For more interesting news stories, check out the genealogy rooms at the Catawba County libraries.
Most of these papers are on microfilm and are very easy to flip through.
Check with your local branch to see what is available. Make plans to stay awhile, it is addictive.

Old State and Island Ford Roads

Turkey Tale

Deepest Snow

Slick's Grocery Ad

Maiden News - 1926

Maiden News - Feb. 18,1926

1926 Maiden News Ads & Articles

Goodin-Drum Furniture Co. Ad

Piedmont Hardware Ad

Still Licensed At Maiden in 1797...

Piedmont Wagon & Manufacturing Company

Goodin - Drum Furniture Ad - 1926

South Fork Institute Catalogue Ads

How Maiden Got Its Name

Maiden Textile, Football City

Mack's Cafe

Maiden - and How She Grew

Maiden Jail Fire - Feb. 1935

Jail Fire Article Feb. 12, 1935

Jail Fire Article Feb. 19, 1935

Bank Robbery

Armed Robbery

Maiden Youths

L.A. Carpenter Article - 1913

Mrs. M. Frank Carpenter

Claude Abernathy and John Schronce

Boy Scout Jamboree Winners

More Scout News

Maiden Troop Major Winner

Boy Scout Postcard

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