page
FRASER New Scott Fraser Home Page
GILLIAM pj Howard Thompson-Lamb  
HALL Suzie Morris Ball  
HARRIS pj Howard Thompson-Lamb  
HARRISON Suzie Morris Ball  
HAYWOOD Richard Haywood  
HOPKINS Melissa McCoy Bell  
HURLEY Judi Scott  
JORDAN/JORDON Steven A. Bridges Home Page
KIMBALL/KIMBRELL pj Howard Thompson-Lamb  
MOORE Linda Harris   +   John Ragsdale Moore Family Records
MOORE Judi Scott  
PARSONS Richard Haywood  
PERRY Emily Perry Duke  
QUEEN Teddy Noye  
RICHARDSON Thomas David Richardson, Jr.  
ROBERTSON/ROBINSON   Brenda Lemmonds  
STEWART Steven A. Bridges Home Page
TAYLOR Suzie Morris Ball  
TROY Katherine Benbow Home Page
USSERY Cindy Casey Ussery Home Page



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